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Where Polar Bears Roam

By Rediff News Bureau
November 25, 2021 12:25 IST
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Photographer Carlos Osorio/Reuters captures glimpses of polar bears enduring a blizzard in Hudson Bay, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada.

It is the southernmost spot in the world to spot wild polar bears roam.

Please click on these wonderful images for a better look at these lovely creatures.

IMAGE: Walk like a king. A polar bear seeks shelter from the looming blizzard.
All Photographs: Carlos Osorio/Reuters


IMAGE: A lonely bear walks on Nature's white carpet.


IMAGE: Food and shelter are hard to come by in this freezing winter.


IMAGE: It's time to play!


IMAGE: Sparing is an activity for the bears to keep warm.


IMAGE: And a warm cuddle is the best option to avoid the freeze.


IMAGE: After the sparring...


IMAGE: The bout is lost.


IMAGE: Frozen forever.


IMAGE: Still standing tall. A white spruce tree wind-sailed by strong freezing wind.


IMAGE: Caution! It may be dinner time for the bears.


IMAGE: French tourist Simon Barbour rides a snowmobile in the blizzard through the streets of Churchill.


IMAGE: An inukshuk (a human figure built by staking stones by the Inuit race of people as a marker) on the shores of Hudson Bay.


IMAGE: The glow at night. A rotating beacon from Churchill airport illuminates the night sky during the blizzard over Churchill.


Photographs curated by Anant Salvi/
Feature Presentation: Ashish Narsale/



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