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Citizen reports: Blame it on politicians

December 01, 2006 15:16 IST

I am working in Mulund, while going to my office on the way I saw the people were forcing to close shops. If they want to show the protest they could have done this with peace. But this is the ugliest and worst thing they did that they have burnt buses and trains.

Shataakshi Nimkar, Mulund

The total bandh observed in New Panvel area but it was forcefully done by some RPI activists on local shop owners and transporters.

The way the protest done is not as democracy. It is done against the teaching of Dr B R Ambedkar

G H Jadhav, Panvel

These incidents indicate the working of our political class when election draws near. Why should some incident in faraway Kanpur result in mob violence in Maharashtra?  The politicians should incite crowds to go to the state legislature and create a scene for bringing the culprits to book -- not harm fellow citizens property. 

V N Shanbhag, Andheri

By protesting like this they are giving trouble to their own people. This very shameful to set fire on buses, trains and other public property. They blame government that they don't provide public transportation. If the people damage the transport system how they will give them the transport facility? The public who is protesting are completely wrong this is not the right way to protest.

Minal Mahajan, Pune

These people should try to understand first that they are spoiling life of common people, as well as damaging economy of country.

Only God can help us, because all politicians are doing this for their votebank.

Peace, Pune

What is happening in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad area is disgusting. We could see a mob as small as five persons carrying such anti-social destructive activities. I would not hesitate in saying that this all is possible only with the help of state government. This is very clear from the way police has behaved. You will not find police patrolling in Pimpri-Chinchwad. It has further strengthened their intentions.

Navin, Pune

Statues of Ambedkar and other national leaders should be removed from streets and placed in the safe custody of museums.

Prabhakar, Hyderabad

This is most ugly protest I have seen in my life. I do not understand what these people want to show by doing this. I think they have not understood Ambedkar in any way. If they are really followers of Ambedkar then I would like to ask them whether he would have done same protest if he would have been here?

Sandeep Pawar, Mumbai

I want to ask every one who reads my report. Why are we so quiet in the issue, each and any person from any party takes the party in ransom. Guys lets get up and stop all this if they are in thousands then we are in lakhs. Nobody can hold us to ransom. Please guys wake up. What kind of image are we showing to the world.

Sharath Shetty, Goregaon

I am very deeply moved by this riots and protests.

The people in all over India should understand that throwing stones, burning public buses and others private cars is not the correct way.

Ultimately its our common loss. It's a loss for our country.

Many people paid their hard earned money to buy their cars and homes.

Every political party wants to use slum areas and unemployed youth for their own purpose.

Now its really time to think on these kind of protests and riots.

Sitting at third location, I can see, hear that people in USA make fun out of this.

Outside investors and travellers think many times before they visit India. Sometimes I have seen many of clients drop their visit to India because of this chaos.

So I request all our brothers to stop all this nonsense and think about the country and her reputation.

Sachin Gurav, Los Angeles, USA

I saw broken windows and damage caused to public buses in Pimpri. Who did this? Why is tax payer money drained down in fire? Local goons with active support of RPI party. Normal Dalits werent involved but today their image is tarnished. It's high time that few political leaders from RPI stop taking undue advantage of democracy. The more insulting part is that those people who cause such riots and damage don't even know the teaching of Dr Ambedkar.

A CID inquiry should be conducted and the political leaders who instigated this for their own benefits should be made to pay from their own and party pockets for the losses caused to public property.

Sandip P, Pune

It was really a bad day for Pune which is better known as a peaceful place in Maharashtra. There was complete chaos in the city specially Pimpri and Chinchwad. I saw many vehicles (both public and private) whose front and rear glasses were broken. I also came to know that a PCMT public transport bus was torched in Pimpri. It was really very sad. How can some people do these things just for their own profit?

I am sure that there was some political involvement behind all this. How can India become superpower or developed if such things will continue to happen?

Abhay, Pune

This is stupid. People, please do not get carried away by politicians and their whims, Please don't lose your life or burn down our national property.

This is madness that is not needed for our growth.

I am sure Dr Ambedkar would not be happy with this behaviour.

John Payso, London

Votebank politics has been resulted in the ugly protests. But I am sure whatever is happened in UP is purely political driven.

Ashish, Baroda

This is the result of pampering all kind of fundamentalists be it among the Dalits, or Muslims or the Shiv Sena etc. They have now become so brazen that on a drop of a hat, they will burn trains and buses. The destruction of public property should be investigated like a "terrorist act" and people responsible should be asked to pay for the damage or work for several years building roads for this nation if they can't pay for the buses and trains that they have burnt.

Coolvyakti, Pune

Our government and Indian law gives special rights for education and jobs for Dalits, so that they will have better life and prosperity. Do you think after today's experience they are improving or they will ever improve? Today's violence is a shameful thing to Dr Ambedkars dream. Dr Ambedkar never expected this will happen in his India. Shame on us.

Ravindra Maharav, Mumbai

Detroying national assets is a crime just like terrorists! No matter what community or origin, should be dealt strongly. These activities should not be tolerated if we want a diciplined nation and feel proud to be Indian!

Uday Kumar, USA

Firstly this should not have happened. Stay calm, violence is not the solution. The greatest Indian intellectual Dr Ambedkar should be respected by one and all and vandalism of the statue reveals the ugliest dimension of caste system. However violent protests cannot achieve any thing and they always make the situation worse. The respect for Ambedkar statue should be restored and his ambition of and equal India should be a reality. 

Santhosh Reddy, Adelaide

These are ugly incidents make you feel ashamed of your country. The administration and  police have been absolutely irresponsible to their duties. This is like burning your own home.

U Warrier, Pune

This should not be termed as a protest for the vandalism of a statue of Ambedkar but insanity of the mob. Ambedkar would have been ashamed had he been alive! To give this hooliganism, vandalism and madness the respectability of a term like protest is encouraging such rampant destruction of govt and private property.

Soma Yagnik, Kolkata

It seems that people's patience have gone out of gear and for every single incidence, public properties are being destroyed. The victims are school children and daily bread earners who wants to go to office and to work to earn their daily bread and butter. Politicans and organisations who are instigating these types of violence are destroying country's image. I feel that the goings on of the present violence erupted in Maharashtra may be a pre-planned one. We people of India, for the interest of India's integrity and prosperity should come forward and work for amicable solutions for all problems.

If we are unable to protect statues we have made, then we should better stop to make any further statues as well. Also, major statues which are already in place, proper 24 hour security has to be given. Also if Govt is unable to take proper actions and compensation from the people who are creating these type of destruction, local courts should take actions and give exemplary punishment to them. Also, common penalties to be imposed on the organisation instigating these types of violent protests. The silent attitude by the political parties when such things happen in this country, is also a worrying point. Print and visual media have an important role to keep peace in this particular situation, but it seems, that they also failed to do so.

R C Pillai, Nashik

This is the ugliest ever bandh. The undemocratic bandh saw lots of people stranded at many stations. I saw many people walking from Thane station to Manpada, Wagbil etc.

Joseph N George, Thane

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