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Peace Party of India launched, will target migrant population in Delhi

Last updated on: June 14, 2011 22:54 IST
Riding high on their success in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly by-elections in 2010, little known eastern Uttar Pradesh outfit, Peace Party of India launched itself in New Delhi on Tuesday.

After doing well against major parties in Uttar Pradesh like the Samajwadi Party and the Congress, the party has ventured outside the borders of Uttar Pradesh, hoping to capitalize on the large percentage of migrant population in the capital.

The Peace Party of India, which largely banked on votes from the Muslims in Uttar Pradesh, made its presence felt last year when they secured more votes than Samajwadi Party and Congress in the UP by-elections. The party organised Muslims and most backward communities and has gained the power of over 70 per cent Muslim vote.

At present, the party leads a seven party coalition in UP and has formed an alliance with Ajit Singh led Rashtriya Lok Dal. They said they are hoping to win 125 to 140 seats in UP 2012 elections.

"So many parties have come to power in the last 63 years of independent India. Have any of them really addressed the problems of the Muslims? Irrespective of the party in power, they have completely neglected Muslims. They would woo the Muslims for their votes, but forget them the moment they came into power," Dr Mohammad Ayub, the founder president of the peace party told

When asked about the recent developments in black money and corruption in the country, Dr Ayub said, "The divide between the rich and poor in this country is only increasing by the day. Black money is stashed abroad and there is rampant corruption in the government. Those who attempt to protest are not allowed to speak. We will not form alliance with any party in power till we see a firm plan in place to bring back the black money stashed abroad."

Dr Ayub said that the present government has failed the common man and has been catering only to the rich and powerful in the country.

"The problem with the rampant corruption in the country is that the divide between the rich and poor is increasing. The welfare of the poor is completely being neglected. All problems like inflation and corruption are adversely affecting the poor. When we talk about inflation, it is ironic that only things meant for the common man suffers inflation. Bus fare from the villages in UP has increased multifold in the last ten years, but the price of a flight ticket has decreased in the same period. The government has failed the country's poor," Dr Ayub said.   

Accusing the United Progressive Alliance government of completely ignoring the need of the Muslims, Dr Ayub said that the government 'avoids even discussing the Justice Sachar Committee report'.

"The report's revelation on the socio-economic and educational condition should have been an eye-opener for the government, but instead, they have completely ignored it," Dr Ayub said.

The party trashed Congress and Samajwadi Party as 'opportunistic', saying that it views them on the same platform as Bharatiya Janata Party as far as secularism is considered. Dr Ayub said his party will not have any alliance with SP or BJP in the upcoming UP elections.

Talking of their plans in the capital, Dr MJ Khan, the national general secretary of the party told that they would contest 100 corporation seats.

"A large number of people migrate to Delhi in search of jobs. In fact, our estimates suggest that migrants from UP, Bihar and minority population in Delhi constitute for about 34 per cent of the voters in the state. We will primarily target them. By setting up a good base here, we hope to benefit in the UP elections next year," Khan said.

Khan said that in addition to "seriously" contesting about 100 corporation seats, they will also contest 25 assembly seats in Delhi.

Dr Ayub, the party president is a surgeon and was rated as the most powerful Muslim politician in India by India Today on April 14.

Sahim Salim in New Delhi