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3 Style Mistakes To Avoid This Summer

April 23, 2024 09:26 IST
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IMAGE: Models showcase Shruti Sancheti's collection Gariahaat 1973.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Shruti Sancheti/Instagram

Fashion designer Shruti Sancheti's subtle taste shows in her creations.

She believes in old, timeless styles and her outfits are a reflection of her refined sensibilities.

In a chat with Mayur Sanap/, she divulges her summer-ready style tricks.

Which summer style trends need to make a comeback?

Considering the volatile geopolitical conditions, and with global warming becoming a big concern, it's time that we embrace sustainability not only in our lifestyles but even in our wardrobe.

Wear natural, organic fabrics which help us breathe and keep the planet safe as well.

They look good when you wear them, are excellent for the environment and keep you cool in the sultry weather.

Invest in a timeless wardrobe which is not trend driven.

Wear happy, festive colours or beautiful prints.

IMAGE: Shruti and her showstopper, Rakul Singh, launch the designer's collection, Khadder.

What are the three mistakes women should avoid when it comes to their summer style?

One shouldn't wear synthetic garments; it is not suitable for any climate.

The colour palette in summer should be fresh and happy. That does not mean your style needs to be gloomy for the rest of the year; it's just that summer calls for pretty colours.

One should avoid over layering as well.

What are your quick tips to change a mundane look into a fashionable one?

I personally feel that jewellery elevates any look.

One should invest in some interesting accessories, whether it's a handbag or a pair of earrings. For men, it could be a belt or a jacket.

I also feel hair, make-up and grooming always lifts an outfit because, if you are well-groomed, anything simple also looks good.

And thirdly, one should be happy. It may sound very cliched but it reflects in how you dress and present yourself.

IMAGE: This summer, would you try out Rakul's look that combines her love for shorts and skirts?

Have you ever used AI to design your outfits?

Not yet.

What are your possibilities of using AI in fashion?

For me to adapt to technology is difficult.

I don't want to say never, but as of now I think I'll still be sketching.

How will AI affect fashion in general?

It will take the fun out of fashion.

It will make things too commercial.

But maybe that's the future and one should embrace it.

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