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November 30, 2006
Can money buy happiness? Tell us
Does money buy happiness? Or do you think that money has nothing to do with happiness? Tell us.

November 29, 2006
<I>Bigg Boss</i>: Who should go next?
Which of the Bigg Boss participants have you had enough of?

November 28, 2006
Can Sanjay Dutt bounce back again?
The actor faces three years in jail. Do you think his career is over?

November 27, 2006
What would you do to change India's fortunes?
If you were BCCI boss for a day, a week, what would you do?

Can Shah Rukh recreate Amitabh's magic?
Can Shah Rukh Khan live up to Amitabh Bachchan as the Kaun Banega Crorepati anchor?

November 24, 2006
Should BCCI step in to stem the rot?
Our MPs want cricket coach Greg Chappell sacked. What do you think?

November 21, 2006
Should petrol pumps go on strike? Tell us
Do you think the petrol dealers are right in their demands? Or should they not go on a strike? Or is the Maharashtra government to blame for this crisis?

Which <I>Dhoom</I> star looks the hottest?
Tell us!

November 20, 2006
Fared badly in CAT 2006?
Do you feel joining an IIM is the only way to a great career?

November 19, 2006
How did you fare in CAT 2006?
Share your experiences with other MBA aspirants.

November 17, 2006
Indo-US nuclear deal: Congratulate the PM
Dr Singh has worked tirelessly for the N-deal. Congratulate him on its passage and debate the historic deal.

Are govt employees paid well? Tell us
Or is there a need to hike their salaries and bring them at par with private sector pay scales?

November 16, 2006
Who should exit <I>Bigg Boss</I>?
Tell us!

Wish your friends for CAT 2006
Your friends appearing for CAT can do with some positive words. Wish them the best and share your experiences.

November 15, 2006
Who are your favourite TV news anchors?
Tell us who the best news anchors are in the country!

Can we trust China?
Despite the recent thaw in relations, the border issue and China's relations with Pakistan continue to bother India. Can we trust Beijing?

Wish Sania Mirza on her birthday
The Indian tennis ace turned 20 today.

Will Sania regain winning ways?
After a sharp drop in rankings in 2006, will the tennis star recover next season?

November 14, 2006
Better days for women's cricket?
Do you think it is a good move to merge women's and men's cricket?

Can you beat the CAT blues?
How are you coping with nervousness before CAT?

November 13, 2006
How should drunk drivers be punished?
What is the suitable punishment for such crimes?

Are teachers paid adequately in India?
Do you think teachers in India get adequate salaries or benefits? What do you think should be done to remedy the woes that teachers in India face?

November 09, 2006
Time to 'civilise' cricketers?
Is indiscipline growing, is it spreading from the field of play to outside the boundary ropes?

November 08, 2006
Republicans' rout in the US: India's honeymoon over?
How do you see India-US relations following the reverses for the Republicans? Will the nuclear deal become a casualty?

How do you handle your child's tantrums?
What do you do when your child throws a tantrum?

November 07, 2006
Should Muslim women wear the veil? Tell us
If you are a Muslim woman, we would especially like to hear your views on the issue.

Has corruption declined in India?
do you think that corruption in India is on the decline now, although slowly? What do you think can be done to make India a corruption-free country?

Did the Aussies misbehave?
What is your view on the Australian team's behaviour at the Champions Trophy presentation ceremony?

November 06, 2006
Did Saddam deserve death sentence?
Did Saddam deserve death sentence for his crimes?

Was the ICC right in sacking Hair?
Is it fair to only blame Darrell Hair for the Oval controversy? Is his sacking too harsh?

What's your CAT strategy?
Get Ahead reader Rituma is taking the CAT 2006 exam on November 19 and wants your feedback on her current strategy.

November 03, 2006
Should Ram Jethmalani defend Manu Sharma?
Do you agree with Ram Jethmalani's decision to defend Manu Sharma?

November 02, 2006
Is the ban on Akhtar, Asif justified?
Message board on the ban on Shoaib Akhtar and mohammad Akthar.

Wish SRK as he turns 41
Shah Rukh Khan turns 41. Wish the actor.

Wish SRK as he turns 41
Shah Rukh Khan turns 41. Wish the actor a Happy Birthday.

November 01, 2006
Bangalore or Bangalooru? Tell us
Do you agree with the state government's decision to rename Bangalore and other places? Would it make any difference?

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