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November 1997

• November 29
Pepsi's coup de franchise against Coke in Goa
Remove restrictions, says Templeton Worldwide CEO
MP delays opening diamond mining tenders
BSE:3560.29; Sensex loses 67.78 points
NSE:1023.95; Nifty declines 22.80 points
Forex:Rs 38.57; Rupee steady with RBI help

• November 28
International pepper exchange is operational
IA defers decision on 50-seater aircraft
SC reserves order on Tata Tea executives
Maharashtra traders to intensify stir
BSE:3628.07; Sensex surges 92.55 points
NSE:1046.75; Nifty gains 29.9 points, 'Defty' up
Forex:Rs 38.57; Rupee almost steady

• November 27
BJP flays political turmoil's effect on economy
New rules for automobiles imports
BSE:3535.52; Sensex gains 55.63 points
NSE:1016.85; Nifty gains 6.15 points, 'Defty' loses
Forex:Rs 38.55; Rupee hits record low

• November 26
Companies upset with govt's plan to revamp Drug Price Control Order
EU anti-dumping move irks Disinvestment panel chief
Dandavate hints at greater budgetary support for Ninth Plan
BSE:3497.89; Sensex recovers, gains 76.12 points
NSE:1010.70; Nifty gains 29.45 points on record turnover
Forex:Rs 38.30; Rupee declines further

• November 25
Forex:Rs 38.07; Rupee hits historic low of Rs 38.55
BSE:3403.07; Sensex loses 120 points
NSE:981.25; Nifty sheds 24.5 points
Maharashtra govt to regularise Sahara project

• November 22
BSE:3523.44; Sensex crosses 3,500 mark, ends 56.58 points higher
NSE:1005.75; Nifty up by 10.60 points
Forex:Rs 37.72; Rupee drops, loses 28 paise

• November 21
BSE:3466.86; Sensex recovers, ends 12.21 points higher
NSE:995.15; Nifty up slightly by 7.30 points

• November 20
Furore over plans to downgrade Calcutta airport
PM promises greater transparency in decision-making
Tata Tea posts record H1 profits
BSE:3454.65; Sensex falls 125, ends 67 points lower
Forex:Rs 37.45; Rupee almost steady, loses 5 paise

• November 19
Forex:Rs 37.40; Rupee closes 50 paise lower
Capital account convertibility in good time, says FM
Probe Sahara project, demands Anna Hazare
BSE:3518.90; Sensex falls 59.20 points

• November 18
Kozhikode airport work at a standstill
Bhandara hydroelectric project set for privatisation
BSE:3578.10; Sensex rises again, up 08.33 points
NSE:1024.95; Nifty up slightly by 02.55 points
Forex:Rs 36.89; low of Rs 36.90, loses 14 paise

• November 15
BJP not an untouchable, says Rahul Bajaj
Kerala traders, HLL eat humble pie, end long war
Urban Land Ceiling to go, property prices to drop
BSE:3569.77; Sensex gains by 15.67 points
NSE:Closed for Guru Nanak Jayanti
Forex:Closed for Guru Nanak Jayanti

• November 14
Politicians look for loophole in Supreme Court's ban on bandhs
Trade unions flay Supreme Court's decision
Lack of demand forces NTPC to curb power generation
BSE:3554.10; Sensex falls again by 79 points
NSE:1024.00; Nifty declines by 21 points
Forex:Rs 36.74-75; Rupee loses 23 paise during week

• November 13
Supreme Court dismisses plea against ban on 'bandhs'
Suzuki denies requesting GM to mediate in Maruti row
Maharashtra offers 160% discount to invest in backward areas
BSE:3633.18; Sensex plunges by 90.22 points
NSE:1045.00; Nifty falls by 22.35 points
Forex:Rs 36.68-69; Rupee plunges by six paise

• November 12
General Motors CEO offers to mediate in Maruti dispute
Disinvestment panel suggest strategic sale in 7 PSUs
BSE:3723.40; Sensex gains slightly by 2.85 points
NSE:1074.65; Nifty rises by 8.75 points
Forex:Rs 36.64-65; Re drops by 6 paise despite RBI

• November 11
Pharma companies to take on EU's imposition of duties
Reliance awaits Goa nod to set up mega horticulture project
Guwahati HC dismisses Tata Tea directors' anticipatory bail
BSE:3721.05; Sensex drops by 26.27 points
NSE:1065.90; Nifty declines slightly by 8.9 points
Forex:Rs 36.58-59; SBI purchases pushes rupee down

• November 9
Jalan's appointment as RBI governor an 'orange light of sorts'

• November 7
BSE: 3763.96; Sensex falls, recovers to close lower
NSE: 1080.95; Nifty recovers from stumble, closes lower
Forex: Rs 36.45/$; Rupee plunges by seven paise

• November 6
Goa's anti-smoking bill runs into trouble
Only 5 out of 85 seafood processing units meet EU grade
Govt not divest share in Indian insurance companies
Madras HC raps TN govt in Sterlite case
IA to get two A-300 aircraft on lease
BSE: 3778.23; Sensex loses 27.27 points
NSE: 1085.00; Nifty drops by 5.2 points
Forex: Rs 36.38/$; Banks purchase dollars

• November 5
Labour problems haunt NTPC project in Kerala
Guwahati HC summons Tata Tea MD Krishna Kumar
Gujral suggests a Power Trading Corporation
Fiat, Skoda to set up automobile plants in Maharashtra
BSE: 3805.95; Sensex gains 15.13 points on FIIs' return
NSE: 1090.20; Nifty gains 6.20 points, high volumes
Forex: Rs 36.36/$; Rupee gains on good dollar supply

• November 4
Goa govt set to take over bus transport operations
Presidential ordinance ensures Prasar Bharati autonomy
Hindujas sign deal with Coal India for Vizag power project
BSE: 3790.82; Sensex falls by 12.42 points
NSE: 1084.00; Nifty declines marginally by 1.25 points
Forex: Rs 36.38/$; RBI prevents further fall