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COVID tragedy: Dog mourns owner's demise

May 12, 2021 08:19 IST
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'It refuses to leave the place where his owner was cremated.'
M I Khan reports.

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It is not just family members who are mourning the loss of those who have succumbed to COVID-19; even pets are grieving for their missing human family members.

An upset dog has been sitting for over a week at an open crematorium in Sherghati, a small town in Bihar's Gaya district, after its owner died of COVID and was cremated there.

"Initially, we did not notice anything after the death of Bhagwan Thathera's wife. But, after two days, some local youth informed us that her pet dog has been sitting near her cremation site," says Sanjay Gupta, a local businessman and social activist..

"Two other people and I tried to coax the dog to move, but it refused to leave and still sitting there. It's the dog's love for its owner," Gupta adds.

The dog has refused to eat since Mrs Thathera's death.

"We have offered biscuits, cake, milk and water, but the dog has not touched anything. It refuses to leave the place where she was cremated," says local resident Maheshwar Singh.


After Mrs Thathera lost the battle against COVID last week, her shocked family members took her body to the Ram Mandir Muktidham, a local crematorium on the banks of the Morhar river, for the funeral.

According to Gupta, Mrs Thathera used to care for her pet to such an extent that her neighbours called her the dog's mother.

"She used to eat her meals only after feeding her pet. Her care for her dog was the talk of the town."

Mr Thathera has reportedly urged locals not to disturb his late wife's pet at the crematorium.

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