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Maya-jaal! Ex-UP CM went from 11 cr to 111 cr in 8 years

Last updated on: March 15, 2012 15:22 IST

Maya-jaal! Ex-UP CM went from 11 cr to 111 cr in 8 years


Vicky Nanjappa

From Rs 11.35 crore in 2004 to Rs 87.27 crore in 2010 and now Rs 111.64 crore -- this is by and large the story of former Uttar Pradesh chief minister Mayawati. Her affidavit which was filed before the Lok Sabha on Tuesday shows a phenomenal rise in her assets; in 8 years her assets went up by more than Rs 100 crore, reports Vicky Nanjappa.

As per her declaration, the Bahujan Samaj Party supremo graduated from Kalindi College, Delhi University in 1975. She also states that she did her B.Ed from Meerut University and LLB from the Delhi University. However, in terms of the criminal cases there has been no instance where cognisance has been taken against her.

First let us take a look at her latest affidavit which was filed along with her nomination papers for the Rajya Sabha. She currently owns immovable assets to the tune of Rs 96.38 crore and moveable assets worth Rs 15.26 crore.

Besides this she has declared that she has Rs 14 crore in five different bank accounts, diamond jewellery worth Rs 96.53 lakh, a revolver worth around Rs 5,400 and murals worth Rs 15 lakh.

Further her affidavit states that she has two residential buildings at Delhi and Lucknow, worth Rs 77.54 crore. She also stated that she filed a tax return of Rs 6.51 crore for the year 2011.

She further declared that her immovable assets are valued at Rs 96.38 crore which includes both residential and commercial buildings in Lucknow and Delhi. At Connaught Place in New Delhi she has purchased two commercial buildings which are valued at Rs 18.84 crore.

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Image: File image of Mayawati receiving a garland made up of currency notes by BSP supporters in Lucknow
Photographs: Reuters


In 2004, Mayawati's immovable assets were worth Rs 10 cr

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It should be noted here that Mayawati's immovable and movable assets were valued at only Rs 10 crore and Rs 1 crore respectively, as per her affidavit filed before the 2004 general elections.

Her deposits in banks, financial institutions and non-banking financial companies were Rs 9.78 crore then. The declaration also stated that bonds, debentures, shares, NSS, postal savings, LIC policies or other insurance policies were nil then.

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In that year she also stated that she did not possess a motor vehicle. Her jewellery was valued at Rs 30.94 lakh. In all her immovable assets were valued at Rs 10,10,44,000.

In 2004 Mayawati declared that she had a building at Indrapuri in New Delhi worth Rs 1.25 crore.

The building address was given as House No-57, 58, 74, 75, and had a total area of 1,698 sq ft. Apart from this she declared that she possessed no agriculture land, non agriculture land, houses or any other form of property.

Her details of liabilities read like a clean sheet in the year 2004. She declared that she had no bank loans or loans from any other financial institution. There were no dues both in terms of her income and property taxes.

Also there were no dues to any government department -- be it housing, electricity or water boards. There were no bills due in the telecom department as well, she declared.

Image: File picture of Mayawati surrounded by security personnel in Lucknow
Photographs: Pawan Kumar/Reuters

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In 2007, Mayawati's assets rose to Rs 52 cr

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It was in 2007 that she contested a by-election after becoming the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. That time she declared assets worth Rs 52 crore.

These assets included Rs 50.27 lakh in cash apart from deposits in the bank worth Rs 12.88 lakh. She also declared that she had diamonds worth Rs 50 lakh, murals to the tune of Rs 15 lakh and jewellery worth Rs 50.87 lakh.

In addition to this she also declared that she had a silver dinner set which was valued at Rs 1.12 lakh. However, she declared that she did not have a car even then.

Among her immovable assets was a house at Lucknow which cost Rs 97.40 lakh. At Delhi she declared having a commercial property in Connaught Place worth Rs 19 crore and a house worth Rs 18.02 crore.

However, there was quite a steep rise when she declared her assets in 2010. This year she had contested the legislative council elections as she needed to seek a re-election as she had fought a by-election in 2007.

Click here to view Mayawati's 2007 affidavit!

She then declared that she had assets worth more than Rs 87 crore. Her movable assets were valued at Rs 12 crore plus while her immovable assets were valued at Rs 74 crore plus

In 2010 she declared that she had cash of Rs 1,29,500 and deposits in financial institutions to the tune of Rs 11,39,03,000.

Her bonds, shares, LIC policies, debentures or personal loans all amounted to nil. This year too she stated that she was not in possession of a motor vehicle. Her jewellery details were as follows: 1034.260 grams gold(18 cts.), daimond (380.17Cts.) worth Rs 86,08,000.

She also stated that she had a dinner set worth Rs 4,44,000, and declared her possession of murals worth Rs 15 lakh. In all these value up to Rs12,57,50,000.

As per declaration in 2010, she stated that she does not have any agriculture or non agriculture land. However, she owns a 3628.02 sq. ft non inherited property worth Rs 2,05,00,000, a 4535.02 sq. ft non inherited property worth Rs 1,27,00,000, a 34112.26 sq. ft. non inherited property worth Rs 15,50,00,000, a 3987.72 sq. mt. non inherited property worth Rs 54,08,00,000, and 1.08 acres non inherited property worth Rs 1,79,92,000.

The commercial properties in Delhi and Lucknow were valued at Rs 74,69,92,000 crore. Although there is no mention in the affidavit as to how this money was earned she had once claimed that these came in the form of donations and gifts.

Image: Mayawati smiles after her birthday celebrations in New Delhi in 2008
Photographs: Tanushree Punwani/Reuters

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