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February 28, 2007
Do you care about Quattrocchi?
Does the public, in this case our readers, you, really care about who Quattrocchi is? Has the Bofors scandal become one of those meaningless exercises with no end in sight?

Mantras for India's growth? Tell us
The Survey has expressed concern at rising prices and advised measures to contain inflation while sustaining high growth.

Are you happy with the Budget?
What do you like or dislike about the Budget?

February 27, 2007
Tell us about your worst job interview
How did you feel after the interview? What steps did you take to improve your performance the next time around?

February 26, 2007
Are you happy with Lalu's Rail Budget?
So what do you think of Lalu's Railway Budget? Do you think it is good and will benefit the common man? Or do you think -- the opposition political parties -- that it is anti-poor?

Happy with the Oscar winners?
Share your views.

Share your tips, strategies for IIT-JEE
Are you an ex-IITian or a current student of IIT? Give those who plan to take IIT-JEE this year a helping hand.

February 23, 2007
Tax: Does the salaried class suffer most? Tell us
Popular perception is that the salaried sections are the easiest to tax and each finance minister has proceeded to milk this cow dry.

February 22, 2007
Would you be happy with a girl-child?
Would you be happy with a girl-child?

Should Fringe Benefit Tax be scrapped?
The Confederation of Indian Industry in its budget wish list has urged to government to scrap the fringe benefit tax.

February 21, 2007
Want lower mobile bills? Tell us
You telephone bills will become cheaper if the finance minister P Chidambaram heeds to the telecom operators' demand for a reduction in levies.

Class XII exams: Wish students
The Class XII board exams have begun. And with it the hectic pace with which students will occupy themselves over the next fortnight. Wish them the best!

February 20, 2007
If YOU were the finance minister, what would you do?
How would you attract more investments? How will you create more jobs? How will you generate more revenue? And how much will you allocate to various areas: education, defence, agriculture, etc?

Should corporate tax be cut?
India Inc is eagerly awaiting a cut in the corporate tax rate at par with the rates in leading Asean countries.

Multistarrers: Bollywood's future?
Are audiences tired of solo hero movies?

Have you ever faked your CV?
Major IT companies are battling a constant problem of people joining them using fake CVs. Tell us how you think they should handle the problem.

February 19, 2007
Test for Indo-Pak anti-terror mechanism? Discuss
How big a test do you think, dear reader, this will be to the joint anti-terror mechanism?

Should tax rates be cut? Tell us
Do you think the tax exemption limits should be raised? Or should income tax rates be reduced? Tell us what you think.

Wish Saif a speedy recovery
Wish Saif a speedy recovery.

'Double Income, No Kids', the new mantra?
Often, young couples leading such a lifestyle tend to put off having a baby -- either for a while or altogether. Are you?

February 16, 2007
What should Arundhati Roy write about?
Tell us what you think the award-winning author's next novel should focus on.

Talk Cricket Live, 24/7
Discuss the game, post your thoughts, share links to interesting stories you found in course of your browsing, make friends - it's all yours.

February 15, 2007
Want Big B as President of India?
Tell us!

Should BPOs be set up in rural India?
Is setting up of rural BPOs bridging the technology gap between rural and urban India?

February 14, 2007
Should adulterers be let off lightly?
Is adultery a crime?

Will real estate prices crash?
Should home loan interest rates have been increased? Will the real estate prices drop? Tell us what you think.

India's best finance minister? Tell us
Manmohan Singh, P Chidambaram and Yashwant Sinha presented 5 Budgets each while Jaswant Singh presented only one Budget.

Live discussion: India v Sri Lanka
Discuss the third ODI between India and Sri Lanka.

Which Vinod Chopra film do you like?
Tell us!

Discuss: A Shah Rukh Valentine
Speak up about the first special episode of Shah Rukh Khan's KBC.

February 13, 2007
Tax on cash withdrawals? Your say
The government may now exempt states from paying this tax while withdrawing money to pay salary to its employees.

February 12, 2007
Are you against Valentine's Day?
What do you feel about celebrating Valentine's Day?

Train AC fares may cost more. Your say
While the second-class fares may not be hiked, AC travel will be more expensive.

The team they will pick
The selectors will meet in some time to pick the team for the World Cup. Here is the list of players we think will be picked.

Should Gujarat watch <I>Parzania</I>?
Have your say.

February 09, 2007
Should IT cos hire more women?
While the number of women in IT cos is rising, the numbers are not impressive. A good majority of the leadership positions are also held by men.

February 08, 2007
Best way to invest provident fund?
The AITUC has suggested utilisation of the entire corpus for creation of the infrastructure development fund. Do you agree?

Dean Jones is back
Dean Jones joined the likes of Arjuna Ranatunga and Javagal Srinath in the studio panel for the India-Sri Lanka series.

February 07, 2007
Sourav, Sachin the best ever? Discuss
Who should open the innings for India at the World Cup?

February 06, 2007
Happy with your salary hike? Tell us
What are your views on salary hike in India? Do you agree with ECA's survey? Are you happy with the salary hike you get? Tell us

Who would you like to see drinking <I>Koffee</I>?
Which Bollywood conversations are you dying to hear?

February 05, 2007
Are you proud to be an Indian?
Are you proud to be an Indian?

Will India beat the US economy?
Global ratings agency Standard & Poor's has also raised India's sovereign credit rating to investment grade after a gap of nearly 16 years.

Wish Abhishek Bachchan!
The actor turns 31 today.

How to survive being fired
The world does not come to an abrupt end, if you lose your job. With the right attitude, you can bounce back.

February 02, 2007
Which is the best city in India? Tell us
India's IT capital, Bangalore now has an 'unhealthy' tag. Its stressful and hectic urban lifestyle has taken a toll on its people.

February 01, 2007
My Valentine tale
What is your story? How did you meet your sweetheart. Tell us.

Suggest a great place for V-day
Suggest a special destination for Valentine's Day in your town.

Housing loan rates to rise: Your say
The Reserve Bank of India has directed banks to set aside more capital to cover risks on advances to realty sectors and has raised repo rate by 0.25 per cent to 7.50 per cent .

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