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This article was first published 4 years ago  » Cricket » SEE: Keeping Mumbai's maidans in shape during lockdown

SEE: Keeping Mumbai's maidans in shape during lockdown

April 01, 2020 12:06 IST
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It's been a while since the sound of red cherry hitting the sweet spot of a bat was heard across the iconic Mumbai maidans as there has been minimum activity in the city due to the 21-day national lockdown owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

VIDEO: Vihang Sarnaik/Twitter

The normally buzzing iconic Azad, Oval and Cross Maidans that have, all these years, carried the rich history and legacy of Mumbai cricket look like barren pieces of land.

Despite the lack of action, the Mumbai Cricket Association is keen to ensure that the maidans in the city retain their sheen even as uncertainty looms large.


The MCA has now got hold of a few groundsmen, who stay nearby and can look after the maintenance of these grounds where school cricket, and local tournaments like Times Shield and Kanga League are played.

"The Mumbai Cricket Association council have a close eye on the maintenance of all the grounds and pitches in the lockdown situation," informed apex council member Ajinkya Naik.

Another MCA apex council member Vihang Sarnaik said despite the lockdown, there will be a "few maalis (gardeners) who would come and water the ground everyday."

"These maidans are completely managed by the maidan club owners yet our MCA Maidan committee members have been making sure that the maalis, who live close by are watering the grounds everyday," tweeted Sarnaik.

Sarnaik even posted a video of a groundsman watering one such maidan in the metropolis.

Another MCA apex council member said that groundsmen have been strictly asked to water the grounds only once in a day as saving water is also equally important.

"It is important to keep the maidans in perfect condition. If the maidans aren't ready, then that will further delay the cricketing activity in the city, which has already been hit," said the member.

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