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'Embrace Pressure, High-Five It'

November 14, 2023 10:14 IST
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'Pressure is like your shadow in the afternoon sun -- it might look big, but it's not heavier than a cricket ball.'

IMAGE: The Indian cricket team were unbeaten in the group stages to book a berth in the ICC World Cup 2023 semi-final against New Zealand. Photograph: Francis Mascarenhas/Reuters

Abhinav Bindra -- the first Indian to win a solo Olympic gold medal -- is as excited as any Indian to see Rohit Sharma & Co going through to the World Cup semi-final after a flawless performance in the group stages.

And the 2008 Olympic gold medallist has shared some wisdom for the Indian team on tackling pressure in the semi-final against New Zealand on Wednesday.

Bindra posted a long note on X: 'As the boys in blue gear up for the semi-final, here's my two cents on handling pressure - though not that they need any lessons on pressure, given their amazing performances so far.

'Remember, the present moment is like a perfect shot -- it's all you've got. Stay in it. Your routine is your ritual -- it's what turns pressure into performance. Stick to it, but don't be afraid to throw in a googly and adapt when the situation demands.

'Crisis? That's just another word for 'I'm about to make history'. So when the going gets tough, the tough don't just get going, they dig deep and build a skyscraper right there.'

'Lastly, pressure is like your shadow in the afternoon sun -- it might look big, but it's not heavier than a cricket ball. Don't run from it. Embrace it, high-five it, and you'll learn to dance with it on the pitch.

'So go ahead, knock it out of the park, but remember, if you find yourself in a sticky wicket, there's nothing that a deep breath and a calm head can't fix. #StayPresent #DigDeep #EmbraceThePressure.'

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