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Pomp, 'dahi handi' and devotion: Nation celebrates Lord Krishna's birth

September 03, 2018 22:03 IST

From Mumbai to Patna, the birth of Lord Krishna was rung in with religious fervour and gaiety across the country on Monday.

President Ramnath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to Twitter to extend their greetings to the nation on the occasion.


"Greetings and good wishes to fellow citizens on the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami. The teachings of Lord Krishna have a universal message - Nishkam Karma. May this festival inspire us to follow the path of virtue and righteousness in thought, word and deed #PresidentKovind," a tweet by the president read.

Here are some of the glimpses of the celebrations. 

In Maharashtra, dahi handi ritual is a part of Janmashtami festival, where youngsters (called Govindas), dressed in colourful attire, make human pyramid to reach an earthen pot containing buttermilk suspended mid-air, and try to break it. Photograph: Sahil Salvi/

In Mathura, which according to mythology, is the birthplace of Lord Krishna, lakhs of pilgrims paid obeisance at major temples amid tight security. Photograph: PTI Photo

Children dressed up as Hindu God Krishna take a selfie as they participate in celebrations of Janmashtami festival in Ajmer. Photograph: PTI Photo

In Mumbai, at least one Govinda was killed and 87 others were injured in dahi handi related incidents. Photograph: Sahil Salvi/

Artists dressed as Lord Krishna and Radha perform in Patna. Photograph: PTI Photo

In rain-soaked Delhi, thousands of devotees thronged temples to offer prayers to Lord Krishna. Photograph: PTI Photo

Female Govindas also broke dahi handis in Mumbai where the police was on roads to ensure compliance to the Bombay high court's order on the age of participating Govindas (they should not be below 14), insurance for them, and the height of the human pyramid. Photograph: Shashank Parade/ PTI Photo

Devotees perform abhishek of Lord Krishna at ISKCON temple in Guwahati. Photograph: PTI Photo

Vrindaban was the centre of attraction for pilgrims in the noon, where the festival was celebrated in three major temples -- Radha Raman temple, Radha Damodar temple and Shah Ji temple. Photograph: PTI Photo

Religious institutions, political leaders and Govinda mandals in Mumbai took part in the dahi handi celebrations which were marked by frequent chants of Govinda aala re (Govinda has come). Photograph: Shashank Parade/ PTI Photo

The dahi handi fervour reached to Mangalore too. Photograph: PTI Photo