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BRAVO ! BRAVO! Simply amazing Team India

By Rediff Cricket
January 19, 2021 19:46 IST
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We asked you, dear readers to send in your congratulatory messages for the Indian team on their success Down Under. Here are your wishes for the team...

The Indian team take a lap of honour around The Gabba on Tuesday

IMAGE: The Indian team take a lap of honour around the Gabba on Tuesday, January 19, 2021. Photograph: Matt Roberts/Getty Images

B Mohan: Truly, today India's victory in the Test series against Australia is the show of many facets that our Indian team has exhibited. Our coach, himself a declared Man of the series during his heydays, showed not only that he is a great mentor but, a catalyst who motivated the youngsters and newcomers in the team. No less, is our captain (presently, off-field) who let the team realise its potential and came out in the field as they all did. Rahane, captaining the team is an epitome of different layers projecting dedication, faith, composure, and play to win spirit. Of course, the entire team has been heroic but, a special mention has to be made -- Mohammed Siraj, a classy bowler of immense craft. Thakur has shown that he is an all-rounder -- much needed. Washington Sundar, again a steady all-rounder without fail, and the dynamite, called Rishabh Pant absolutely outstanding team player.

While, entire globe in the last 9 months reeled under Covid and hopefully, the worst is gone, this series win brought cheer, positivity, and to look forward to a great year.

Few words for Australia -- Best but, not unbeatable.  

Aditya Kanodia: I feel were battered and wounded…but the fight you showed cannot be said in words…this is better than the World Cup...Thanks Team India

Subrata Ray: A colossal feat worthy of true champs; the seemingly insurmountable has been surmounted, the seemingly invincible squad vanquished with disdainful grace in their own den and that too by a depleted battered and bruised but irrepressible brigade  led by assured astute  Ajinkya in dignified quietude.

Hats off to TEAM INDIA on this stupendous success

Partha: Brisbane - A bane for Australia! #TeamIndia #MenInWhite

V Ashok: These are moments which lift a nation too…shows that any challenge can be met whatever the odds.No words are enough for Jinx and Ravi Shastri who have motivated the boys post 36... with all the admiration for Virat, the selectors should continue with Rahane as captain for the England series ...

No words just no words to describe this monumental moment in our cricket history maybe greater than all our World Cup triumphs too

Pankaj Mohan Kansal

Young brigade proved that with experience determination also matters.

युवा ब्रिगेड ने साबित किया कि अनुभव के साथ दृढ़ संकल्प भी मायने रखता है.

Surajit: Many many Congratulations Team India.5 star all round Thunderous team effort.Great comeback.

Mohan Chitale: Kohli and Umesh should name their respective new babies as VIJAYAA to celebrate this.GOI should initiate a new award to celebrate such unbelievable team achievements.

Rashmi Thakur: BRAVO ! BRAVO! simply amazing win by the Indian cricket team. Those who doubted and commented on the lowest test score of India, that we will never come back ...mind this well we are Indians…the tiger is back... Kudos to the entire team, the contribution of all the members is remarkable.... Let India be the icon to the whole world... this victory will be written in golden words...

Rasmi Ranjan Dash: Congratulations Team India for this Giant winning over Kangaroos at Gabba!!!! Now it is the celebrationtime.

Srinivas Deshpande: Coming from behind and winning matters most for us especially when seniors under-performed and freshers and net bowlers won the laurels... Kudos to Rahane who on his first series overseas, who had play without key players facing injuries

Rajesh Behari Mishra: Kudos Team India on winning the Test series against Australia. Beating Aussies in their own backyard takes some real mental toughness and strength. The young, depleted team showed remarkable courage and mental strength for an outstanding, stupendous win.Kudos Team have made our day.

Deepak Gowda: Congrats to the Indian cricket team @BCCI. Today, the Indian team registered a historic series win against one of the top cricketing teams in the world. With most of our main bowlers injured and key batsmen not in the squad, it fell on the youngsters to rise to the challenge and believe they could win despite all odds. Well done Captain Ajinkya Rahane & Team.

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