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Kochi IPL team owners raided

April 15, 2010 13:53 IST

There seems to be no respite from controversies for the Kochi IPL franchise. In fresh developments, it has been reported that Vipul Shah of Parani Developers and 2 others were raided in Ahmedabad on Thursday.

Shah's company is part of the Rendezvous Sports Group that bought the Kochi team.

They played down the controversy by saying they are clean and their books were above board.

The Kochi IPL team has come under the glare after IPL chief Lalit Modi on Wednesday, pointed out that there are still question marks over the ownership of the Kochi franchise and even some of the stakeholders were also not clear about it.

"In regards to all eight franchises we all know who they (the owners) are, everybody knows who they are. They attend our conferences, they attend our meeting but with regards to Kochi we had some question marks as to who they are. Infact, the people who presented the bid documents themselves did not know who they [the owners] were that is why this issue has come up," Modi said in Mumbai.