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October 31, 2006
Is this the best team for South Africa?
Message board on the Indian team to South Africa.

SMS Ash a Happy Birthday
Aishwarya Rai turns 33 today, November 1.

Wish Ash a Happy Birthday
Aishwarya Rai turns 33 on November 1. Wish her.

October 30, 2006
How to make Team India world-beaters?
Is the team stocked with the right personnel, or are there people on the outside looking in, who could add value to the squad?

Are degrees worth more than work experience?
What have you found more useful -- practical experience, theoretical knowledge or a mix of both? Share

Fashion: Street shopping or designer blitz?
Is fashion a way to express yourself? Is dressing up all about attracting a prospective partner or clinching a new business deal? Or is comfort of the most priority for you? Tell us.

October 27, 2006
My company refuses to clear my dues
Get Ahead reader Dilip has just got a brand new job with his dream company, but his current firm refuses to settle his dues.

October 26, 2006
Who's better: Ganguly or Dravid?
Is Dravid a better captain or did you prefer Ganguly's style of captaincy? Tell us who's better.

October 23, 2006
Which were Schumi's best races?
Tell us which you feel were Michael Schumacher's best and worst races.

Why I love what I do...
How did you get into your chosen profession? Did your parents, friends or a mentor influence your choice of career? Tell us.

October 20, 2006
Name Rajnikanth's grandson!
He may just pick your choice.

Which <I>Don</I> do you like better?
Decide who plays a better Don, Amitabh Bachchan or Shah Rukh Khan.

October 18, 2006
Wish Sunny Deol
The actor turns 49 today.

Your say: Sunny's best film?
Nominate your favourite Sunny Deol film.

October 17, 2006
Mattoo case: Has justice been delivered?
Santosh was earlier let off due to lack of evidence.

Are cash back credit cards good?
Do you think this is a good incentive to make people use credit cards more? Have you ever got any cash back on the use of credit cards that offer 'cash back'?

Why are Indians unhappy? Tell us
Why do you think are Indians unhappy? What would make you happier? What does the government and society need to do to make India a more contented nation? What is it that really makes you happy or unhappy?

Are the Champions Trophy pitches sub-standard?
Do you agree with Graeme Smith's criticism about the wickets not being of international standard?

Do you constantly crib about work?
What is it about your office that makes it difficult for you to get to work every morning?

October 16, 2006
How will you mark Eid?
How do you and your family celebrate Eid?

Right to Information Act: have you used it?
What has been your experienc? Tell us!

Needed: GRE tips in RC, Maths
Get Ahead reader Vinaya is taking the Graduate Admission Test on November 2, and is weak in Reading Comprehension and Maths. Can you help?

October 13, 2006
Should President Kalam get a second term?
Do you think President Kalam should get a second stint?

Should India ban firecrackers?
Should firecrackers be banned to prevent accidents?

October 12, 2006
Wish President A P J Abdul Kalam
Wish President on his 75th birthday.

Is BCCI softening towards Azhar?
Or do you believe the former India captain deserves to be kept out in the cold?

Interviews: Why do you want a BPO job?
Get Ahead reader Shafi is a graduate wants to know how to answer a popularly asked BPO job interview question.

October 11, 2006
Have you met Kiran Desai?
Did you know novelist Kiran Desai? Study with her? Meet her? Tell us of your memories!

October 10, 2006
Have you met President Kalam?
Have you met President Kalam?

Dengue, chikungunya: What did India do wrong?
A message board to discuss cases and treatment of dengue and chikungunya.

How dangerous is a nuclear North Korea?
What does the Korean nuke test mean to India, Pakistan, the Korean peninsula and the world? Tell us!

Your Say: Can SRK match Amitabh?
Is Shah Rukh Khan the best choice for playing Don?

Wish Amitabh Bachchan
The actor turns 64 on October 11.

October 09, 2006
Pay tribute to Kanshi Ram
Pay tribute to late BSP leader Kanshi Ram.

Wish Rekha
The actress turns 52

Your worst travel experience
If you have a bad story you'd like others to use as a warning, why not share it with us?

October 06, 2006
Tell us your bribery story!
So be it a minor traffic violation or even routine things like getting a ration card or a passport, most of us have at one time or the other have had to grease a few palms to get our work done.

October 05, 2006
Has Bhupathi played his last match for India?
Has the 32-year-old played his last match for India? Will the AITA be able to convince him to change his decision?

October 04, 2006
How will you spend Diwali?
How will you celebrate the Festival of Lights?

Will BPO scams hit India's boom?
Can call centre thefts end India's flourishing BPO business? Do such deeds give India a bad name? Tell us what you think.

What's the point of <I>Bhoot Unkle</I>?
Why do you think peculiar children's films are made?

Do you yearn for a career abroad?
There are those who want to make a career outside India. And there are those who prefer to chart their professional course in India. Which category do you belong to?

October 03, 2006
If I don't get admission in an IIM...?
If you do not make the cut for admission to an IIM, should you settle for another B-school?

October 02, 2006
Should Mohd Afzal be pardoned?
Should Afzal be executed for his role in the Parliament attack case?

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