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SC to hear Ayodhya title suit in September

August 15, 2011 13:19 IST

The Supreme Court will constitute a special bench to hear the controversial Ayodhya title suit by the end of September.

Dr S Q R Ilyas, convenor of the committee on Babri Masjid, told media personnel that because of some procedural delays, the court would resume hearing by that time.

Though attempts to reach an out-of-court settlement have been made in the past, there was no possibility of that now, he said.

"The matter will have to be decided by the Supreme Court. The last chance of an out-of-court settlement was made before the verdict of the high court, but there's no chance of that as of now," Ilyas said.

There is a status quo at the disputed site currently and the Supreme Court has sought details of the case.

The Supreme Court has directed the high court to submit all records pertaining to the case -- of nearly 29,000 pages -- apart from the judgment of 8,000 pages.

The delay in the hearing is primarily because of nearly 1,500 pages of documents that are in various languages including Persian. After the court sought the translation of these documents, the concerned parties have volunteered to undertake the work to prevent further delays.

Vicky Nanjappa