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This article was first published 2 years ago  » Getahead » Bhagyashree's Tips to Survive Dark Times

Bhagyashree's Tips to Survive Dark Times

By Rediff Get Ahead
May 07, 2021 08:09 IST
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Photographs: Kind courtesy Bhagyashree/Instagram

Bhagyashree may now be 52 years old, but she could be easily mistaken for someone in her 30s.

The actress has been regularly uploading her fitness pics and videos on Instagram, showing off her agility and lean frame.

Sharing the secret behind her youthful looks, she wrote: 'Yes! I am 52 and proudly so. I wear my age like a badge.

'Why should I conform to the way society perceives a 50 year old to be?

'Why can't I serve as an inspiration to how a 50 year old can be?' she questioned.

Explaining her workout routine, she adds, 'I work hard on maintaining my health -- physical, mental and emotional.

'Life has its ups and downs, but how you deal with it is in your hands.

'I wasn't always like this, I learnt it the hard way.

'Fell down but got back up, got hurt but learnt to heal, faltered and failed but didn't give up.

'Excuses don't count, blames make you weak, actions have consequences, own up, stand up and be on your way.

'You are unstoppable if you believe you are. Be the woman you want to be.'

IMAGE: Bhagyashree does the goddess pose salutation.

The Maine Pyaar Kiya star provided tips for her followers on how to lead a healthy and active life in the middle of a lockdown.

'Make the decision to prioritise one's own health. It contributes to a person's mental well being as well,' she shares.

'Be mindful.

1. Make the effort to take out time for workouts, yoga, walks or any form of exercise.

2. Make a conscious decision about what food you eat and how much you eat.

3. Be with people you love and those who love you because the feeling of nurturing and being nurtured both add a lot of strength neurologically.

'People will find faults with all of the above I know, so here's the reply:

1. Being consciously active is exercise, which can be done even within your home.

2. Even simple food is energy, needed both for physical and hormonal, neurological well being.

3. Even if one is isolated, one needn't feel or be left alone. Today's technology makes it possible to reach out to the person and assure her/him that they are loved and cared for deeply. It helps tremendously in recovery, more than fear and abandonment.'

Scroll down to see five fitness pics by Bhagyashree that will inspire you to get on the mat right away. 

IMAGE: 'When the world has turned upside down.... all you really need is love,' Bhagyashree captioned this pic.


IMAGE: This is what her Saturday stretch looks like.


IMAGE: Attempting the balancing act like a pro.


IMAGE: Pushing ahead! 'We are one... as a humanity together, facing the most challenging times,' she writes. 'Yet each have their own battles and dealing with them is not an option but the need to survive.'


IMAGE: She calls this pose 'double trouble'.

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