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Hostage drama continues as Veerappan fails to contact authorities

The Tamil Nadu government is making hectic efforts to contact Veerappan to help secure the release of the nine hostages in the notorious brigand's captivity.

On July 12, the fugitive had kidnapped nine Karnataka state forest department officials at gunpoint, following which he had sent two audio cassettes across to the state government offering to surrender if the authorities promised to protect his life.

Though the government agreed to his demand on July 14, there was no word from him.

Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary K A Nambiar and Director General of Police Rajasekharan Nair said Veerappan had not contacted the government so far, though he had asserted he had more trust in them (than the Karnataka authorities ).

Meanwhile, Karnataka Home Secretary N A Muthanna and Director General of Police T Srinivasulu, who airdashed to Madras to discuss the matter with the Tamil authorities, returned on Wednesday morning.

The hostages are believed to be safe.


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