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This article was first published 2 years ago  » Getahead » 'All my stocks are crashing. Hold them?'

'All my stocks are crashing. Hold them?'

March 03, 2022 08:54 IST
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Illustration: Dominic Xavier/

Ajit Mishra, vice president, research, Religare Broking, answers your queries:

J Gopal: I was allotted 70 shares of One97 communication vide IPO @ Rs 2150 per share. Now it is trading at around Rs 1350. What should I do? 

Ajit Mishra:We would advise to exit the stock on rise.

GIRISH KALE: I am a regular reader of your column in I have a query: I hold 100 shares (in demat form) of ESSAR OIL which were not surrendered. What will be the future of these shares? Kindly guide.

Ajit Mishra:Currently, it is not traded on exchanges, we will advise to contact the company and surrender the shares.

Deepak Kulkarni: I have 500 shares of Reliance IND. Ltd. Shall I hold it for long term or exit? Also I have 50 shares of Zensartech. What is your call on it?

Ajit Mishra:Hold both Reliance Industries and Zensar Tech for long term.


Ajit Mishra:

Company Price No of shares Recommendation
TATA MOTORS 503 20 Hold
CDSL 1503 10 Hold
BSE 1060 5 Hold
MCX 1467 3 Hold
ANGEL ONE 1202 3 Hold
SBI 400 50 Hold
SBI CARD 567 10 Hold
REC 96 100 Exit
PFC 92 100 Exit
IEX 241 150 Hold
RVNL 23 300 Exit
HDFC 2600 2 Hold
HDFC BANK 1503 2 Hold
HDFC AMC 1200 5 Hold
INFOSYS 900 5 Hold
TCS 2800 5 Hold
AFFLE INDIA 545 25 Hold
RELIANCE 1100 35 Hold
BPCL 100 453 Exit
ONGC 100 69 Exit
OIL INDIA 50 112 Exit
IOCL 75 85 Hold
TATA POWER 100 93 Hold
INDIA MART 7000 2 Hold
TRIDENT 500 13 Exit
BHATI AIRTEL 695 50 Hold
VODAFONE 7 500 Exit
NYKKA 2200 5 Hold
DEVYANI 116 100 Exit
ZOMATO 161 50 Hold
DELTA CORP 157 50 Hold

Krishnan N: Greetings to you. Please advise whether to hold or exit for the following shares i am holding since 2019. Also suggest what companies is best to add on dips from this lot. As well as anything fresh to add above this. I have a long term horizon of say about 7 years

Ajit Mishra:

Company Name Qty Avg Price View
Axis Bank 15 487 Hold
BPCL 15 388 Exit
CDSL 15 487 Hold
Coal India 62 334 Exit
F Retail 25 146 Exit
GOCL Corp 15 260 Exit
Grasim Industries 20 730 Hold
Gulf Oil Lub 15 716 Hold
HDFC Bank 5 1,168 Hold
Hindustan Petro 17 223 Hold
ICICI Bank 25 364 Hold
ITC 15 205 Hold
JSW Steel 40 425 Hold
Reliance 16 1,710 Hold
SBI Life 14 870 Hold
State Bank 40 244 Hold
Tata Motors 20 159 Hold
Tata Steel 22 433 Hold
TCS 5 1,933 Hold
Voltas 15 593 Hold
ICICI Pru Insurance 61 310 Hold
Chemplast 30 533 Hold
Avadh Sugar 5 289 Exit
Hind Copper 12 136 Exit
L & T Tech Services 8 2,605 Hold
Syngene 20 615 Hold
Route Mobile 25 1,961 Hold
L & T  3 1,604 Hold
L & T 4 1,593 Hold
Caplipoint 18 777 Hold
Hester Biosciences 5 2,309 Hold
Godavari Power Isp 48 1,039 Hold
Heromotor co 5 2,619 Hold

Giri Shankar: Please find below the shares list which I am having. In last couple of days all these shares are going down due to a market crash happening, in spite of this, I shall hold these shares, please suggest.

Ajit Mishra:

Sr No. Description  Total Nos. bought price  View
1 BPCL 712 475.93 Exit
2 HPCL 1933 309.54 Hold
3 Chemcon Specialty  303 610.47 Hold
4 Cheviot 557 1848.7 Hold
5 ONGC 13045 157.37 Exit
6 Ircon International 20382 47.05 Exit
7 NMDC 1744 148.05 Exit
8 Karur vysya  4705 52.4 Exit
9 Ujjivan small finance  110 45.13 Exit
10 Trident 35 56.1 Exit
11 HDFC 28 1500 Hold

JAYESH SHAH: Please inform status for TTME Shares which I hold 500 quantity as also SINTEX INDUSTRIES 1000 quantity holding,
whether I should hold-on or sell-off?

Ajit Mishra:Can you specify the name of the stock or the BSE/NSE Code for TTME? And Exit Sintex Ind.


Ajit Mishra:Hold for long term

Pramod Kishanrao Hejib: Recently I bought following Stocks at price mentioned. Please suggest me Hold or Exit.

Company Price No. of shares Recommendation
1) Clean Science & Technology Rs.950. 16 nos Hold
2) Lupin Ltd Rs.980 50nos Hold
3) Multi Commodity Exchange Rs 1640 19nos Hold
4) Murudeshwara Ceramics Ltd Rs.27 700nos Exit
5) Nuvoco Vista Corp Ltd IPO Rs.570 52nos Hold
6) Orient Cement Ltd Rs.163 100nos Hold
7) Orient Electric Ltd Rs.340 100nos Hold
8) Wockhardt Ltd Rs.418 25nos Hold
9) Zomato Ltd Rs.135 300nos. Exit

Pankaj Bhatt: I have invested in Captain Polyplast (CPL) @35 and now it’s trading on 20. Second Invested in Arnav Corporation (BSE) @3.45. Kindly suggest on CPL and share about Arnav as its not showing anywhere.

Ajit Mishra: Exit both the stocks

Please mail your questions to with the subject line 'Ask Ajit', along with your name, and Mr Ajit Mishra will offer his unbiased views.

Disclaimer: This article is meant for information purposes only. This article and information do not constitute a distribution, an endorsement, an investment advice, an offer to buy or sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any securities/schemes or any other financial products/investment products mentioned in this QnA or an attempt to influence the opinion or behaviour of the investors/recipients.

Any use of the information/any investment and investment related decisions of the investors/recipients are at their sole discretion and risk. Any advice herein is made on a general basis and does not take into account the specific investment objectives of the specific person or group of persons. Opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice.

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