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What Did Chhetri's Goal Celebration Mean?

June 13, 2023 11:53 IST
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Sunil Chettri

Photographs: Kind courtesy AIFF/Twitter

Sunil Chhetri, the talismanic Indian striker, added another memorable chapter to his legacy as he becomes a game-changer both on and off the field.

In a thrilling match against Vanuatu at the Kalinga stadium during the Intercontinental Cup 2023, Chhetri once again proved his worth by securing victory for India with a moment of sheer brilliance in the 81st minute.


Sunil Chettri

India's unbeaten streak in the tournament remains intact, thanks to Chhetri's magical finish that sealed three crucial points. However, it was his celebration that truly captured the hearts of Indian fans.

After finding the back of the net with a sensational left-footed strike, Chhetri retrieved the ball and playfully tucked it inside his jersey, symbolising the forthcoming addition to his family.

The cameras immortalised this heartfelt moment as he proudly revealed his wife's pregnancy announcement to the world.

Post-match, a jubilant Chhetri shared the news, saying, 'My wife and I are overjoyed to announce that we are expecting a baby. This is the way she wanted to announce.

'It's an honour for me to share this wonderful journey with the entire world. But there is the cliche old footballer's way. I had to do it.'

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