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Russia displays resolve not to forget history

May 09, 2005 13:45 IST

While remembering an event from history of 60 years ago, Russia has created a new piece of history too. For a few moments today, the world looked like a global village united in celebrating the values of freedom.

The celebration of the 60th year of the surrender by Nazi forces at Red Square was not only a display of Russian pride but it also showed Russia's resolve to never forget the great sacrifices made by its people in fighting fascism and saving their country from falling into hands of Nazis.

Although it is not easy to find Lenin's souvenir in Moscow's shops, everyone, the young and old alike, talks with passion and commitment about the 27 million deaths Russia suffered in the Second World War. The former Soviet Union lost 14 per cent of its pre-war population to war and starvation.

After the grand parade to mark the commemoration today, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, his trademark blue turban lending an air of elegance, walked down with more than 50 world leaders to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

In December 1966, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the battle of Moscow,  the remains of an unknown soldier killed buried  in the Alexander Gardens near Kremlin wall, were brought here to be interred

The historical structure is a broad platform with a gravestone, bearing the inscription, 'Your name is unknown, your heroic deed is immortal.'

Sheela Bhatt in Moscow