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Tribute to the infantryman

Last updated on: October 26, 2011 19:15 IST

The Infantarian

By Gurdeep Singh

Treading trails in snowy mountains

climbs down to scorching plains

leaves behind chaste snow

rivers sacred ganges below

the infantryman runs race of his life

for glorification of his pride

left right left he yells whole day

perfect his skills in veteran's way

one eye ball contact with prey

drops him down with anon spray

it is beginning not the end

borders of india he defend

enemy face he turns pale

epitaphs croon his bayonet's tale

fatigue, hunger he knows not

shooting foe he forgets not

tearful eyes heavy heart

it is foots logger's time to part

recruit he came veteran he goes

joins his long separated folks

cherish fables of hey days

"the infantarian" fades away one day


The last man standing

By Sumit Bhashera

(The poem portrays the indomitable infantry spirit ie. fight to the Last man last round)

When will to fight dies,

trouble seems to touch the skies

The ray of hope from no where rise,

and the way seems to be lost in disguise.

When every effort is dying hastily,

in the cruel hands of destiny.

When every single straw of hope,

is drowning into the river of sorrow.

When the last beacon of shore,

is gradually fading in the stormy roars.

When the last lamp lighting your path,

is dwindling in the ghastly dark.

Don't loose hope as you are still breathing.

Find courage, reasons and love for living.

Time is a wheel continuously moving.

All you have to be is the last man standing,



An infantry officer's prayer

Lord Make me worthy

of the men I serve,

worthy of their loyalty

and devotion to duty.

Their wondrous willingness

and ready laughter.

Their great humility

that asks so little

and gives so much,

so readily without complaint.

Grant their simple wishes


Bless them please

For in this world

No better soldiers breathe

Than these.