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'The best friend god gave me'

May 15, 2006 17:06 IST
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Mummy, my super hero!

The Veda says, matrudevobhava, pitrudevobhava, acharyadevobhava, atithidevobhava in Sanskrit- mother (matru) always first. Not pita (father), not acharya (teacher), not guru, nobody.

She is the one who brings us into this world, our first playmate, first teacher, only best-friend; first guide to spirituality and a beautiful creation of God who helps us realize him. A mother is the embodiment of love and affection. The conception of thought about 'mother' promotes in us feelings of love, reverence and surrender which are the main factors of life.

Mother is said to be heart of the family. Only a mother's heart can bear with patience, all troubles and miseries. She never gets tired of changing endless count of diapers, spends sleepless nights when the child is sick, guides us through tough phases of life and is like a rudder to our family taking us in the right direction. She warns us of danger and then embraces us, feeds us, cleans us and tucks us safely into the bed for the night.

My mother is my super hero, of course! Mummy, that is how I call her.

She got married at the age of 19 and had two kids by the time she was 22. Now, we are three as my other brother was born late. She completed her studies both bachelors and masters while taking us along with her to exam halls and interviews. She is a teacher by profession. She has been an epitome of sacrifice and commitment as I have seen her being with our father through all tough times and without her we cannot imagine our family from a car shed to where we are now. I am married and doing my M.S in Biochemical engineering in USA. My first brother is doing his B.Tech in ECE in India and my second brother is in primary school in Saudi Arabia, with my parents.

I have countless pages to write about my mother but I will just quote one episode. It was in my 10th grade, when my father was struggling in his career in Saudi and my mother had to take care of both of us alone. On January 1st 1996, I was diagnosed pulmonary tuberculosis. During those 6 months, she did not literally sleep for 6 months, had to attend my two major operations alone, juggle between hospital and food court, I used to vomit every 10 minutes, sometimes she used to give her sari pallu and her hand, later for one year she never forgot to give a medicine to me with breakfast. For information, T.B is said to be contagious. With all her support, I scored 81% in my 10th grade and stand where I am now in my life.

Many moments, which I can never imagine anyone taking part in, except a mother.

Thanks Mummy, I love you.

Tanuja R Majeti
Ruston, Louisiana

Courage, self-respect, truth...

Of Course "My Mom Is My Hero" definitely now and for ever. Having lost our father at the age of 14 years, I have seen my mother transform from a obeying, and devoted house wife to become the one single strong pillar of the family. Taking on the responsibilities of a father, giving us the warmth and never loosing courage in the most tough and trying times. Looking back I now realize how sacrificial she was in giving us the best that we ever asked for. Through this process of growing up we got to learn form mom the virtues of life. Whenever I now hear the words "Courage" "Self Respect" "Truth" the one image that comes to mind is that of mom. Even now at the age of 32 when I am father of a child she stills shows us the righteous way. I at times wonder have I done enough towards what she has done to us, I know and I believe that no matter how much I try I will not be able to match up with what she has done. I hope I have lived up to her expectations. I wish that she instill the same virtues in my daughter. I am today in this position in life just because of my mom. She was always there when I needed her the most, wiping off my tears when I failed, but also telling me that never give up this is not the last time and that I could definitely do better than this, she was always there to share my happiness be it my passing my engineering or at the birth of my daughter. The words I Love You Mom seem too small for the feelings inside my heart, Infact any word seems to small to express not only mine but any Childs feelings towards his mother.

Love you mummy.

Arvind Savio Henriques

The best friend god gave me
I am 25 years old I work and live outside India, for the past three years. I would say I am quite sucessful. I am not a very ambitious women, but my mother is, it is her ambition I am realising.
When I was young I used to think I would do this and that like many others I know. It was my mom who got me to realise what I was interested in, and she guided me to realise her ambition which was also became mine. I can say that because my ambition was to be sucessful and like what I was doing, I am both sucessful and also like what I do thanks to my mom. To think my mom made me do all this without even trying to stress on how important it was to pass my exams. I would say It was wonderful living without fear," What happens when I fail my exam?", I can still see my mom saying " you can write it again and then you can do well, this is a chance for you to do really well", or she would say "you are going to have very strong foundations", it was fun growing up with her. My moms best friend is my elder sister who is just an year older to me, but I'm her little darling. When I have a huge problem like burnt dinner at a time which is 2:00 in the morning for them, I call my mom tell her mom I burnt my dinner and am really bored and tired I know she will talk to me for the next 2 hours if that is what I want to do. I have'nt got many friends but I have two that count to most, my Mom and my sis, they love me and will support me though anything, even if it is some huge mistake I made.
I love my mom. She is the best friend god gave me because I was a loner and did not like making many friends.
Hail all mothers
I have something incident to narrate about the greatness of my mom. Here goes...
When i was very young, my mom kept requesting me not to spend all my pocket money, but to deposit it into a bank account. But i did'nt quite know what benefit i could derive in doing so. And when i asked her the same, she said that i will get back 'double' the money in one week;which of course got me very tempted!
So, when i got pocket money of 10 Rs, i would spend only 5 and give her the remaining 5 to put into the 'bank account'. After one week, she would give me back Rs10. I was enthralled! I kept spending less, and giving her more to put into the bank account, and after every week i got double the money. Little did i know that the darling that she was, she did all this only to make me save more and the 100% percent interest i got, was not from the bank, but from her own purse!
I might have soon come to know that my money never went into, or came out of a bank, but this sweet way in which my mother taught me to save, can never be forgotten. And that is why, she means the world to me!
I'll leave you with a lovely sms i received some days back: "when u feel u are alone in a crowd, when u think none can understand you, when your love is rejected by others, and when u hate your life, just close your eyes and see her face who loves you more than anyone else, who cares for you in your loneliness and dies for you when you cry. she is none but your sweet loving MOM."

Hail all mothers in this world.
Sandeep Sathyanarayana
Her can do it attitude
For me my mother is a role model of my life.  Though she is not educated much,  she gave me the best
education she could, made a confident girl to face the world.  The people of her generation did not think of
the importance of education, where in she forecasted the competition i will have to face if i want to be
successful. The best lesson i learnt from her is "Can do it " attitude.  

Uma Maheshwari
We will not be able to match her
I feel a man is born twice. First birth happens when he is 0 years old. Second birth when he matures! I feel I have just passed the second phase.
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