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December 29, 2006
Who will you miss the most? Tell us!
Tell us which famous personality you will miss the most.

December 28, 2006
Your thoughts on the quota issue? Tell us!
Have your say.

The best sports stars of 2006? Tell us!
Have your say.

Polio immunisation -- injection or drops?
In order to eradicate polio, the government plans to inject children instead of using drops. Will this work?

December 27, 2006
Your business icons of 2006? Tell us!
Have your say.

December 26, 2006
What were 2006's business highlights? Tell us!
Have your say.

Was it right to send Pathan back?
Could this opportunity, to work on his bowling away from the spotlight, be the making of Pathan?

Congratulate Warne
He became the first bowler in the world to claim 700 Test wickets, when he bowled England opener Andrew Strauss for 50.

Wish Salman!
The actor turns 41 on December 27.

December 22, 2006
What are the top tourist spots in India? Tell us!
What are the top tourist spots in India? Tell us!

December 21, 2006
What made you angry this year? Tell us!
What made you angry this year? Tell us!

Celebrating Warne
Tell us; join in celebrating the exit of one of the most charismatic players to have ever donnned the whites.

Wish Govinda a happy birthday!
The actor turns 48 on December 21.

December 20, 2006
How should India fight terror? Tell us!
How do you think India should fight terror? Tell us!

Should hostile witnesses be punished?
The Delhi High Court has directed the Delhi police to take action against all the 29 witnesses who turned hostile in the case.

What are the top stocks of the year? Tell us!
What are the top stocks of the year? Tell us!

Which are your favourite Priyadarshan films?
Tell us!

December 19, 2006
Who are the best Bollywood actors of 2006. Tell us.
Would your list be any different? Tell us!

December 18, 2006
Jessica case: Has justice been served?
For Jessica's family, justice has finally been served, though after a prolonged fight.

Congratulate the Indian team
Proving yet again the glorious uncertainties of cricket, India pulled off a spectacular 123-run victory over South Africa in the first Test, to register its maiden win in that country.

Who are the best actresses of 2006. Tell us.
Priyanka, Rani, Kajol ruled Bollywood this year. Who tops your list?

December 15, 2006
What were your top fitness trends of 2006?
Tell us!

December 14, 2006
Should non-performers be recalled from SA?
Is it right to recall a player from a foreign tour if he is not playing well? Is the BCCI going a step too far in adopting a stance?

What are your sporting controversies of the year?
What are your sporting controversies of the year?

Advise Leander, Mahesh!
Tell us what you think Lee-Hesh should do!

December 13, 2006
How can the richest Indians help India? Tell us!
How do you think the richest Indians can help the motherland? Tell us!

December 12, 2006
What are the events that shaped 2006? Tell us!
Tell us the events that you think shaped the year 2006.

Which Smita Patil film is your favourite?
Tell us!

Is your company spying on you?
Is your company keeping track of your activity on the Internet? Do you feel this is an invasion of your privacy?

December 11, 2006
Wish Vishy Anand on his birthday
The chess ace, who has won almost every major title in the sport, turns 37 today.

Wish Rajnikanth on his 58th birthday!
The Tamil superstar turns 58. Wish him!

December 07, 2006
Who looks best with Amitji?
Which actress looks best starring opposite the megastar?

December 06, 2006
Will you vote for the Taj? Tell us
A message board on whether readers would vote for the Taj Mahal as one of the 'New Seven Wonders of the World'.

December 05, 2006
Should India have helped liberate Bangladesh?
Given the strained relations between Dhaka and New Delhi, was India right in helping liberate Bangladesh?

Was it right to exonerate Shoaib, Asif?
Did the players get away too easy, or is this a fair decision?

December 01, 2006
A snub for Greg Chappell? Discuss
Knee-jerk reaction or a course correction that was long overdue? Tell us what you think.

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