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This article was first published 8 years ago  » Cricket » Virat is a man in control of his batting: Chappell

Virat is a man in control of his batting: Chappell

March 20, 2016 17:58 IST
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Former Australia captain Ian Chappell feels that Virat Kohli is a man in "control of his batting" which enables him to pull off some great run chases in pressure situations.

"He is a man who is in control of his batting and he knows exactly what he is trying to do. He knows how to do it and for a guy who has got a fiery temperament in a lot of ways, you seem to be getting involved in shouting matches on the field, it is the fiery temperament, but he seems able to keep it under control in tense situations like that where he is chasing down the target," said Chappell, who is an ESPNcricinfo analyst for 'Match Day'.

"He seems to have himself totally under control whereas other times I have seen him where he looks out of control, but never with the bat in his hand," said Chappell.

Chappell said that Virat's innings at the Eden reminded him of his second innings century at Adelaide in 2014.

"I saw his doing it a couple of times in Australia in two-twos. That sort of innings reminded me very much of the second innings we got a Test match, he got 100 in each innings. But that second innings, the pitch was turning a lot.

He looked like he was playing on a different pitch to the rest of the Indians side. That's the best fourth innings that I have ever seen. He made it look hell easier than the rest of them," said Chappell.

"He's got scoring shots all around the wicket. Consequently he's very very difficult to keep quiet and the other thing is that because he can play all around the wicket, on a pitch he can say to himself that's going to be a dangerous shot, I won’t play those but I can play these.

"That's what he does and that's what you've got to do on pitches that are little bit in favour of bowlers. You've got to work out what you can do against that bowler on this pitch.

And when you can play all round the wicket, you still have enough options and that's why Kohli's successful because he's got so many options," said Chappell.

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