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July 31, 2000

'We knew we would never catch Veerappan'

December 13, 1997

'Veerappan has not killed a single person in the last twenty months. That was one promise I extracted from him'

December 02, 1997

Veerappan's surrender offer has no takers

November 25, 1997

Veerappan puts three new demands

November 24, 1997

No let-down in hunt for Veerappan

November 06, 1997

Monsoon emboldens Veerappan

October 24, 1997

'They do not want Veerappan to surrender. They wanted him to kill at least one person so they could claim he was a man who drank blood!'

October 22, 1997

Veerappan releases hostages

October 21, 1997

Karnataka will not send emissary to Veerappan

October 18, 1997

TN, Karnataka govts's ultimatum to Veerappan

October 16, 1997

Union minister against sending army to nab Veerappan

October 15, 1997

Patel, Karunanidhi will meet on Saturday to tackle Veerappan

October 13, 1997

Patel to send paramilitary after Veerappan

October 10, 1997

Veerappan threatens to kill 50,000
The Man Who Hunted Veerappan

October 09, 1997

Veerappan strikes again!

September 12, 1997

Panel clears STF of charges of killing Veerappan's brother

September 11, 1997

Brave Karnataka CM agrees to hunt Veerappan personally

September 05, 1997

The R Gopal Chat

August 29, 1997

Karunanidhi rejects Veerappan's demands
Introducing Mr Veerappan, the could-be provision merchant!

August 27, 1997

Veerappan decides he won't surrender
Police, not Veerappan sought money, says Gopal

August 25, 1997

Veerappan delays surrender; releases hostages
Gopal elated with success; hostages recount saga
Karnataka CM thanks Karunanidhi, Gopal

August 22, 1997

Was Veerappan paid Rs 5 million before he agreed to surrender?

August 20, 1997

Gopal leaves on third peace mission to Veerappan

August 19, 1997

Karnataka, Tamil Nadu accept Veerappan's offer of surrender

August 09, 1997

Veerappan's ransom demand turned down

August 07, 1997

Veerappan ready to settle for ransom to general amnesty
Long wait for mediator with Veerappan
Karunanidhi takes a big chance with Veerappan mediation

July 29, 1997

'They want to kill me. What is wrong in me killing someone who is trying to kill me?'

July 28, 1997

Two acres and a general pardon, and Veerappan will worship Karunanidhi!

July 24, 1997

Veerappan threatens to behead hostages
Cough... cough... cough... to save your lives!
'They said they will kill us if...'

July 22, 1997

'If the police kills two of his men, Veerappan kills four policemen'

July 19, 1997

Veerappan finds himself in a tight spot

July 16, 1997

Hostage drama continues as Veerappan fails to contact authorities

July 14, 1997

Karnataka, Tamil Nadu governments promise pardon for Veerappan




First look: Durga slays demon Veerappan

'Who was responsible for Veerappan surviving so long?'

'Can anyone bring back my son? He died so unfairly!'


'The STF has been waiting since 1992' -- Walter Dawaram

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End of the Road for Veerappan

The Man Who Got Veerappan

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