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Tech-savvy digi-kids not geeks: MTV study

August 03, 2007 10:04 IST
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Despite their technological immersion, digi-kids are not geeks, concluded a global study undertaken by MTV and Nickelodeon, in association with Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions.

The study, 'How Kids and Young People Interact with Digital Technology', found 59 per cent of 8-14 year-old kids still prefer their TV to PCs and only 20 per cent of 14 to 24-year-old young people globally admitted to being 'interested' in technology.

They are, however, expert multi-taskers and able to filter different channels of information.

The study used both qualitative and quantitative methodology to talk to 18,000 'tech embracing' kids and young people in 16 countries like UK, Germany, Holland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, China, India, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

The study challenges traditional assumptions about their relationships with digital technology, and examines the impact of culture, age and gender on technology use.

MTV Networks Vice Chairman Bill Roedy said, ''Digital technology is impacting every aspect of content creation across Nickelodeon and MTV channels. Our groundbreaking report highlights our commitment to engaging with kids and young people globally. It will help us build stronger and more innovative alliances with business partners across our 137 TV channels and 260 web and mobile services. We are delighted to have joined forces with Microsoft on this major project.

"Young people in India are among the fastest in Asia today to embrace digital technology to express themselves and connect with multiple communities. While the growth of mobile and digital technology in India is driven largely by the urban youth, we will gradually see this trend move beyond the urban youth and involve the youth in the rural regions of the country.

''This global study will enable us to understand how young people worldwide come together with digital technology and how advertisers can reach this highly influential audience,'' said Rajnish, Head of Digital Marketing Revenue and Strategic Business of Windows Live and MSN India.

MTV Networks and Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions studied 21 technologies that have impact on the lives of young people: internet, email, PC, TV, mobile, IM, cable and satellite TV, DVD, MP3, stereo/hi-fi, digital cameras, social networks, on and offline video games, CDs, HD TV, VHS, webcams, MP4 players, DVR/PVRs, and hand-held games consoles.

The report found that friends influence each other as much as marketers do. Friends are as important as brands. Kids and young people do not love the technology itself. They just love how it enables them to communicate all the time, express themselves and be entertained and digital communications such as IM, email, social networking sites and mobile/sms are complimentary to, not competitive with, TV and that TV is part of young peoples' digital conversation, informs Ashish Patil, Vice President (Creative Content) of MTV.

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