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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » Twist and fold your body like these yogis!

Twist and fold your body like these yogis!

Last updated on: June 28, 2016 16:05 IST

These stunning travel yoga pictures will make you rethink your fitness goals even when you're on a holiday!  

Are you travelling? Or basking in the sun in some foreign locales? 

Or simply watching the rain trickle down your windowpane as you sit in the comfort of a hotel room? 

We have picked three hot yoga trainers on Instagram, who love to keep up a yoga practice even when they travel. 

Their stunning pics will give you some down-to-earth inspiration to unroll your yoga mats and do a few asanas right away. 

Take a look!  

Deepika Mehta, celebrity yoga trainer from India   

Deepika Mehta yoga

IMAGE: Deepika does Eka Pada Chakrasana in Bali. She captioned the pic:"No better feeling than a morning practice." And if it's in a dense forest with lush green trees around, there's nothing like it. Photograph: Kind Courtesy deepikamehtayoga/Instagram

Deepika Mehta

IMAGE: And here's a pic of her at Triund, Dharamshala. Imagine striking that pose on a monsoon trek to ancient forts and ruins. Impressive isn't it? Photograph: Kind Courtesy deepikamehtayoga/Instagram

Deepika Mehta

IMAGE: Watch that pose! It's not easy maintaining your balance on a rock. Deepika does Eka Pada Rajakapotasana with such ease. Photograph: Kind Courtesy deepikamehtayoga/Instagram

Deepika Mehta

IMAGE: Frankly there's never a bad time to go to Australia, and when you're there, squeeze in some time for yoga too! Deepika does Tittibhasana at Sydney, Australia. Photograph: Kind Courtesy deepikamehtayoga/Instagram

Kino MacGregor, an international yoga teacher

Kino yoga

IMAGE: Kino shows you the easier way to go upside down on a busy New York street. Photograph: Kind Courtesy kinoyoga/ 

Kino Yoga

IMAGE: Isn't it such a thrill to do Padmasana on a building overlooking the Empire State Building in New York? We envy her. Photograph: kinoyoga/ 

Kino Yoga

IMAGE: Kino stretches as she does Hanumanasana at Miami Beach, Florida. Photograph: kinoyoga/ 

Riva G, Creative Director, inspired by yoga

Riva G yoga

IMAGE: She's fearless, young and agile. Riva does Natarajasana (the dancer's pose) in front of the Effiel Tower in Paris. Photograph: Kind Courtesy riva_g_instagram

Riva G yoga

IMAGE: Ever thought of using the support of a bridge to do a back-bend like Riva? Photograph: Kind Courtesy riva_g_instagram

Riva G yoga

IMAGE: Riva does a headstand with a twist in Chicago. Photograph: Kind Courtesy riva_g_instagram