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A Sweet Foamy Kiss On Raisin Weekend

By Rediff Get Ahead
October 18, 2022 13:43 IST
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Raisin Weekend is the celebration of the relationship between the Bejants/Bejantines (first-year students in Scottish) and their respective academic parents as a guide or a mentor while studying at St Andrews university in Scotland.

In olden times, it is said the academic parents were rewarded with pounds of raisins in return for the guidance.

But since the 19th century, rewards of raisins have been replaced by modern alternatives like a bottle of wine.

In recent years, the students have moved onto the new tradition of shaving foam fights.


IMAGE: A couple covered in foam kiss as they take part in Raisin Weekend. All photographs: Russell Cheyne/Reuters


IMAGE: The yellow team is ready for attack with their shaving foam cans.


IMAGE: A student spikes the hair of another student in foam.


IMAGE: How long can the spikes be.


IMAGE: How can I miss you?!!


IMAGE: Students go piggyback.


IMAGE: A Kodak Moment, we guess.


IMAGE: Oh! A cowgirl among the herd.


Photographs curated by Manisha Kotian/
Feature Presentation: Ashish Narsale/

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