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The most moving images from 'Black Lives Matter' protests

Last updated on: July 07, 2020 08:23 IST
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The death of George Floyd -- a 46-year-old Black man -- on May 25 in Minneapolis, United States as he was being detained by four police officers sparked fury across the United States, but has also proven to be the catalyst for anti-racism movements around the world.

The killing has spurred millions of people into taking action, with protesters filling the streets and taking to social media.

Agora, a photography app company that compiles photographs submitted by its users -- both amateur and professional -- and that runs photography awards to showcase the best submissions has released a series of images taken during the Black Lives Matter movement as part of the company's own #StopRacism campaign.


The $1,000 reward for the contest's most-voted-for photograph will instead be donated equally to the Black Lives Matter, The Bail Project, NAACP, and @reclaimtheblock organizations, the company said in a statement.

'We felt the need to play our part and provide a visual platform for the voices speaking out against racial injustice,' the statement said,' the statement read. '[The] finalist and winning photos ... constitute a visual manifesto for change and continue to give importance and space to amplify the message of racialised communities, combat racial injustice, and educate people around the world.'

'I can't breathe' by Kenyan photographer Onyango Dennis (@onyangodennis) was the overall winner, receiving the most number of votes from the community.

I can't breathe

This image was the overall winner of the competition run by Agora receiving the most number of votes from the community. Photograph: @onyangodennis/Agora Photos

The Human Race is the only race that should exist

I wanted to show that despite our physical appearance or race, we can still love each other regardless... and that regardless of our genders, we can love freely. Photograph: @theblvckcreator/Agora Photos

On ne naît pas raciste, on le devient

People aren't born racist. Racism is something that is learned. Educate your children from an early age about tolerance, respect for others, equality. Photograph: @cicikaro/Agora Photos

Black Lives Matter Demonstration

A woman holds up a sign that reads 'If you're tired of hearing about racism imagine how tired people are of experiencing it' at a Black Lives Matter protest. Photograph: @melaniemarsman/Agora Photos

We stand together

This image was aimed at bringing people together to stand for a special cause: women empowerment. However, a well-told story yesterday can serve a pressing issue today. During times like this in the US, where racial tension still exists, this image resonates with a lot of people. It is important for all of us to come together and stand up against any form of injustice. Photograph: @denelsonsphotography/Agora Photos

Dark is the real colour of beauty

In many cultures around the world, the concept of beauty is very much focused on the melanin in our skin. In India, the skin tone often defines success, social rank, and the ability to find work or a spouse. Photograph: @neeranjali/Agora Photos

May it be

The idea was to send out a plea as a form of prayer from two souls from different ethnicities and cultures. We wanted to get the audience to feel the connection between two humans. Photograph: @thedallasexperience/Agora Photos


My daughter met her best friend on her first day at school. Since then, they've been inseparable. Photograph: @mariafcabaleiro/Agora Photos

Together we are stronger than ever

We should unite because there is only one race, the human race. Photograph: @kevinochieng/Agora Photos


Ottawa, as with many places, has seen unacceptable actions by police. My shots of this event sought to hide identities for protection, but here I wanted to convey that those of us who aren't black don't need to have our egos or identities proclaimed here. Thousands of us were there in support of the black community to show our leaders that this may be a minority affected, but this is not a minority value. Photograph: @truthfunctional/Agora Photos


I wanted to convey the emotions of being overwhelmed by mental illness. My project aimed to showcase mental illness from a black young girl perspective. In today’s world, one can argue that mental illness is twice as hard on black bodies. Due to the added impact of racism, black people are faced with twice the trouble- those born with inherited mental illness into a world where discrimination due to the colour of one's skin is ingrained. This is an autoportrait of myself and my struggle with OCD and ADHD. Photograph: @latoyafits/Agora Photos

Put your fist up!

When injustice becomes law, and resistance becomes duty. Photograph: @ayeshots/Agora Photos

San Diego Protest

Protesters in San Diego, US join the Black Lives Matter march. Photograph: @jpramzyfotos/Agora Photos


On a Monday evening, my brother, our neighbors, and I gathered to play football in my compound. After playing, I observed such a strong bond between my neighbors that it inspired me to pick up my camera to capture that moment. Photograph: @anjolawilliams27/Agora Photos

Black Lives Matter

The love we give

I would like this photo to be shown to everyone as a promise that better days are ahead of us: I'm confident that future generations will be stronger than we are today. I asked Naldinho, the boy in the photo if he knew what did the raised fist symbolize, and he said no. I had the honor to explain to him that when we raise our fists in the air, this gesture symbolizes our fighting spirits in resistance and unity. I told him how important it was to raise his fist for the next generations of Blacks in Brazil, and that he never should bow his head to racism because Black Lives Matter. Photograph: @oronaldsantos/Agora Photos

Peaceful protest

It's great to see how we have been united in these difficult times to show unity and support. People were cheering the protest from there balconies. You could feel the energy of New York. Photograph: @nodar/Agora Photos

Love has no borders

Here are my sister, her husband, and their beautiful son. It was such a pleasant shooting session with no pretense. I wanted to show the beauty of their mixed family. Photograph: @inthpeck/Agora Photos


A police officer in the US takes a knee, an act that has become to be a sign of solidarity with the black community and protest against police brutality. Photograph: @jassensf/Agora Photos


Neither black nor white: we are humans. Photograph: @adelagarcia/Agora Photos

The love we give

I wanted to convey a feeling of calmness and love. Photograph: @spaarts/Agora Photos
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