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This article was first published 2 years ago  » News » China, Beware Of India's Women Soldiers

China, Beware Of India's Women Soldiers

March 14, 2022 08:54 IST
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The Top Videos of the Week, listed by Shailajanand Mishra.

ITBP women personnel patrolling near the border of China in Arunachal Pradesh

IMAGE: Lady troops from the Indo-Tibetan Border Police patrol close to the China border. Photograph: ANI Photo

Two hot star actresses nattering away like two friends would when they unexpectedly bump into each other. And the conversation? Very everyday.

Two trains speeding towards each other on the same track. Will they crash?

Two snow leopards.

These are just some of the videos in our weekly round-up, chosen by you, through your likes on iShare.




Kavach, Indian Railways's latest innovation
Date: March 4
Location: Hyderabad

Two speeding trains. On the same track. Racing towards each other.

You would expect two horrified train drivers, desperately trying to avert collision and the tragedy that would follow.

Instead, the train driver looked calm; there was even a hint of a smile on his face.

For both trains are protected by Kavach, an indigenously designed Automatic Train Protection system, that automatically -- without driver intervention -- brought them to a halt.

Kavach was successfully tested between the Gullaguda and Chitgidda railway stations, which come under the Secunderabad division, South Central Railway.

So confident were the Railways about Kavach that Union Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw travelled on one of the test trains while Vinay Kumar Tripathi, chairman and CEO, Railway Board, travelled in the other.

The on-site demonstration of how Kavach works during a possible head-on collision between the two trains was clearly successful.


When Kajol kissed Kareena
Date: March 5
Location: Mumbai

"How's your new baby?" squealed one mom.

"Oh God! It's already been a year," grinned the other.

A quick COVID-related discussion -- it's a little scary when one sees how it has become such a normal, almost mandatory part, of our conversations these days (both of them, incidentally, have recovered from COVID -- followed.

But one's husband -- a star who recently made his OTT debut -- has managed to avoid the disease.

His wife joked that it was probably because he was "a smoker".

After that quick moment of normalcy, the K3G sisters then went their busy ways at Mehboob Studio, Bandra, northwest Mumbai.


Gorgeous! Rare Vintage Cars
Date: March 6
Location: New Delhi

It was a beautiful 'blast from the past'.

The Statesman's Vintage and Classic Car Display allowed Dilliwallahs to admire 27 vintage and 27 classic cars.


Snow leopard sighted!
Date: March 7
Location: Lahaul-Spiti

Animal lovers, rejoice!

A fully grown snow leopard was spotted by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police at an altitude of 12,500 feet at Kaza, Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh.

On March 5, another snow leopard was spotted at the Gangotri National Park in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand.


Lady troops patrol near LAC
Date: March 8
Location: Arunachal Pradesh

For those who believe that women can't do everything, here's proof.

Take a look at these women troopers from the Indo-Tibetan Border Police patrolling in Arunachal Pradesh near the Line of Actual Control, the India-China border.

The ITBP primarily guards the 3,488 km long India-China border from the Karakoram Pass in Ladakh to Jachep La in Arunachal Pradesh.


Pune baker's world record!
Date: March 9
Location: Pune

It's so beautiful that you wouldn't want to eat it.

But then, though edible, it wasn't really created for eating.

Take a look at this beautiful, 100 kg, vegan, royal icing cake that is a replica of the Milan Cathedral.

Created by Pune baker Prachi Dhabal Deb, this magnificent -- and totally tempting -- structure measures 6.4 feet in length, 4.6 feet in height and 3.10 feet in width.

It took Prachi a month to complete this masterpiece.


Guess where Ananya went for dinner
Date: March 9
Location: Mumbai

PHAT! Pretty hot and tempting (K3G seems to be playing on our brain, maybe because we heard its title song will be part of Bridgerton's Season 2).

So what are the PHAT things we are talking about?

The first -- Ananya Panday, in a brown crop top and baggy jeans, spotted with dad Chunky and mom Bhavna.

The second -- the restaurant at whose launch she was present; Shilpa Shetty's Binge by Bastian, besides promising to be the latest celeb hotspot, also promises amazing food.


Feature Presentation: Ashish Narsale/

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