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Karnataka CM thanks Karunanidhi, Gopal

Karnataka Chief Minister J H Patel on Monday thanked his Tamil Nadu counterpart M Karunanidhi and Nakkeeran editor R R Gopal for securing the release of the eight Karnataka forest personnel from Veerappan's custody.

Patel said Veerappan would definitely surrender. He added that his primary interest was to secure the release of the eight personnel from captivity and he would leave the rest to Karunanidhi.

He said the Karnataka government would transfer more than a hundred cases against Veerappan from different courts in the state to Tamil Nadu with the Supreme Court's permission.

The chief minister pointed out that the bandit's surrender would save the state exchequer millions of rupees spent to nab him every year.

According to the cassette sent by Veerappan, Patel said the brigand would surrender before the chief ministers of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Asked whether Veerappan would join politics, Patel jocularly replied that the bandit could contest elections and Karunanidhi could induct him into his ministry while he would take former Special Task Force chief Shankar Bidri into his cabinet.

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