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#WinterHacks: 6 tips to get glowing skin

January 07, 2017 10:00 IST

Did you know that coconut water can treat sun tan?


IMAGE: The secret to gorgeous skin is hydration, a good diet and using the right skincare products.
Photograph: Rajesh Karkera/

It's time that each one us get accustomed to cold cream and say goodbye to cleansers.

Cleansers can take a toll on the softness of your skin for most of these solutions have a high concentration of either salicylic or glycolic acid.

Now that winter has set in, you must take extra care on the products you pick.

Follow these tips to keep your skin soft and supple.

#1. Avoid cleansers 

To take off your make-up or to wipe off your face after a tiring day, ditch the regular cleansers and opt for cold cream cleansers, which are known for their moisturising properties.

Cleansing balms can also soothe dry and irritable skin.

Remember to apply night cream right after you have cleaned your face so as to avoid subsequent dryness.

#2. Shave body hair as rarely as possible

Shaving can peel off your skin, if you have flaky skin. Thus, waxing is a more recommended option if you wish to remain plain and smooth with low temperatures outside.

The best way to deal with skin health after waxing or shaving is to apply a generous amount of lotion on the required areas.

To maintain flexibility, keep repeating the same regimen in every two to three hours time.

Dehydrated skin in winters can be effectively avoided by wearing full length clothes; this way your arms and feet are not exposed to the biting cold.

#3. Pay attention to what you eat 

Are you eating the right diet?

Your diet needs to be altered, regulated and reassessed depending upon the place you stay in and the prevailing weather conditions there.

Fresh fruits and green vegetables keep you hydrated. For smaller, less filling meals you can have salads.

Drink plenty of water or warm lime juice instead of gulping down mugs of coffee or tea and see how it work wonders for your skin. 

#4. Wash your face with coconut water

Coconut water has proven to be extremely beneficial for those with dry, itchy and blistering skin.

Drinking or direct application of coconut water will not only improve your health, but will also accentuate your look.

Coconut water fights the signs of ageing, can treat sun tan, cure skin infections and also acts as a natural hydrating agent.

#5. Let your skin remain supple overnight

For soft and supple skin, use a moisturiser right before going to bed.

At night our body repairs the damaged skin, thus, there is ample of time for the lotion to be absorbed and have a nourished and happy skin the next morning.

#6. Prepare a hydrating mask at home

Masks used in winter should promote the texture of your skin by providing it with basic oils and nutrients.

Dry, irritable skin can be taken care of with the use of homemade concoctions.

Honey, chickpea powder and milk can be mixed and applied to heal dryness.

Yogurt can also be used from time to time.

Never leave on a mask for too long; washing it away should be immediately followed by toning and moisturising.