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Canadian PM promises free trade with India

April 01, 2011 11:04 IST

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said that a re-elected Conservative government will aim to complete bilateral free trade negotiations with India in 2013.

"Free trade agreements with India and the European Union will provide improved access to over 1.7 billion new customers for Canadian businesses," Harper said in Halifax.

"Canada is a trading nation... Canadian businesses and their workers succeed and prosper when they have stable and secure access to markets and customers around the world," he said on Thursday.

Harper said that a re-elected Conservative government will aim to complete bilateral free trade negotiations with India in 2013 and with the European Union by 2012.

"That's why since taking office we have made expanding and improving access to foreign markets such a priority. New free trade agreements have been signed with eight countries and negotiations are underway with 50 more, including India and the European Union," Harper said.

"Deepening our trading relationships is key to the Next Phase of Canada's Economic Action Plan in order to complete our recovery, create jobs and strengthen families' financial security," he added.

The completion of these two historic free trade agreements will build on Harper's strong record of standing up for Canadian businesses and their workers by obtaining secure and stable access to important emerging export markets.

Canada will go to polls on May 2. Prime Minister Harper's minority Conservative government was toppled by the opposition after a no-confidence vote last month.


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