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WTF News: It's Weird, True and Funny

February 19, 2015 11:01 IST
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This week’s collection of stories that prove we live in a truly mad, mad world

1) Meet Muscle Barbie


Teenager Julia Vins has the delicate facial features of a porcelain doll - and the ripped physique of The Hulk. Julia has an army of fans in her native Russia for her unconventional combination of good looks and rippling muscles. The 18-year-old -- who likes to take topless pictures of herself -- even holds three world power-lifting records.

She said: “People know me as Muscle Barbie - I like this comparison. It’s nice.”

2) Woman changes her name 'Abcdefg Hijklmn Opqrst Uvwxyz’


A Colombian woman has officially changed her name to all the 26 letters of the alphabet, in order, “Abcdefg Hijklmn Opqrst Uvwxyz.” The 36-year-old teacher, who lives in Bogota, had been fighting red tape for more than 2 years to get approval on the name, and has finally got the right to call herself Uvwxyz, or as her friends now call her Abcdefg. It is not the first time the Colombian woman has changed names as she made a habit of it and had previously named herself Ladyzunga Cyborg

3) Saudi cleric reveals sun rotates around Earth


A Saudi Arabian cleric has made a groundbreaking discovery that could redefine science in the 21st century -- the Earth does not rotate. What’s more, the sun is orbiting the static body, not the other way around. The breakthrough was made by Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari, who delivered his thesis during a recent lecture in the United Arab Emirates, having been asked by a student about the movement of the planet.

The Sheikh replied that Earth is “stationary and does not move,” explaining his research by noting that airplanes would not be able to reach their destination were the Earth spinning on its axis.

4) Pamela Anderson lookalike spends £20,000 to look like idol 


A Pamela Anderson look-a-like has spent £20,000 (Rs 19.2 lakh) and 20 years of her life emulating her favourite star - after being compared to the screen siren by her dad.

Carolyn Anderson, from Liverpool, began her transformation into 'Scouse Pammy' at just 10 years old after her father commented on her likeness to the Baywatch actress.

And although Billy admits he is 'the culprit' when it comes to Carolyn's image, he is happy to maintain it with spray tans, manicures, hair extensions and blonde dye in his salon.

5) Batter Up: Pancake participants flip their finest at Great Pancake Race


People running, pan in hand while flipping a pancake is not something you see everyday but that's what many people across Britain did to celebrate Pancake Day on Tuesday. Pancake Day, also known as Shrove Tuesday, is the day before Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. Traditionally it was a day when Christians cleared out all the treats from their cupboards, like butter and sugar, using them up in one final carb-loading splurge ahead of the 40 days of fasting.

6) Michelle Obama slow dances with Big Bird 


The first lady of the United States is willing to go to great lengths to get kids to start eating healthier.

She's jumped rope with Dr. Oz and done push-ups with Ellen, now Michelle Obama has slow danced with Big Bird to mark the fifth anniversary of her Let's Move initiative.

It was all part of a game concocted by Billy Eichner for FLOTUS’s appearance on his Funny or Die show in a Washington, DC grocery store.

7) Museums ban selfie sticks 


The Museum of Modern Art in New York is the latest to ban the extendable device, which allow users to hold their phones far away to take group pictures.

The clampdown follows a similar ruling against the selfie stick by the Cooper-Hewitt and SmithsonianDesignMuseum.

A spokesman for the museum said: "‘You can, just by looking at (it) imagine the havoc a selfie stick might wreak in this kind of space."

"‘They could pose a danger to visitors or our objects on view."

Other museums that have banned the gadget  - dubbed "the wand of narcissus" - include the National Gallery of Art, The Smithsonian and the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington DC.

8) 20 Year Old Burger? Men lay claim to world's oldest burger


Two Australian men claim to have the oldest burger in the world - at a staggering 20 years old.

In 1995 Adelaide residents Casey Dean, 14, and his mate Eduard Nitz, 13, stopped off at their local McDonald’s to pick up some burgers.

Among them was a Quarter Pounder with cheese they’d bought for another kid. That kid never turned up, but they didn’t eat his burger. Ever. Now the boys have become men and the burger has turned 20. “We’re pretty sure it’s the oldest burger in the world,” Dean said.

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