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Karnataka will not send emissary to Veerappan

Karnataka Chief Minister J H Patel on Tuesday clarified there was no proposal to send an emissary to forest brigand Veerappan who has held six people hostage since October 9.

Media reports to that effect, he said, were baseless. The chief minister told newsmen in Bangalore if anyone took the initiative to meet Veerappan, he would be doing so at his own risk.

He said the brigand should accept the package of nine concessions already announced by the two states (Karnataka and Tamil Nadu) and surrender before October 25. If he did not, the governments would decide on joint action against him in co-operation with the Centre.

Earlier, Patel called upon police personnel to keep a special vigil on the districts bordering Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu to ensure that militants like the People's War Group and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam did not infiltrate into the state.

Meanwhile, Agriculture Minister C Byre Gowda, Horticulture Minister D T Jayakumar and Housing Minister H D Revanna called on horiticulture scientist Dr Satyabrata Maiti's wife. Maiti is one of the hostages. They assured her of all help from the government in securing his release.

Jayakumar told newsmen that the grieved wife was inconsolable and the couple's six-year-old son was refusing food. Appeals from her to Veerappan were being broadcast in Kannada and Tamil by the All India Radio.

Kannada film actor Ambaresh also appealed to the brigand to release the hostages.

Meanwhile, Home Secretary Philipose Mathai and Director General of Police T Srinivasulu left for Delhi for consultations with the Centre.


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