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July 31, 2006
Recollect your Rafi memories
It's been 26 years since Mohammed Rafi left us.

July 28, 2006
PM's security breach: Who's to blame?
A message board on the security breach at the PM's residence.

July 27, 2006
Will women officers finally be recognised?
A message board on the women officers in the Army.

Does your boss listen to you?
Sheila, a young executive with the human resources department of her company needs your help.

July 26, 2006
Who is the worst dressed?
Some of our biggest stars have had disastrous fashion moments.

Hottest Bollywood scene? Tell us!
Share your views.

What can we do in your city?
What tourist attractions would you recommend a first-time visitor to your city or town?

Are call centres safe for women?
Two female call centre employees have been murdered in Bangalore since December 2005. Is your call centre safe?

July 25, 2006
Does India lack a strong anti-terror law?
Has the absence of a strong anti-terror law made India a soft target?

Are you looking for love?
What is your idea of an ideal partner? Tell us.

July 24, 2006
Mumbai, 26/7: Then and now. Tell us!
Tell us how it has been this last one year, and if you fear a recurrenc!

Hottest Bollywood scene? Tell us!
Share your views.

July 21, 2006
Will new pay panel proposals bankrupt India?
Do you think the new pay panel proposals will cripple India's economy? Are political compulsions overriding economic sense? Or do you think this is a fair move? Tell us.

If you were a billionare...
Tell us what you would do with your money? Who would you leave it to?

July 20, 2006
Tell us: Your favourite street food hotspots
If you have just Rs 20 in your pocket, where would you eat? Tell us about your favourite street food joint/dhabha in your city/town/district.

July 19, 2006
Is the government right in blocking Web sites?
Is the government right in blocking Web sites or do has it infringed the fundamental right to freedom of expression?

Bollywood's best dancer? Tell us!
Share your views!

July 18, 2006
Are we playing into the hands of terrorists?
Has India done the right thing by putting the peace process on hold. Or as the General has said, are we playing into the hands of terrorists? Tell us.

Wish Priyanka Chopra
The actress turns 24 on Tuesday.

Which star do you love to hate?
Share your views.

Does work experience help if you are doing an MBA?
A reader wants to know. Why don't you share your views with her?

July 17, 2006
The sexiest music video? Tell us!
Have your say.

July 14, 2006
Your fave comedy? Tell us!
Have your say!

July 13, 2006
What should India do? Tell us!
Tell us how India should respond to Terror Tuesday.

Like Zidane, do you have an anger problem?
Tell us what provokes you to anger and how you deal with it.

July 10, 2006
Does India respect its fallen war heroes?
Should the Indian government be more pro-active about helping the fallen war heroes families?

What will your dream railway station be like?
What kind of facilities would you like to have at the stations?

Will you blame Zidane? Tell us!
Was the French captain's momentary lapse of reason the turning point?

Who is TV's best vamp?
Have your say!

July 07, 2006
Is someone out to get you?
According to a recent study, one in three people has this feeling. Do you?

July 06, 2006
Do you shop for amusement? Tell us!
Do you go shopping more for amusement than to fulfil a necessity? What do you think of this trend? Tell us.

Who will win the World Cup? Tell us!
Will it be Zinedine Zidane's France?

Who is the best comic actor today?
Have your say!

July 05, 2006
Do BPO frauds harm India's image?
India's booming outsourcing sector has been hit by a fraud again.

Can Italy go all the way? Tell Us!
Give us your take on the first World Cup semi-final.

July 04, 2006
Tell us your Mumbai rain experience
Is this what Mumbai's monsoon preparedness is all about?

July 03, 2006
Have you ever got a Re 1 air ticket?
Budget airlines claim to offer Re 1 air tickets. Is it possible to ever get them? Tell us what you think.

Congratulate the Indian team
Join us in congratulating Kumble and the Indian team on their historic achievement.

Who will die in the final Harry Potter?
Tell us which two characters will die in the final book.

July 01, 2006
Italy the dark horse? Tell us!
Give us your take on Friday's games at the World Cup!

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