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'Don't invest all your savings in the stock market'

January 21, 2022 08:54 IST
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'I am a third stage cancer patient. I can save only 25,000 per month. Please suggest me options for four to five years horizon.'

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Ajit Mishra, vice president, research, Religare Broking, answers your stock market queries:

Bhupendra Kumar: I am a cancer patient with third stage. I have small income and can save only 25000/- per month. I have a child four year old. I want to invest in stock market. So that i can give some financial support to my only child. Please suggest me one or two options for four to five years horizon. Please help me. Hope u reply me soon. 

Ajit Mishra: We would not recommend putting all your savings in the stock market. As much as it is rewarding, it has risks associated with it as well.

Allocate a portion of it in blue-chip companies like Reliance Industries, Britannia Industries, Bharti Airtel, M&M, HDFC Bank, TCS, ICICI Bank. One can also look at Nifty ETF as well.


VIPUL PATEL: Sir, I have purchased 50 shares of STERLING & WILSON SOLAR LTD. @ 502/- PER SHARE. Shall I hold the same or sell? If I have to hold then for how long do I have to hold.

Ajit Mishra: Exit 

vivek sharma: I have the following shares. Please suggest what to keep, hold and sell.

Ajit Mishra:

1. Anjani Foods - 100 shares- Purchased for Rs. 152 per share (should I sell them?) - Hold

2. Everest Kanto Cylinders - 50 shares - Purchased for Rs. 144 per share (should I sell them?) – Book Profits

3. Adani Power - 200 shares - Purchased for Rs. 89 per share (I would like to sell them in the price bracket of Rs. 125 and repurchase 500-700 shares when they are little down) – Look to exit

Also, I would like to purchase Reliance Power shares. Should I purchase?

Ajit Mishra: No

Kiran Thumpati: Kindly give your suggestions for below mentioned stocks to hold or exit. 

Ajit Mishra:

1. Glenmark life sciencies 150 shares@730 rs - Hold

2. Trident 4000 shares @25 rs. - Hold

Shamsudeen Hamsa: Please advise me on the scope of the following stocks which I plan to buy.

Ajit Mishra:

1. Xelpmoc Design and Tech Ltd - Avoid

2. Aurum Proptech Ltd - Avoid

Aditya: Kindly advise for the following stock holding -- Vishal Fabrics: 3000 shares @ Rs 120.

Ajit Mishra: Exit

Dinesh: Dear Sir, kindly let me know can I retain or sell following shares.

Ajit Mishra:

1) Spice jet – Prefer Interglobe
2) State Bank of India- Hold

Rajesh Nair: I have the below shares along with average price. Please advise whether I should hold, exit or buy more:

Ajit Mishra:

Scrip name Qty Avg Buy Price LTP Recommendation
Berger Paints 24 805.92 778.4 Hold
Dixon Technolog. 82 3,743.41 5,067.55 Hold
I R C T C 117 849.97 886.75 Hold
Jindal Steel 114 87.1 368.4 Hold
NMDC 345 144.81 135.6 Hold
PVR 117 1,089.66 1,604.30 Hold
Ramkrishna Forg. 100 992.13 934.5 Hold
SPANDANA 181 440 440 Exit
TIMETECHNO 858 81.5 80.85 Exit

MANI SHUKLA: I am 40 years old I want to invest around 2 Lakhs per month in MFs, Equity, Bonds etc. Please let me know best funds, bonds etc for next 12-15 years of horizon. I already have SIP worth 55K per month and I want to invest 1.5 lakhs more. Is it worth to go with PMS services, which PMS is best with balanced approach?

Ajit Mishra: We would not be able to comment on mutual funds or PMS.

Please mail your questions to with the subject line 'Ask Ajit', along with your name, and Mr Ajit Mishra will offer his unbiased views.

Disclaimer: This article is meant for information purposes only. This article and information do not constitute a distribution, an endorsement, an investment advice, an offer to buy or sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any securities/schemes or any other financial products/investment products mentioned in this QnA or an attempt to influence the opinion or behaviour of the investors/recipients.

Any use of the information/any investment and investment related decisions of the investors/recipients are at their sole discretion and risk. Any advice herein is made on a general basis and does not take into account the specific investment objectives of the specific person or group of persons. Opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice.

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