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7 creative things to do at an unused ATM

January 03, 2017 11:18 IST
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Lovers, entrepreneurs, free space is calling you.
Illustrations by Uttam Ghosh/

It's been over a month since Modiji announced his surgical strike against black money.

Which makes it the perfect time to ignore the political fallout for a while and look at some of the social benefits that demonetisation has brought with it.

Before you sulk, take another look at the empty, cashless ATMs around you. It screams OPPORTUNITY!

It's an empty space, guys!

Here are some ways in which we can put it to good use.

#1. Lovers' point

The Marine Drives and beaches are taken.

The children's and senior citizens's parks are taken.

Multiplexes are too expensive.

Does that mean our cute, unmarried couples cannot steal a loving moment of privacy?

Let the ATM come to your rescue. With no havaldars to hound you, it might just be the perfect place for a coochie coo.


#2. Study Corner

If you are looking for a quiet place to swot, head for the nearest ATM.

It's air-conditioned, brightly lit and offers you ample isolation so that you can concentrate on your upcoming exams.


#3. Pop up store

All ye homegrown entrepreneurs, wake up! Free space is calling you.

Set up your pop stalls -- sell momos, iPhone covers or click professional photos for a price.


#4. Perfect Hideout

Struggling with impending loans or just want to hide from your nagging parents/girlfriend/boyfriend?

Take a break and rest your tired heels in a dysfunctional ATM.

If someone finds you, you can always excuse yourself saying you got tired waiting for the machine to be refilled.


#5. Hangout zone

Why go to a mall or spend money in a coffee shop when you can hang out for free inside an ATM?

Call your friends, share a quick snack and maybe snap a selfie for memory.


#6. Party office

You may be pro or anti-Modi/BJP, but this is just the perfect time to start a new political party.

The unused ATM will be the ideal place to announce your new career and test your skills.

So go ahead, prepare your speech and decide on your party logo.


#7. Fun Zone

While you wait for the cash to be refilled, you can park yourself in one of these ATMs and earn some quick bucks.

Use your skill with those playing cards to earn some money… or just have a bit of fun! Like we did, with this feature :)

Do remember, it is to be consumed with a decent-sized pinch of salt and a few laughs.

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