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Mumbai bomb blast: Role of LeT being probed

By Vicky Nanjappa
July 13, 2011 20:39 IST
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Intelligence Bureau officials are not ruling out the role of Lashkar-e-Tayiba behind the attack. Sources in the Intelligence Bureau said that while this blast bears the signature of the Indian Mujahideen, they could have very well got the help of the Lashkar to execute this attack.

Mumbai is filled with several of their sleeper cells and some fringe elements of the IM continue to be active here, the IB says. While the IM locals could have worked out the logistics, material and financial support could have been provided by the modules of the Lashkar. However, it is not necessary that the local Lashkar modules or the IM modules in the city could have executed the attack. We are examining the southern, Uttar Pradesh and also the Delhi modules that could have carried out this attack, IB sources said.

Both these outfits have been looking to carry out attacks in Mumbai. There are many reasons for this. The main retaliation is because they believe that the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad played a primary role in busting a large part of the IM. Moreover, the Lashkar too has a similar complaint, since post 26/11 there have been many raids within the city and surrounding areas which have led their modules to be busted, IB sources adds.

The blasts appear to be carried out to send across a strong signal. There is also the India-Pakistan talks that one has to bear in mind, say IB sources. The country has witnessed similar incidents in the backdrop of such talks and this one is no different, investigating agencies point out.

The day has also been chosen carefully and we believe that they have been trying to make a statement since it incidentally happens to be the birthday of Ajmal Kasab.

Although there is no major significance in the same, they do like to make their attacks memorable, which again is true of the Indian Mujahideen, which has brash operatives who like to throw open a challenge.

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Vicky Nanjappa
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