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Reddy's 36 reasons why Andhra Pradesh should not be bifurcated

Last updated on: November 19, 2013 13:37 IST

In an 85-page note to the Group of Ministers set up to look into the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh, Chief Minister Kiran Reddy on Monday raised 36 crucial points on why a separate state of Telangana is not desirable.

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Reddy’s 'submission for reconsideration' memorandum calls the GoM's attention to problems related to Telangana-Rayalaseema river water sharing, concerns over the power sector, employment, education and short-circuiting of legal and constitutional convention.

The issues raised by the Andhra Pradesh chief minister:

  • Is separation-bifurcation a solution to the present crisis?;
  • Significance of United Andhra Pradesh; 
  • Status of Hyderabad;
  • Can Seemandhra’s contribution be disregarded?;
  • River water-sharing;
  • Views of the first State Reorganisation Commission;
  • Agrarian importance of Andhra Pradesh; 
  • Projects on River Krishna, sacrifices by people of all three regions;
  • Jalaygyam;
  • Shortfall of water availability in River Krishna and competing interests;
  • Dam management and control on the Krishna river;
  • New projects on the Krishna river;
  • Complexities in the inter-se usage of the waters in Srisailam dam;
  • Present management of deficit in the state of Andhra Pradesh;
  • Difficulties in managing Srisailam and Nagarjunasagar projects;
  • Institutional mechanism for management of the Krishna river;
  • Inter-river basin transfer;
  • Emergency inter-basin transfer of water;
  • The dilemma of the Polavaram multipurpose project;
  • The problems of Telangana;
  • The problems of Rayalaseema;
  • Upper riprarian projects in the Krishna river;
  • Telangana deprived of its rightful allocated share in Krishna river;
  • Diversion of waters outside the Krishna basin: is it not permissible?;
  • Implementation of tribunal awards;
  • Proliferation of river water disputes;
  • Irrigation map of Andhra Pradesh;
  • Project map of Godavari basin;
  • Project map of Krishna basin;
  • Power sector concerns;
  • Employment concerns;
  • Government employees;
  • Private employees in organised sector;
  • Skilled and semi-skilled;
  • Self-employed;
  • Professionals;
  • Complexities of 371 D on the division process;
  • Educational sector concerns;
  • Feeling of short-circuiting of legal constitutional conventions;
  • Impact of bifurcation on maintenance of law and order;
  • Copy of the letter the CM of Andhra Pradesh wrote to the President of India;
  • Copy of the letter the CM of Andhra Pradesh wrote to the prime minister;

Kind courtesy: Vaartha, a leading Telugu daily newspaper.

R Rajagopalan in New Delhi