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'Shastri's life will inspire generations'

January 12, 2006 13:00 IST
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The responses came pouring in when we asked our readers what they thought former prime minister Lal Bahadur Shastri's most enduring legacy was. Here's the first bunch of the responses!

Yes, Lal Bahadur Shastri was really most enduring legacy. His simplicity, strong will power and command made him not only a enduring person but a great leader, such personality can not be seen now-a-days.  He was the only person who touched the sky from the ground.  Nation will miss him.  We salute him.
-- Pratibha

Rediff, watch your words at least while speaking about a great leader like Shasthriji, you have described him as a "timid man who gave Pakistani aggressors a lesson" Just because some one's physical appearance is samll, they dont become timid, mind you.
-- Shivraj Harsha

Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri was a man of principles. This must be a person to be followed by our generations. His characterstics are discussed in media but not in Government. I feel existing govt must stress.
-- Deepak Kumar

His simplicity & practical person of great thoughts. He used to have fast to save grains for the country.....
-- Vineet

He was an emminent person with great values of patriotism and sacrifice. he showed the world that strong determination and hard work can change the fortunes. he is a person of great honour. i salute u "THE GREAT SON OF INDIA "
-- amit kumar

Forgetting, ignoring or Taking light interest in remembering   of life , values and sacricefice of Shri  Lalbahadur Shastri,
clearly indicate poor human values and attitude of responsibles in government, system and society.
We hardly try to think that our present joy comes from  strong national foundation  and that could be done by great efforts and sacricefice of our Mahapurush like Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri.
-- Muzaffar Maqbool

Shastriji was an epitome of simplicity, sacrifice and  exemplery leadership.His slogan "Jai Jawan,Jai Kisan" inspired our soldiers for the only decisive battle against Pakistan and is the best homage to our soldiers and farmers.His advise for one day fasting during war period was very noble gesture. A simple small man with a tall national stature. I pay my homage to him on this occasion.
-- Mohan Rao


Yes, in present secenario we need leaders like him to lead the great democratic country called Bharath.Honesty & simplicity should be embodied in a politicians life both in private & public. This was practised & demonstrated by Late.Shastry ji during his life time. its unfortunate that we indians could not get much benifit due untimely death of this great leader.
-- krishnamohana.k.u

Shastriji was open hearted, open minded, believes in less talking more working, hard working, loving and in true sence ideal & idol for future generations to come.
-- prasad deshpande

He was very good leader . he was too much honest. he was a man who carry visionary power for india. if india could fallow his path it will be better for future
-- dr ram singh

Great human being who belived in ethics, values and devoted his whole life to serve the nation. In true sense a ray of light whose life  will insprie generations to follow on.
-- Raj

It was nice to see u publishing an article on the great man.. wish many youngsters emulate his way of thinking, and help in their own way for the uplifment of the country. It would be better for school kids to know him rather than our politicians like laloo and mayawati.
-- mahesh.p

His honesty in public life and simplicity.

Honesty and courage
-- Praveen

Shashtri Jee was the Only man who told us that what should a politician have. A politician should be a patriot first and the politician later On. the modern corrupt politicians must take lessons from the morality of Shastrijee.Else soon Politicians will have to face a mass revolution.
-- Deepak Anand

Definitely, Shastriji remains the epitome of cleanliness at the highest echelons of power.
-- Ram

Undoubtedly the 1965 war was his most enduring legacy. Yet another memory was his resignation as Railway Minister following a rail accident. How many of our politicians today, follow these principles?
-- Vidyut Shenoy

Jai Jawan. Jai Kisan
-- bvvpprasad

Our hero
-- dinakar

My salute to the true leader of Indian democracy.Let the present leaders learn from this man of man of principles..Jai hind
-- Nilay Paliwal

He was a simple politician who had no greed for power or position. I salute him with pain on his 40th death anniversary.
-- Vinod Kumar

An idol of strength and simplicity. A samajsevak in real meaning. Present politicians must learn from this great personality to make our country really brilliant.
-- Neelam R Wali

One word to describe him "Slient Hero"
-- kalu

Congress means Gandhi and Nehru family, they wont allow anyother names to come up.unfortunate part of developed India.
-- srd

Leaders of today should get a lesson from late Prime minister
-- Mukesh Kumar

I think Lal Bahadur Shastri was a honest, simple and right minded. He was forgotten by those who are into the vote bank politicians and biased media. They remember Rajiv Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Neharu and so on... but they fail to remember the people like Gulzari Lal Nanda, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Dr. Radhakrishnan, Babu Rajendra prasad, Chandrashekar Azad, Subhas chandra bose, Lala Lajpat Rai and many more unknown heros of our country. The politicians of today are in such a state that the they hail the rapist of their sisters and mother if they are going to get votes for that.
-- Rajaram Ramachandramurthy

He was a man who symbolised honesty, integrity and efficiency in public life.
-- Amit Gupta

There is no doubt he was one of the finest Prime Minister and POLITICIAN India has ever produced. OUr politicians should certainly emulate him, but I really doubt whether they can? He was co unattached to material things that it is different for current generation of politicians to emulate him there. But if they follow even the efficiency part which he showed, our India will be much better.
-- Prashun Chaturvedi

It's very simple to be happy, but very diffcult to be simple. Shastriji showed us the way that Simple human beings can also achieve the hieght of Power and Success. Whenever, i see his pictures, it reminds me of 'common man' of RK Laxman. He tried to unknowingly taught us to be simple living human and high thinker. I wish and pray that GOD please please give us some more ministers/PM like him. My country can again become the great yet simple nation with high values. God bless INDIA.
-- Rajeev Sharma

One of the two school buldings that I studied in was inaugurated by him in 1963. I think of his as one of the most impressive PMs we've had till date. Nehru was good too but I could never agree with the fact that he led such a lavish life at the time when most of India was covered in poverty. I also didnt like the fact that they seemed to run the country as if if was a family business.
Lal Bahadur Shastri was honest, well spoken and he was the true representation of an Indian. Hes probably the only politician I admire.
-- Ratinder

Lal Bahadur of the great PM of India. He is the man..who brought up JAI JAWAN JAI KISAN. he is the honest PM. He did soo many developments. Its our uncertain that we didnt have him as PM for long time.
-- mahesh.v talewad

Simple and Powerful person of India. It is likely similar Dr. Manmohan Singh. MY ENDLESS REGARDS.
-- Dhananjoy Chattopadhyay

I admire him as a prime minister and a politician who stood to his ethics,his devotion to his principles even in power,I feel today politicians should take him as a mentor and follow in his  footsteps
-- kiran kumar

A truly greatleader.His integrity,devotion to duty and honesty is a lesson for present day politicians.  
-- Dr.Brajendra Bhatnagar

India's is much poorer with the absence of stalwarts like Shri Lal Bahadur Shastriji. It is a shame that we Indians  do not even remember him for his contribution to India's growth and his stature - his simplicity, honesty and devotion to the country. A symbol of integrity, efficiency and a Giant among the dwarfs who have swamped the nation.
-- Narendra Kotak

As mentioned by Gurcharan Das in his impeccable book - India Unbound - that the death of Shashtriji marked the end of an era !! Need we say more about this remarkable personality of India who beats many a politician - past and present by miles ...
-- Pranav Parikh

Honesty of the person
-- prakash pawar

Shastri's most enduring legacy is, that he didn't leave behind generations of self-proclaimed prime ministerial canindates.
-- naveen

A man with not only idea of simle living high thinking but live with it. A great, honest politician, a warrier a great person and who is most wanted politician for present scenario.
-- Sachindra

His contributions are not known well enough. We can imbibe honesty and integrity from his character.
-- Abhinav Sinha

i salute him...
-- khan

a great personaliy, hope his learn9ing and preaching can be tught in some schooli n india
-- Sunil

According to me, shastri ji has left his footprints on path of leadership for our so called netas of today to follow. Shastri ji was a real leader of masses, each aspect of his personality can teach us something.
-- Bhawana Sethi

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