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May 31, 2005

Review your college!
Get Ahead invites readers to review their colleges.

May 26, 2005

Met Ismail Merchant?
Share your experiences.

May 25, 2005

Farewell Duttsaab
Post your condolences.

Have you met Sunil Dutt?
Share your experience with rediff.com readers.

May 24, 2005

SMS your wishes to Karan Johar!
The director turns 33 on Wednesday.

May 23, 2005

Bihar decision: Right or wrong?
Write and tell us what you feel about the latest twist in Bihar politics.

Is Chappell correct about Sachin?
Do you agree with the new Indian coach that Sachin Tendulkar will never be his devastating self again?

May 20, 2005

Review Mallika's Myth for rediff.com!
It's your chance to play the critic!

May 19, 2005

Show off your Star Wars knowledge!
Write in and share your views!

May 11, 2005

Review DDLJ!
Send in your reviews!

May 09, 2005

Your choice: Ash, Mallika or Nandita?
Tell us who will shine at Cannes this year.

May 04, 2005

Which Hollywood remake do you want?
Tell us! Have your say!

May 03, 2005

Your Say: What I learnt from Mom!
Tell us what you learnt from your mother this Mothers' Day!

April 27, 2005

Mumbai Rape: Do you agree with the Shiv Sena?
What do you think of the Shiv Sena's argument? Do girls dress provocatively? Tell us.

Will Kaal be a hit?
Share your views with us!

April 25, 2005

What if it happened to you?
In a gory incident in Mumbai's busy Marine Drive last Thursday police constable Sunil Atmaram More (30) allegedly raped a minor girl.

April 22, 2005

Is Mumbai still safe for women?
The incident of the rape of a 16-year-old by a police constable has raised serious concerns about the safety of women in the city.

Give us your Waqt review!
What did you think of the new Akki-AB film?

April 21, 2005

Will the BJP regain past glory?
With the BJP under attack from its parent organisations and plagued by rift within, will the BJP be able to regain its past glory?

April 20, 2005

Is Amitabh Bachchan over-exposed?
Share your views with rediff.com readers.

April 13, 2005

Is the ban on dance bars justified?
Should the dance bars be closed down? Are they corrupting the youth? What would happen to the thousands of women for whom these bars provide a better life? Speak up!

Will the ICC ban benefit Ganguly?
Do you think the ban comes as a good break for the Indian captain who can now go back and work on his batting or do you think it could signal the end of his tenure as the skipper?

April 06, 2005

Who's the best?
Wisden has named its best cricketers for 2004. Now you name yours.

April 04, 2005

Were you blessed by the Pope?
During his visit to over 120 countries, the Pope interacted with people of different ethnicities. Were you one of those who were blessed by the Pope?


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