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'The best friend god gave me'

May 15, 2006 17:06 IST

Mummy, my super hero!

The Veda says, matrudevobhava, pitrudevobhava, acharyadevobhava, atithidevobhava in Sanskrit- mother (matru) always first. Not pita (father), not acharya (teacher), not guru, nobody.

She is the one who brings us into this world, our first playmate, first teacher, only best-friend; first guide to spirituality and a beautiful creation of God who helps us realize him. A mother is the embodiment of love and affection. The conception of thought about 'mother' promotes in us feelings of love, reverence and surrender which are the main factors of life.

Mother is said to be heart of the family. Only a mother's heart can bear with patience, all troubles and miseries. She never gets tired of changing endless count of diapers, spends sleepless nights when the child is sick, guides us through tough phases of life and is like a rudder to our family taking us in the right direction. She warns us of danger and then embraces us, feeds us, cleans us and tucks us safely into the bed for the night.

My mother is my super hero, of course! Mummy, that is how I call her.

She got married at the age of 19 and had two kids by the time she was 22. Now, we are three as my other brother was born late. She completed her studies both bachelors and masters while taking us along with her to exam halls and interviews. She is a teacher by profession. She has been an epitome of sacrifice and commitment as I have seen her being with our father through all tough times and without her we cannot imagine our family from a car shed to where we are now. I am married and doing my M.S in Biochemical engineering in USA. My first brother is doing his B.Tech in ECE in India and my second brother is in primary school in Saudi Arabia, with my parents.

I have countless pages to write about my mother but I will just quote one episode. It was in my 10th grade, when my father was struggling in his career in Saudi and my mother had to take care of both of us alone. On January 1st 1996, I was diagnosed pulmonary tuberculosis. During those 6 months, she did not literally sleep for 6 months, had to attend my two major operations alone, juggle between hospital and food court, I used to vomit every 10 minutes, sometimes she used to give her sari pallu and her hand, later for one year she never forgot to give a medicine to me with breakfast. For information, T.B is said to be contagious. With all her support, I scored 81% in my 10th grade and stand where I am now in my life.

Many moments, which I can never imagine anyone taking part in, except a mother.

Thanks Mummy, I love you.

Tanuja R Majeti
Ruston, Louisiana

Courage, self-respect, truth...

Of Course "My Mom Is My Hero" definitely now and for ever. Having lost our father at the age of 14 years, I have seen my mother transform from a obeying, and devoted house wife to become the one single strong pillar of the family. Taking on the responsibilities of a father, giving us the warmth and never loosing courage in the most tough and trying times. Looking back I now realize how sacrificial she was in giving us the best that we ever asked for. Through this process of growing up we got to learn form mom the virtues of life. Whenever I now hear the words "Courage" "Self Respect" "Truth" the one image that comes to mind is that of mom. Even now at the age of 32 when I am father of a child she stills shows us the righteous way. I at times wonder have I done enough towards what she has done to us, I know and I believe that no matter how much I try I will not be able to match up with what she has done. I hope I have lived up to her expectations. I wish that she instill the same virtues in my daughter. I am today in this position in life just because of my mom. She was always there when I needed her the most, wiping off my tears when I failed, but also telling me that never give up this is not the last time and that I could definitely do better than this, she was always there to share my happiness be it my passing my engineering or at the birth of my daughter. The words I Love You Mom seem too small for the feelings inside my heart, Infact any word seems to small to express not only mine but any Childs feelings towards his mother.

Love you mummy.

Arvind Savio Henriques

The best friend god gave me
I am 25 years old I work and live outside India, for the past three years. I would say I am quite sucessful. I am not a very ambitious women, but my mother is, it is her ambition I am realising.
When I was young I used to think I would do this and that like many others I know. It was my mom who got me to realise what I was interested in, and she guided me to realise her ambition which was also became mine. I can say that because my ambition was to be sucessful and like what I was doing, I am both sucessful and also like what I do thanks to my mom. To think my mom made me do all this without even trying to stress on how important it was to pass my exams. I would say It was wonderful living without fear," What happens when I fail my exam?", I can still see my mom saying " you can write it again and then you can do well, this is a chance for you to do really well", or she would say "you are going to have very strong foundations", it was fun growing up with her. My moms best friend is my elder sister who is just an year older to me, but I'm her little darling. When I have a huge problem like burnt dinner at a time which is 2:00 in the morning for them, I call my mom tell her mom I burnt my dinner and am really bored and tired I know she will talk to me for the next 2 hours if that is what I want to do. I have'nt got many friends but I have two that count to most, my Mom and my sis, they love me and will support me though anything, even if it is some huge mistake I made.
I love my mom. She is the best friend god gave me because I was a loner and did not like making many friends.
Hail all mothers
I have something incident to narrate about the greatness of my mom. Here goes...
When i was very young, my mom kept requesting me not to spend all my pocket money, but to deposit it into a bank account. But i did'nt quite know what benefit i could derive in doing so. And when i asked her the same, she said that i will get back 'double' the money in one week;which of course got me very tempted!
So, when i got pocket money of 10 Rs, i would spend only 5 and give her the remaining 5 to put into the 'bank account'. After one week, she would give me back Rs10. I was enthralled! I kept spending less, and giving her more to put into the bank account, and after every week i got double the money. Little did i know that the darling that she was, she did all this only to make me save more and the 100% percent interest i got, was not from the bank, but from her own purse!
I might have soon come to know that my money never went into, or came out of a bank, but this sweet way in which my mother taught me to save, can never be forgotten. And that is why, she means the world to me!
I'll leave you with a lovely sms i received some days back: "when u feel u are alone in a crowd, when u think none can understand you, when your love is rejected by others, and when u hate your life, just close your eyes and see her face who loves you more than anyone else, who cares for you in your loneliness and dies for you when you cry. she is none but your sweet loving MOM."

Hail all mothers in this world.
Sandeep Sathyanarayana
Her can do it attitude
For me my mother is a role model of my life.  Though she is not educated much,  she gave me the best
education she could, made a confident girl to face the world.  The people of her generation did not think of
the importance of education, where in she forecasted the competition i will have to face if i want to be
successful. The best lesson i learnt from her is "Can do it " attitude.  

Uma Maheshwari
We will not be able to match her
I feel a man is born twice. First birth happens when he is 0 years old. Second birth when he matures! I feel I have just passed the second phase.

It's difficult to mention my mother's sacrifices, her pain, her agony, first after separation with my father and then after his death. She has taught me virtues of patience, hard work and having and giving independence.

I still remember when I was in school trying to cram up Civics or History and I just could not do it, she used to come and say to me "Ab toh haathi nikal gaya, bas uskee pooch reh gayee" (Now elephant has passed except for his tiny tail). In other words, do not give up now as you never know how close you are to success when you give up.

As I lost my father at an early age, she sometimes tried to step into my father's shoes and tried to make us strict and disciplined, but somehow as most of the other mothers, it failed. She had her own stories to tell to make us eat and sleep. Like a true cancerian, she will have flour and other necessities piled up. Her saying "You never know when curfew will come up and then these will be of use!" Sometimes I felt that it was ridiculous to even think like that. But today I realize - in simple words – "Love".

She is a pure genius when it comes to academics, is a gold medalist from Delhi and JNU. And made sure that kids follow her footsteps, but we no ways were able to match her!

Today, at 26 I am married, working in a place where I wanted to be, more importantly I am independent, and all the credit goes to the most wonderful woman in my life – "My Maa".

Devashish Bharti 

My angel mother

All mothers are special and so is mine. My mom is my mentor, my friend, my guide, my leading light. Infact she is my life support system, one which till date has never failed. Sometimes it is the small things which moms do that really tell us to what extent they can go for their children. I remember a couple of year's back I was preparing for my engineering entrance exams and had joined a coaching class. To appear for their mock tests, you needed to clear some preliminary papers which I could not and was very disappointed. I recall crying for days thinking that my friends will get the extra edge and I will be left behind. However, one day to my surprise I received the admit card to the mock tests. It was only later that I came to know that my mom had gone to meet the head of the coaching class and requested to admit me as a special case and he seeing the emotions of my mom had relented. I wish I can do something like this for my children one day.  Today I am married but the bond between us is as strong as ever, possibly even stronger. Infact, knowing that I am no great cook my mom would secretly send tiffins for me and my husband with our favourite dishes. I don't think words will ever be able to describe what my mom has done for me and continues to do till date. As Abhram Lincoln once said 'All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother".

Anisha Virmani

An excellent mom for me
My Ma is the most beautifull girl/women I have ever met in my life. She is the lady with power,courage, understanding, intelligent,sometimes rude, and most of the time loving.
She is the best wife,a great sister and ofcourse a excellent Mom for me. Beside this is a friend to me , I share each and every incident of my life with her and she always helps me to go with the right. Its true nobody can love like a Mom loves her child.
My mom is my role model, and she is really a GOD for me. I hope I can give all the happiness she was waiting for in her future life.

I am what I am because of mom

My Mom, there is no any word in the world that can describe her. Today at the age of 23, whatever I am this is just because of my mom. Being a primary educated lady, she has done a lot for me. My father is suffering from some mental problem. Then she has decided to work and came to Delhi. Still, she is working in a garment company for my study. Being related to rural area, it is really very hard to make adjustment. In spite of all this, her desire to educate me and feed my family has never came down. I have seen the courage of my mother. Whatever she is doing for me, I can't express it in just few words. But I can say she is real MOTHER INDIA.

And finally I just want to say to make equal feeling for girls who feels them as a burden specially in Northern Indian state where sex ratio is really very low.

Ajay Kumar Sinha

Mother is magic

Ma, this one's for you...

Every year I see this mother's day fervor going around me, but typically since the last five years Mother's day has become very difficult for me... because of the reason my mother not being there with me...

Mother is magic in every language... the universal language the divine , undiluted, selfless...

There are many things I miss about her, but what I miss the most is sharing my children with her...

Sometimes I get a twinge of sadness because I was never able financially to give her even a tiny fraction of what she gave me. My Mother's Day gifts to her were usually inexpensive, a new sari, a new purse. Then I realize that my love was the only gift she ever really wanted...

How I longed to pick up the phone and call the person who was not only my mother, but also my best friend, to tell her that the love she gave me... but I cant...

And so each Mother's Day I have a host of bittersweet memories. I rejoice that in a world of abused and abandoned children, I had a mother who loved me, nurtured me, and taught me right from wrong. And I cry, because I miss her friendship, her strength, her humor, and her love... my endless chat sessions with her... no longer there

I cant thank her in the coming lives for what she has done for me... her strength , perseverance has permeated in me  and I feel completely evolved... Whenever I want to see her I take a look at the mirror,and I see her, my resemblance to her is a blessing...

For me every day is a mother's day now because the feeling of her not being there with me knocks everyday... I celebrate her everyday for making me what I am today... I now know , I am in her prayers and she's in her mine...

Namrata Bhattacharya 

My mama comes before god

I'm saying with pride that i have great mama helped me in every area. Whenever I m in difficulty, my mama not only save from that situation but also teach me how to handle this type of situation and also encourage me. I have great faith in god but my mamma come before god in my life. I have great respect for my mamma.

Kapil Muni Gupta

We need her presence

Without woman, the world is a big zero.A woman would be as mother,wife,sister,etc;So without mother we cannot live.We need her presence in every activities.Without her presence, we cannot live just one day.
        Nowadays children are not giving respect to their mothers.If they are aged ,they left their mother in some Vridasadanam or places .It is not good.It is a bad culture of society.

      This not a story. This is real.One day my mother went to my aunt's house for two days.I was very sad.That two days i was mood outed.My mind was being dull at that time.After the coming of mother, i was very happy. 

She will always be with me

Eema..yes that's what we used to call her.. For the world she is no more. But I consider her to be alive;she is with me always, supporting me and listening to my prayers.
She wasn't highly educated but she had the capability of any of today's modern girl.
She didn't know to speak English, but she had the audacity to confront any officer for his misdoings.
She used to say that God wanted her not to be so educated otherwise she would have been the Prime Minister of India!!
Yes, she did everything what every mother does for her kids: take care of them, feed them with delicious food and teach them the essential things of life,but she did it in her own unique style!
She taught us the importance of being independent by accompanying Dad when he was transferred to a new town and leaving us ,bhaiya , didi  and me, to look after ourselves.
She was not such a great cook as all mothers are ,but she taught us the importance of having simple food for good health.
She showed us by her actions that a person need not be highly educated to be an example to others. By her sheer courage in life , her strength in her beliefs, and her innocent approach to life ,she will always be my super model and SHE WILL ALWAYS BE WITH ME.

Roopa Sinha

I salute every mother

I salute every mother's on this world
I am not lucky becoz my mom is now no more.
But still she remains as my super mom.
No days has gone without her memory
She loved me, cared me and lastly
I miss you and if at there is next life
I want you to be your son in next life
I pray to god to fulfill my wish

Santosh Shenoy 

A wonderful cook

Mom (Phyllis Freiter) is the greatest Mom in the world. I joke with her a lot but she means the world to me. She is truly a selfless person, putting all of her energy, her love, her concern, and her passion into everything she does.

My mom is the most wonderful cook in the world. She is so good at cooking that she teaches students. Not only does all of the food she prepares taste great, but more importantly it is her motive in cooking for our family that makes the difference. She is the most selfless person I have ever met. She loves to prepare special things for us that she knows we love. My mom had a delicious, balanced hot meal on the table every night for us to enjoy. But the thing I'm most thankful for is that she has passed several of her great recipes down to me. Her love for cooking and food inspired me a lot .

I recently got married and she encourages my Wife in Preparing different Special dishes ,which she too did not try out.and end of the day . its comes out to be the Best.

A Small Poem For My Mum:

A mother's love determines how
We love ourselves and others.
There is no sky we'll ever see
Not lit by that first love.

Stripped of love, the universe
Would drive us mad with pain;
But we are born into a world
That greets our cries with joy.

How much I owe you for the kiss
That told me who I was!
The greatest gift--a love of life--
Lay laughing in your eyes.

Because of you my world still has
The soft grace of your smile;
And every wind of fortune bears
The scent of your caress.

ME and My Wife Wishes Mum "A happy Mother's Day".

Marian Freiter.

You are the best

If I have never said thank you for bringing me into the world
I'd like to do that now.
Mom You are the BEST.

Sarfraz Khan

Greatest soul

My mom is the greatest soul I have ever known. I have never called her 'mom'. In fact I call her by her name, 'Ivy". And this word has meant more than any word one can call a mother with. All my life she has taught me to see how the glass life has filled for me is always half full and never half empty. When Dad died, she moved from Mumbai to Delhi at the age of 66 and started life all over again. Never have I heard her complain or compare the two cites. 'Look ahead!' is what she always says.

It is not as if Ivy has no fears or faults. But I have learnt from her, the courage to look inwards: how to watch for all those little idiosyncrasies in oneself and then work on them to improve. It is amazing to watch this 78 year old mother listen to me tell her where she has gone wrong and then see her nod in agreement.

I also learnt my first lessons in equality from her. She taught me how the word 'help' was redundant in a home! At the age of ten, I had said to her how wonderful it was that Dad helped her with housework and she said there was no such thing as 'help' in a home. Each did what they could of housework and there were no favors given or taken. The house belonged to all, and all contributed to make it a home!

No guru, no granth, no religion, could have taught me what my mother did. I try to be as much mother to my eleven year old as Ivy has been to me. If I succeed even a little bit, I know my daughter will have a wonderful mother! 

Joy Deshmukh-Ranadive
New Delhi

My mom, my heroine
My mother is my heroine, whom I wish to emulate.
It seems far-fetched to reach her enlightened state.
She's brilliant at whatever she endeavours-
Comfortable as a cook, teacher, tailor, nurse…
Mummy adapts to her roles diverse and versatile;
Doesn't even for a moment dither or while.
She takes up my cause on a war-footing,
Approaches my requirements strategizing and planning!
A bundle of enthusiasm, encouragement, and energy,
This tribute of mine is an incomplete eulogy.
I can't possibly pen all what she stands for and has done,
All the pains she has endured so that I can have fun…
It's impossible to repay all her care and kindness,
In return, she would not demand even a single paise.
The mother-child relation has its scales tilted towards her,
Smilingly she accepts the unfair deal as a favour!
Unflinchingly, her share she sacrifices and to me she hands,
Saves not a morsel for herself; meets my demands.
My well-being and happiness is her sole aim.
To attain that her full-time occupation is game!  
She plays to win my smiles and wipe away my tears,
To make my dreams come true, and exterminate my fears.
She tries her best to rub on me the magic potion
Her caressing hands usher in warmth like the sun.
She has taught me everything in life that I know
Alphabets and numbers, she has made me learn to grow.
Patiently answered queries and explained what things meant.
Made me feel secure and also taught me to be independent.
Mummy's oodles of love and the dollop of special nurture
Make her the coolest incomparable marvel of nature.
Mothers are God's guardian angels to accompany His children.
I'm glad God gifted us mothers, the treasure-house of affection.
Anita Sabat,

Ode to all mothers

I am not very sure if words could express what my mom means for me... I'd rather treat this as an ode to all the mothers of the world... trust me... all of them are great!!

You helped me dream , dreams which I could have never imagined,
And then made me realise at every step that I could live each one of them.
When I wanted you the most, I found you beside me, saying , go on beta... go on.
The first day of my school... you waited in the sun,
To make sure , I get the shade , when I return,
You sacrificed every moment of your time,
So that I learn the most important lessons of life.
I can never do what you did for me,
All I could do now is to live a life,
A life which you taught me to live,
To be honest to the world, and more importantly,
"To Be honest to yourself".

"I love you MOM"

Ashish Daga

Like a nice cuppa

Mom is like a nice cup of coffee. It does wonders to your moods!
Its been over nine months since I have seen MOM.
This is the longest time I have been away from her, and I cant say how much I miss her.
MOM, you are WOW. I love you, I miss you.
I dedicate the song, "Luka Chuppi" to us.

Vamsi D Gadey
Bloomington, Indiana, USA

You are the real hero

A brief about the lady whom I respect so much and why I respect her so much.

My Mom got married, as per our earlier tradition, at young age 18 and when she was 23 years old, my dad expired. She had 3 children to support (I am the second amongst the clan). My Dad didn't leave us a fortune. Well she did have an option to marry as she was really beautiful and young then but she opted to remain single, work and take care of us 3 nuts. I have seen her struggle in life always to give us 3 brothers the happiness we wanted. I am not saying that we got a 'silver spoon' treatment but we got whatever we needed to be happy in life. She used to work 2 jobs in a day.

Many incidents make me cry today when I think of what she has gone for me. One particular incident which still kills me is as bellow:-

My younger brother (who was 5-6 years then) was ill and Mom had gone to work. My grandpa called my Mom and informed her, she came running from work. We didn't have too much money during those days and she had just Rs 15 in her purse (this money she collected as she used to go walking sometimes rather than travelling by bus even though the journey was long) she kept Rs 10/- for the doctors visit (as Doctors used to charge Rs 10/- that time) and with the remaining Rs 5/- she brought chocolates for us. She reached at the station to come home, the Ticket collector routinely checked her and to my Mom's bad luck, her rail pass had expired a day before. She did explain to him the seriousness of the situation, well the TC did let her go but after a tiny bribe of Rs 10/- and that was what she had kept for the Doctors treatment. Mom came home crying and really cried a lot that day.

I have experienced many of these sad situations in her life.

I have learned a lot from her and the best values I learned being with her:-
1)     Never give up in life
2)     Always keep on praying, the world may let you down but God won't
3)     If you have done something wrong, apologise
4)     If you have not done anything wrong, be strong and stand up for it
5)     Forgive your enemies
6)     Protect and support your Loved ones

We completed our education successfully and today due to my Mom's struggle and support, my elder Bro is a senior manager in Tata AIG, I am working in the United Kingdom and my younger brother is completing his future studies. We all 3 brothers are struggling hard to provide our Mother with what ever happiness she has missed since childhood. Now I am writing this email not to gain sympathy neither to show how great we are nor to debate that other Mothers have not done great things for their children but I am writing all this coz I really want her to know that "MUMMY I LOVE YOU A LOT AND I AM PROUD TO BE YOUR SON. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. YOU ARE THE REAL HERO"

I know my word count has exceeded 300 threshold but I cant do much about it as I am just writing, not for this article to be printed, but just because I can forward her this email later to inform her how much I grateful to her.

Son Vincent

Joaquim Vincent Fernandes

Mother dear...

Mom.. my mom… I would not say my mom is the greatest in the world because that would be unacceptable because all the moms in the world are the GREATEST.  I can easily and rightfully say that MY MOM is the greatest for me in the whole world. The unconditional love I get from my mom is unexplainable.  My mother inspires me with every small things she does like waiting till I finish my food so I can have the best part, not waiting for my birthday to give me surprises, giving me a listening ear when I need most, being friends with my friends so I can be comfortable, adding that extra slice of bread without my notice into my lunch box, silently being with me without questioning, and the trust she shows in me is the best part. We forget to say thank you for the above important little things and many more but its best be forgotten as mothers do not need 'Thank you'. That single word will include her in the list of acquaintances we have. All she expects from us is love, respect and our time. The best trait about my mom is her not praising me while others are. She just listens to them and feels proud which helps me stick my feet to the ground...

I didn't have to think what I should write about my mother. I just had to remember what she does for me and my hand just flew with the keys... such is my MOTHER...

Mothers do things for their children NOT because they have to... BUT because THEY WANT TO... Oh God !! you have given me the best blessing of my life... if at all there's another life for me please make me come down with MY MOTHER...

Rinku Chondamma 

She is not gonna be with me all my life

My mother is the perfect blend of a wife, sister, guide and a family leader. She has been successful to pose herself elegantly in good times as well as handled difficult situtations, adapting to the needs & mastering tough times. She has taught me, to never touch the rockbottom & always have faith in god & wait for the good times to come. And she herself has lived up to it, setting an example for me & my siblings.

I wish such a mother for everyone, so that this world becomes a better place to live in. My only grief, she is not gonna be with me for all my life...

Nishek Jain

My ray of hope

my mom is my hero yup she is my idol through many tough times she helped me to come out from those situations very easily she is my ray of hope in my tough and good times. i know she will alwys be there for me when i need her.

Divya Chanana

I miss you so much

Dear Mom,

Yes mom, NOW I feel I love you more.

Before marriage, I loved you like any other new generation daughter, who is tired of the advices on right & wrong things to do at home or outside. Tired of you saying "You could have at least called me... I was worried", whenever I come back home late.

Its just 3 months now after my marriage. BUT, now when I had to go away from you... handle my own home... handle my new relations, I miss you so much.

Now when I tell my Husband of what to do and what not to & when I frown when he is late... I see YOU in me. I am doing exactly what you did to me. Now I realise my mistake... now I feel bad... how I showed faces.

I feel proud of you...Now I LOVE YOU MOREEEE!!!!! Sorry to have used the word NOW again & again, Mom. But, its really now I miss you this much.

I love you forever Mummy!!

Yours loving daughter
Ramya Manoj

As good as old wine

she is divine.
She is as good as old wine.
A mother so fine
is mine.

She gave us birth,
and brought us into this beautiful earth.
A place full of mirth,
and living on it is worth.

When we fell sick,
she would pick
us in her arms and would stick,
through the night like a clock that ticks.

God! give one,
to everyone,
and to all those born under the sun

I do not believe in mothers day,
I do not believe in fathers day
but remembering her everyday
simply makes my day.

Ramesh Kumar Vasudevan Nair 

My mom's bio data

Identity:  Aai
57 yrs
Marital Status: I have a kind father!
Contact details: My Heart,
Cardiac cavity apts
Aorta Lane

Body-29 YRS

Work Experience:

November-1974- till date
Have served the same house.
A pioneer in rearing 3 daughters including me.

Job Profile

waking at 4 am daily to make tea and breakfast.
cooking for the family
Job at 6 am to earn a good living for us
back home to feed me and send me to school
running errands
cooking dinner
studying my homework
feeding me dinner
loving me as if no one so pretty as me even if I get pimples.
reprimanding me for my wrong doings
teaching me to respect elderly
imbibing in me the virtues of loyalty, responsibility, independence & love
nursing everyone in my joint family during need
taking care of my grandparents

Academic Qualifications

A school teacher
A Guide
A friend
A confidante
A Motivator

A good trainer to teach delicious cooking, handling female issues, handling in laws and  giving training to be a good wife and a good mother.

Extra Curricular activities

Watching a movie or a drama with me
Playing cards with me.
Watching me perform a dance and be a motivating audience
Accepting my viewpoints on life.
Learning English and computers from me.
Going to McDonalds with me.
Shopping spree for me.

She has the Right Attitude and the Best Aptitude for any job in my house and in my Life.

So she is My Aai...

Best part of my life

Words cant descibe her,But still I try,
trust my words becasue i dont LIE..

like shadow of kindness,and sea of forgivness,
the best part of my life,
and gods greatest creation and gift for me,
beautiful lady ,with pure heart,
thats all and more is mom for me..
Abhinav  Sitholay
Mother India
My mother, I decided to write something about her when I was browsing internet during lunch hour in office and came across your invitation. I opened my notepad and sat down to write. Something very strang happened, here I was sitting in front my computer at my desk in office, with no thoughts in my mind and lot of tears in my eyes. My mother has been there for me all thru my life and I took her presence for granted. I always knew I love her a lot but I never gave it a thought about what she actually means to me. Now I am in my 30s and a mother of 2 year old daughter. Today I realise how lucky I am to have a mother like her and how speical she is.
No she is not the most beautiful and educated woman in the world. She was broght up in a very small village in MP and did her schooling from there. SHe got married to my Papa when she was 19 and my father was 27. My father also from a small village had migrated to Bhopal along with his family and were living in a two bedroom apartment in the main city. He was making his career as a lawer and as a politician. With meagre income and at tender age of 19,  my mother became the care taker of my father's younger brothers and sisters, his demanding parents ( my dada and dadi)  and kids of my father's sister, some of them were just 2 to 3 years younger than my mother.
Then we were born, 5 of us, with less than 2 years apart. My father was busy in providing for this huge familiy and keeping his career ambitions alive. He hardly had time to spent in home to look after family affairs or to even look after us. Here was my mother in her 20s, supporting him keeping this huge family and complex emotions within that 2 bedroom apartment, never complaining to my father. I wonder all these CEOs with these big degrees could have managed something that she managed so well at that age with no degree.
Gradually my fathers siblings got married and separated from us. One of my Uncle could not have children and my Aunty was too much attached to children. My mother could not see her pains and when she offerred to adopt my elder sis ( she was 2 and I was just born) my mother could not refuse. with lot of pains in her heart,she let my elder sis go with her. This became even more painful as  my Aunt became very possessive with my sister and almost stopped all of us from seeing her in coming years. My mother kept her emotions in balance and never demanded any thing from my Aunt, just to keep the relation healthy so that we can see her whatever little we can and my sis doesnt have any problem in adjusting to her adopted home.
We moved to a slightly bigger house with 4 of us growing and my father becoming busier day by day, my mother guided us thru our studies. None of us kept the alarm with us when we needed to get up for exams. There will be a note on top of the refidgerator from us. Someone wants to get up at 2, someone at 5. I do not know when my mother used to get up and read those notes and woke us up with a smile and a cup of tea. It was her dedication that we all grew up as engineers. She was a strength to my father. My father all powerful and intelligent, when got cheated by people around him and had serious setbacks in his career, my mother gave him words of wisdom and made sure that he emerged out from the crisis stronger. When we struggled to make our careers and didnt get what we wanted, she was there to stand with us. We knew no failure in world is big enough as what we have is our mother with us. The most precious of all. She is the most ordinary woman but she is "MOTHER INDIA".
With a salute to motherhood.
Vibha Shrivastava
Mummy, my true love

If I describe myself in 3 words:I'm a poet,an artist and a friend; but in one phrase, I'm God's child. And if faith is the root of my life, all the gratitude goes to mom cos she bothered to take us to church regularly for mass and wait throu'the day till we wound up with our Sunday classes too- gruelling, but it was worth every effort cos when life grinds me,mom can't be with me all the time, but I'm strong cos I can feel God.

I'm a poet 'cos mummy respected my need for space to vent my feelings on paper. I'm an artist cos she, despite my lazy protests, literally dragged me to painting competitions where I ended up winning prizes.

And I believe I'm a friend cos I learned the art of loving & more importantly, kindness, from her. If arrogance, jealousy and blasphemy cannot come near me, it's only because of my mummy.

Being a busy professional, mummy had a tough time bringing 3 girls up, but to her credit she did it so well in both, it makes me quite happy every time when people say: "God has blessed your mother with a great career 'cos she's a great human being".

I dream to take after her in my work place too- treat everyone as equals, a big no to bribes, gossip and short cuts but just hard work.

I guess divinity rests lightly on all mothers but I've rarely come across one so selfless and innocent like my mom. Sometimes it angers me as I feel she should live her life a bit for herself and not for her kids, so much so that the word 'sacrifice' scares me, but maybe it's not the word at all- it all stems from her genuine love 4 us. God bless my mummy.

Jasmine James

She makes me feel god is always with me

Mothers are the best. I don't know how they sacrifice everything just for a smile of their children. My mummy is a real hero for me. Because she is the one who has always boosted me up whenever I am down or depressed. She works continuously without any demand from any of her children except for love. She is the one who makes me on the top of world. She always told me to believe in god and make me feel that god is always with me.

Maa tujhe salaam. Thanks for everything.

Meenakshi Sachdeva

A role model

Yes my mother is a hero for me. Being a mother of 4 kids born in a rich family got married to less than a middle class family. She knows only to work, work and work for others. She got married at the age of 16 and managed 5 mothers in laws in the family. She is very intelligent (8 grade passed), spiritual, extremely polite, highly positive, selfless, creative, wonderful cook, excellent - wife, mother, mother in law, grandmother, all rounder, and hard working. Her thinking, reasoning and decision-making qualities cannot be compared (Even with a first class MBA graduate). She is now 71 but still work like a teen-age girl. Not taken medicine for any illness till today- survives only be mental power. She never lost her heart in any of these situations- when she was penniless, had the responsibility of taking care of 4
of us, when I lost my husband at the age of 26 with 5 year old son, when my sister suffered from back problem for more than a year another sister got an autistic child, and when I was very sick. I can give enormous number of examples.  She stood like a rock and supported us. If I am alive today after my sickness, if my son, my brother and my nephew are in nice positions in USA, it is due to her patience, sacrifice and perseverance. Her life is like waves in the ocean. Among any critical situation she smiles and faces courageously. I admire her valor in all the critical situations faced by her and salute her. She is a role model not only for us but also for the entire world. Since we have wonderful moms like my mom, the present day world still survives.

Rameswari Kubendran

I love my amma

I thank god everyday, for planting me in my mom and I tender endless love and thanks to my mom for transplanting me in to this beautiful world. Before my birth, my mom's world was filled with love and care that she shared with my dad and a creative world that she filled with her own creations in arts and crafts. Yes, she is a talented artist who is wonderful in sketching, painting, creative writing and much more.

After my birth, her entire world revolved around me and just me. She still maintained a creative world but only devoted that to me entirely. Yes, all her creative writing was used create personalized stories for me. All her paintings were about my world of toys and cartoon characters and all her creative thoughts were about and for me. I grew up in a mini Disney world that my mom created for me, Donald duck painting being my favorite and I still remember the naughty smile. Her faith in god, truth and hard work has been instrumental to our family in overcoming the storms that hit us. We all cry when let down buy my mom 'thinks' and creates a solution or a workaround to the underlying cause or problem.

All through the swings of my life, she stood by me to give me moral support and to boost my confidence. Gardeners constantly nourish plants through out the life of a plant. My mom was and is my gardener. Her nourishment is the most balanced diet that I can ever ask for. It is a perfect blend of love, care, support, guidance and firmness.

Today I live several thousand miles away from my parents but the love and care we share is ever increasing.

Amma, when I become a mom, I want to be none but you.

Sridevi Krishnan

Hugs that chase away the blues

For your radiance, warmth and loving heart...
Your caring kisses that drive away the hurt...

Your smile that brightens up a room...
Your warm hugs... that chase away the blues...

For your guidance and support for everything i do...
I just wanna say a great big thank you !

Happy mothers day !

Huned Shabbir Dahodwala

Mother is love

MOTHER – The great person God created in this world.  God created mother as his representative as he cannot present physically everywhere.

Oh! My mom is the role model for me. It is from her I saw the outside world and I learnt everything from my Mom.  My dictionary got over when I was asked what my mom taught me. But basically she taught four things Patience, Self confidence, hard work, above all integrity and sincerity.

She always believed in one concept (ie.) "Hard work never fails and nobody dies of hard work" I am following her concept and do inculcate the same for the next generation also.  Since birth she is the one who takes most care of me most shares my happiness, took the load of my sadness, enjoys in good time and supports me during my bad times…..  She is so strong and give me valuable advices time to time as some issues I can' discuss with my friends.  My mom is only the one in this world with whom I could speak anything without any fear and at any time,

There is no partiality.  All of her children get the full 100% love and affection from her. My mom is a wonderful personality and I love her like anything.  It is a known fact that a lady/girl/woman can be cruel.  But a MOTHER cannot.  The other name for Mother is love. 


Kind, caring and lovable

I lost my mother on 7th September 2005 due to breast cancer. When my mother came to know that she has cancer she never said, "Why me". Instead she chose to fight cancer bravely. A bad turbulence like this was a rocking ride for her. We knew how painful and traumatic those radiations, chemotherapies, cancer drugs and hair loss were, physically & mentally, but my mother endured all these without much fuss. My mother was a fighter. She fought everything in her life -- Poverty, Cancer, set backs, disappointments, horrible childhood. She lived major part of her life in a chawl in poor conditions. But she never complained. She, along with our father, gave us good education, taught us good values. She gave all of us security by always being there for us. She taught us to be sincere and inculcated in us sense of wrong from right. She would stay up worrying at night if we were late to come home. She gave us our freedom to grow in the directions and careers that we chose. She encouraged us to always do our best, work hard, and enjoy life with a positive attitude and care and kindness toward others. She loved us unconditionally and her entire life was devoted to us till she died. She may not have possessed any educational degree but she had a PhD in life, love, care, and humanity. My mother was very hard working and would do all household chores and shopping herself. She never allowed us to do any work. She always felt proud of our achievements and would revel in our glory. She had a way of reaching out that kept us all in touch. My mother could be very serious when necessary but most of the times she would be cheerful and funny. My mother had faults, like we all do. But, she admitted hers, unlike others who consider themselves faultless. My mother was strict but also had a gentle heart. My mother's name was Hoorbanu. Hoor means "Angel". Just like Angels she was kind, caring and lovable. She knew all about giving not taking.  She helped everyone in whatever ways she can – money, clothes, food, etc. My mother was the perfect host. She would let no guest live her house without having food. In her whole life my mother never fought with others. She didn't argue with anyone nor answered back to anyone no matter what. She spent 46 years with my father without fighting or arguing even once. My mother was a magnificent role model for every woman in our family, clan and whoever knew her. She was the perfect daughter, mother, wife, neighbour, relative and a good human being. Even when she was on her deathbed she would pray for her children and not for her own health or well being. That's selfless love of a mother. And how I can forget the day when in spite of the pain she was undergoing due to those painful chemotherapy, she gave me a head massage to ward off my headache. That's mother's caring nature for you. During her entire life till her death my mother ended up touching hearts of everyone. What can anyone ask for in this world, but to touch people's hearts? My father is still there to support us. But there's no one worth than my mother. This eulogy cannot do justice to my mother. She was greater than I can ever imagine. I love you mother for whatever you did for me. I am sorry mother if I ever hurt you. And for whatever you did for us O mother -- "MAA TUJHE SALAAM".


Amjad K Maruf

The man of our home

yes yes yes my mom is the MAN of our home, she is my strength, courage & pride, she has done so much without any support, indeed it is true , God cannot be everywhere, so he created a warmest & dearest thing "mother", Maa, Mom... it sounds like OM... isint it????

Vikram Kanchan 

She is god to me

Now and then at long intervals of time, a being finds her way to this planet who is unquestionably a wanderer from another sphere; who brings with her to this sorrowful world some of the glory, the power, the radiance of the far distant region from which she came.  She walks among men but she is not at home here, she is a pilgrim, a stranger, she tarries but a night.
    She shares the life of those about her enters into their joys and sorrows, rejoices with them, mourns with them but through it all she never forgets her divinity. She remembers that she is the great, the glorious  , the majestic self.  She knows that she came from that ineffable, supernal region which has no need of the sun or moon  , for it is illumined by the light of lights.
    Such a being is beyond all comparison, for she transcends all ordinary standards and ideals.  Other may be brilliant  , her mind is luminous, for she has the power to put herself into immediate contact with the source of all knowledge.  She is no0 longer limited to the slow processes to which ordinary human beings are confined.  Others may be great, they are great only as compared with those in their own class.  Others may be good, powerful, gifted, having more of goodness, more of power, more of genius than their fellow men.  It is only a matter of comparison, she is in a class by herself.  She belongs to another order.  She is not of this world.  She is a radiant being who had descended from another, from a higher sphere for a definite purpose.  One might have know that she would not stay long.  It is to be wondered at that natural itself rejoices in such a birth, that the heavens open and angels sing paeans of praise?
    Blessed in the country in which she is born, blessed are they who lived on this earth at the same time, and blessed, thrice blessed are the few who sits at her feet.  


The PM of my house

      When the word comes automatically smile appears on my face,ye she is like that always smiling,she is younger than me ,she is more happening than me yup the problem fighter ,the P.M of my house ,THE one and only god... i have seen and beleive and thanks who ever had made her..thankyou very much... for giving me such a beautiful present.


She lived her life only for me

My mother though educated in those days she has not joined any job so as to
cater her love and affection to me and my sis (though she was no more and
reached the lotus feet of god). She never overcome this shock but lived her
life only for me. Whenever i had any trouble either financial or marital she
was always there to guide me through these turbulations. It is totally to
her credit that I am leading this life. Clearly remember those days when she
has to skip her lunch/dinner so that i can have a good meal. Even though I
am a successful manager in my profession I seek her guidance .She is living
only on fluids ever since my sister's death. But her wish to see me pass my
troubles which kept her on going. I indebt my life and everything to her and
for ever want to be her son.


She is the best

If at all there is a rebirth then with my eyes closed I can tell you that I wanna be like my mom.
In all my bad times that I have come through she has been the only one who has been supportive.
"Never give up" -- It can be said like this also "Never Give up my son for anything".
That's when I feel that "Oh my god She is the best".
She has always been like that.
But we never realize it.
The power to forsee things is only possible for them.
The arms always open,
The eyes always caring (Staring whenever I tell a lie)
The soul always missing
The heart that skips a beat whenever I come back from along week end.
The ears that never gets bored
She is one of a kind that never put my spirits down.
An intellect who is not educated.
When she is there its like you feel that u can do anything in life, can overcome any loss.
In short She is the Best.
I love you Amma.

Ganesh Perumal G

Words cannot define the power of a mother 

A great word with Plenty of Meaning in it...
A man asked the Messager of God Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him)
"who is the most respectable person in this world". He answered " YOUR MOTHER". Then He asked " who is the next" he answered " YOUR MOTHER".Then He asked " who is the next" again he answered " YOUR MOTHER. Then He asked " who is the next", He answered " YOUR Father".

Prophet(pbuh) said that man," Mother is the most respectable person in this world among any others in the world, so Always do take care of your Mother".

It is really a great opportunity to share few things about Mother (most influential person in this world), so i thank Rediff Team to select this meaningful topic.

Basically words cannot define the power of Mother. AMMA is the one with full of love without any expectation from her kid in this world.

She carry us for 10 months with her and keep on loving us until she is in this world. A classic example to know the power of Mother, when the baby is

born it says the first word AMMA without any teaching. Remaining all other things baby is learning step by step as a process. so god has created the inborn habit to the Baby to call the Mother without any leassons.

She teach us everything in this world, she suffers a lot for her kid. That is why Prophet (pbuh) said" UNDER THE MOTHER'S FEET IS PARADISE"

-it means,serving your Mother to make you to reach the HEAVEN".

So be kind always with your Mother till you live in this world. If you are not good to your Mother you cannot be good for anyone in this world.

Mohamed Kirmani

Mom of so many people

hi everyone... this is the first time in my life im going to share my mom with others... mind you all just in words only as my mom is the best mom of this world... somebody well said... mom is the best gift of god... and i strongly agree to it... firstly i realy wants to thank god for give me such a nice mother,frnd,mentor,secret keeper... hahaha... (mind u she is very good in keeping secrets).well words wont be enough to explain about my mother marry... my mumma... sweet mom..

my mom is very intelligent and the most bold lady in my entire family... if she decides anything nobody can challenge her decision... she is the love of my dads life... his heart...she is the one who made me my bother... take life as we want... with all her blassings... and guidence...

she been always a carrier oriented women... not for herself... but for the sake of her family,husband kids... she came in dis taught working world... at the age od 17 yr...being a girl... she was a son to her dad... she took the responsibility of her juniors...on her shoulders very early and still not giving herself off... i always says to my mom... u dont have three children... u are mom of  so many people... u care for them more then us sometime even... ur gr8 muma... HATS OFF TO UR EFFORTS MOM..

and mom i realy love u from the every corner of my heart... i am in dis world becoz of you... and wat im in this world is beocz of u aswell... ur the one who given me the sweetest name in the world... as everybody says moms girls best frnd... i never need to hav any frnd as i hav u... thank you for everything you did for me till muma... its just you who made dis happen...

and gr8 above all... u know the best thing... she never speaks her heart...but i know she love all of us more then anything in dis world...

just pray to god... if i can make u the happiest mom of the world... sorry mom if i ever upset u... knowingly or unknowingly...but




Vani Madhra 

Salaam namaste to my mummy

I have often wondered how one could write about someone they love so much in a short piece of writing.Especially when it comes to someone whom you have known really well, who is very close to you and with whom you have spent lots of your special moments with. Having said all this,its difficult to summarize my thoughts about my dear mom. But according to me , she  has been always been an epitome of love, sacrifice,sincerity, compassion, strength and ofcourse, the person I can look upto in any situation in my life. She is the one who has kept things going with a smile in our "Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam" life .

One aspect of my mother which I have really appreciated is the way she has been balancing  her life between her career and home. The long stressful hours at work and at the same time, the responsibities at home required a lot of patience from her. She has always been doing justice to both and at the same time, set us an example of how to handle the stress of being an Indian working  bahu. As I have grown older, I have tried my best to imbibe her qualities to be a successful woman. One distinct incident which I remember about her in my childhood was her decision to give up  her studies (after marriage) due to my continous health problems. I shall always be indebted to her for this. Well, I got to know all this very late in my life but realized how much my mom cared and loved me though she knew how critical it was for her to take such a step at such an important point of her career.This is just a small example of her nature of being sacrificing for her needs in the family but there have been several times when I have seen her being extremely patient and taking things in her stride to keep things going smoothly for all of us.

I always appreciate your care and concern in my "Is Raat ki Subeh Nahin" days when I used to study(till late at night).Your encouragement and support has made me come a long way!

"Suno Mummyji", humne kabhi bhi zindagi mein "Tumsa Nahi Dekha"... you have been the perfect "Indian Bahu" and our "Mother India"... and though life at times is a like a "Rocky" "Road",aapka "Chand sa Roshan chehra" and "Muskaan" makes us say " Vaah-Life ho to Aisi"... aur haan "Aap ki Kasam" hum "Mummy ke liye kuch bhi karega"!

"Kal Aaj aur Kal", "Salaam Namaste" to "My Mother "Mummy"!!!!!!!

Love you lots Mummy! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!:))

Seema Ahmed

I hope much will be forgiven

To write about your mother is easy when you are 5, and particularly intimidating when you are 30.

It's the time of life when you suddenly realise that you are nowhere close to achieving your dreams as you once thought you were. As the superhuman qualities of your ability diminish, your mother's accomplishments suddenly stand out in terrible, shattering contrast. As your ambitions blend into mediocrity -- just another yuppie -- her gentle and firm grip of the essential comes into focus. When on a salary several hundred times hers, you still cannot make ends meet. You wonder how she managed to do everything she did.

Flashes of the past. Of making one's way through daunting odds; with an old school Father convinced that women must know their place; with a quirky fey Husband who knew naught of family ways nor fatherhood; with a Son who was the very symbol of all things selfish and clutching. Of sacrifices that a mean spirit as yours cannot grasp, of labours from dawn to midnight for that unholy trinity, her labours for how long, an eternity? Of a nest egg that is built from skimping on life itself, so that a boy might be educated to become a man. When you graduated a few years ago from one of the best schools in the world, it was her life-blood on the certificate, not yours. Blinded by your own ambition you could not see it; thus your end is more forthrightly writ than before.

She understands when you call her to say that you cannot make it home again. Because of work, or schmoozing, or some other vague reason. She understands when you must go away and never call home for months on end. Such a wonderful bargain: in the orthodox pride of a Man who fights the elements themselves, you martyr home and Mother for the cause of work. Yet she bears everything, hiding her sense of loss. But her trust placed so implicitly in you doth not aver, not once.

'Mother,' you said a few years ago, remarking on her efforts at matchmaking with a sneer; 'I need an educated woman who can hold her opinion, someone who can think outside her family, a modern woman. Not the conservative clinging kind. But how would you understand?' 'Perhaps I can,' she said quietly but said nothing more. She would indeed; it was you who did not understand. You to whom the first glimpses of understanding are born when things are nigh too late and a lifetime of opportunity and redemption has rushed by.

Few years lie ahead, precious years when much must be undone. Much I hope that will be forgiven.   


She is almighty for me

People say they cannot see GOD. I say I see GOD all the time! That's what my mother is to me. She is Almighty for me.

When I was a little girl I use to try to dress up like her. Even her simple draped sari made her look so gorgeous. For me she was the most beautiful woman on this earth. Then when I grew up I wish I could solve my math sums so quickly as she did. Her wit, her calculations amazed me. I was even more amazed by the multitasking she carried -- from preparing our tiffin boxes, to doing all the chores, to conduct her own math classes. For me she was a super woman. When I got my first job the twinkle in her eyes was enough for me to step ahead in this world and take up all the tasks that require courage, hard work and perseverance.

And Now that I am married I wish I could make my married life as beautiful as she did. I wish I could not only be a loving wife, but also a wonderful daughter in law, a perfect homemaker. When today someone says to me that you are a wonderful woman, I smile and reply, "I am my mothers replica". She is my torchbearer, my trendsetter. She is my HERO! And Guess what She sent me a card a few days back that read, "You don't have to try in my shoes any more dear daughter, for now your own fits you perfectly".

Sneha Rathi

I want to give my child the same love

While I was studying in a primary school, 1.5 kms from our house, my mother used to take me to the school. During peak winter, when we walked barefooted, she used to carry me in her arms all the way in order to protect my feet. She bore almost every difficulty while bringing up her 3 children almost single-handedly. She neither had money nor a steady career, but she has lots of patience, love, and humanity. She doesn't have a university degree, but according to me, she is a highly educated, as education is not only signified by degrees, but by practical knowledge and experience. Today whatever I am is because of her.

Once when a bicycle hit an old beggar slightly and he fell down, my mother and I were nearby. Immediately, my mother helped the man and made him sit and relax on the side of the road, while consoling him with kind words. Tears rolled by his eyes as other viewers just went away covering their noses. Her actions always taught us about helping attitude and humanity. 

I had many cats during my childhood. One of the female cats gave birth to 3 kittens on the roof of a double floored house. Initially, she used to climb from a tree trunk in the backyard until the kittens started moving. Later, she carried each kitten in her mouth one--by-one down climbing up and down very bravely till all were safe in my house. She nourished them and also kept teaching them all the skills. I see so much similarity among all mothers... a human being or an animal…they all are loving, caring, sharing, teaching, bearing, understanding, giving... and so much more. They have selfless, unconditional love. I, a mother now, want to give my child the same love and wish all mothers all happiness.

Vaishali Magesh
The world belongs to you
To all the mothers of the universe... THE WORLD TODAY IS BECAUSE OF YOU AND IT BELONGS TO YOU!
Mother... a word with such a beautiful whole world inside it... The thought of which makes one feel relaxed, smile and forget all worries. She knows only to give... unconditionally. A selfless soul created by God to give love to her loved ones. God did this because, he wanted to be with all the living beings he created and so, he gave a mother for all creatures so that they can see him in their mother. Right from the stage of fetus, a tiny cell, she gives her child everything she has and strives to give her best in everything. For that matter, all the mothers, be it a human, an animal, or a bird ... all mothers are equal. I salute and thank all the mothers of the universe who made this world a place not just to live, but to live happily.
My mother is a soul with lots of willpower, love, and perseverance. She is the heart of our family... always loving, and working unconditionally to provide us all that we need. I remember the days when my father was abroad for several years, when she took care of 3 children including me and managed all responsibilities single-handedly. For her, the biggest asset is her family. During our childhood, my brother and I were very naughty and used to trouble her so much. Today, I am a father of a naughty toddler. When I start loosing my patience, I realize how much composed my mother would have been. She taught us how to live and particularly, to be happy. Today when I am thousands of miles away from her, if I am given a boon by god, I would ask him to take me to her to tell her how much I love her...Ma, I love you , Thanks mom...
Maghesh Chandramouli
My ma is the top of the world

My Ma, is an asset I have in my life, at any cost I would never like her to be away from me any time. Without my mother I think I m nothing and I will be nothing. I consider my mom more than any god. I believe on her words before praying to any god or so. I have never seen any god so I don't believe in god yes if god is who protects you, who groom you, who helps you in your bad days then only one I have seen near around me is my mom. if I start telling about her my whole coming life would be less to feel honor to tell about her to the world.

"I have never seen god, if god is who gives us protection, food, shelter, affection, then that god can only be my mother coz I have seen her in front of me always. I've always found her hand in my hand when I could ever think of praying to god for anything. Whatever I m today is just because of her, She is anytime more than any god or any friend to me. I am nothing and will be nothing without her"

Ajeet S Arora

My mother in all my births to come
My mother; my role model; the person who brought me into this world which must have been a physically painful experience for her. She gave me all that I needed to grow up into a smart, intellegent person. What I am today, I owe it to her. An amazing human being, she was a very patient person; a friend when I needed one, I guide and a philosopher when I was confused, a mother when I wanted to cry on her laps, a hug from her would help me shed off my worries, the warmth she gave me, no one else can. Today, when she is not with me, I miss her more that anything else in the world. There were times when I missed out on giving her company when she needed, rather givng her all that she needed from a son and now when she is not here, I regret. If this message is published, I would like to convey this message to all that whenever there is an opportunity, give your parents all what they need. Dont end up regreting like I do.

Mom, where ever you are, please take care of yourself. I just pray to have you always as my mother in all my births to come.
Surinder Bhatia
I love you, Mom

I remember like it was yesterday- Mom had coached me for one of the many English Elocution contests held at school, and her rejoicing when I had won. She was always there- sitting in the first row of parents- cheering me on, whether I was Sleeping Beauty or as inconspicuous as one of the many choirgirls. Dad might not be able to make it to my prize giving ceremonies, but Mom was always there- with a smile.
Even though we disagreed, I adored her, and stole a picture of her from her wedding album, where she looked as lovely as a princess. She healed bruised egos and kissed away my sister's tears when she hurt her head. The glow on her face belied her pride when I showed her yet another article written by me, published in the newspaper. She was ecstatic when I won awards and discreetly made them the subject of teatime conversation with friends.
At weddings, her joy was evident as she went around introducing me to fat aunties, showing off the blue saree I had bought with my first salary. While we were dressing, she would look at our reflection in the mirror, see a younger version of herself, and sadly exclaim that all her beauty had faded.
Looking back, I think I realize why people thank their parents on stage, receiving awards. I could have waited to thank my mom at a socially appropriate setting, where a bunch of people would have heard this and forgotten it…but I wish to thank her, right this moment.
Mom, how could I have not won those contests- after all, you coached me.
Mom, how can you say you've lost your charm- you are still as beautiful as the day you married dad.
Simply put- Mom, I love you.

Roli Bhushan

I wanna give her the best
I have a lot to tell about my MAA, so i can write 300 pages but you said only in 300 words. I know it is not possible but still I want to tell somthing interesting about her -
" she is house wife and whole day want to keep herself busy with some work. She is very much caring about me as well others. now i m at 25 but still she comes in my room at late nights to check whether i have taken quilts or not, to arrange my books, pens, papers, phone chargers etc.
She is most worried about my food habbits & my job. Maa always aks about my job like "everything is going smooyhly or not?" "what kind of problems you are facing these days?" " Boss is happy or not?" etc-etc.
        During her prays she always ask for our all success & happiness. I have no sisters so some times when she have some healh problems we beg her to take rest but she will wake up early in the morning and prepare /arrange food for us so we need not to cook for whole day. becoz she knows if we will see her working we'll angry with her but i don't know sometimes how she convinced us to work in that condition also.
She can do anything for us. She is my first teacher, guide. Maa is one who is with me in all the thick and thin. Its only because of her that I have grown so much mentally & spritiually.
Maa is the one who told me that you can do it and I have done that successfully. She is my self confidence, motivator and a huge influence on my life.
 I love MAA like anything and wanna to give her best whatever she needs. Finally I just want to say few lines for her
" Sangharsh liye Nishkarsh ho,  Aapke Jeevan me Harsh ho,
     Jitni Hamaari  Saanse hai, Utne Aapke VARSH ho"
Means, " Your struggles will have some results which will give all happiness in your life,
             And whatever no of breaths I have taken & i'll take in future, your years of life would be same in no."
Maa Tujhe Salaam>>>>>>>>>>>>
Rahul Kharb
Certainly the best
The most precious person on this earth is MOM. Its really true that God cannot be everywhere with everyone, so He made mom. Certainly we all go to our mothers when we are in trouble, this itself shows that she is form of God on earth for us and she is there for us always. So, first of all I pay my tribute to all mothers.
Now I would like to write about my mummy who means the world to me. I really do not know where do I start from. Words are not sufficient to admire her, to thank her. She is the most lovely person in my life, she is an ideal mom. I have seen so many mothers, but I do not find anyone like my mom. She is unique and no one can be so sweet and nice like her.
In her childhood, she could not play and enjoy, in her youth, she lost her family. After marriage, she worked day and night, still faced disrespect from all. She suffered and suffered yet smiled, yet stayed to bring up her childeren. She did all that for her children what she could not do as a child, as a youth. She wore old, torn dresses, but kept us well dressed everytime. She ate stale food, but ensured timely, nutritious diet for us. She could not study much, but she made us get all good oppurtunities to study ahead. She suffered pain, but smiled and stayed to keep us moving ahead in life. She is getting old and getting weak, but still she is always thinking for the well-being and happiness of us.
My mom is a perfect example of sacrifice. She has sacrificed many things in life for the sake of her family, her children.
Uptil now, I wrote general things about my mom and for us(her three children). Now, I would like to write what I feel for her.
From very childhood, I have seen my mom working very hard. She used to do everything herself, right from cleaning home, to cooking food, to washing clothes, to help me in home-work, to play with me, to go for shopping...almost everything and I used to think How does she get so much energy. So this is the first trait of her character - Hard working. She used to teach all good things like praying to God, to help old people, not to make fun of unprivileged and handicap people. So next trait - generous. She used to save every single penny to make the future more secure. Even though she will have to make many rounds of the market, she would buy the best and most affordable stuff. She would not let food get wasted. She would say, many people in this world do not get any food and you should respect food and not let it go wasted. She used to tell us to take care of all that we have because all that is precious as many people in this world do not get even that much. Next trait - perfect home-maker. She would not go out and gossip with other ladies, rather she would prefer to be with me. She would talk to me about everything - studies, friends, future etc. She made such a wonderful relationship that I loved to discuss everything with her. At each stage of my life, she was listening to me like a friend of my age and then giving me suggestions like a wise mother. Next trait - good friend. She gave me freedom to do anything, never asked me if I come home late or if going out with friends. She believed in the values she gave me from childhood and always trusted me. She told me one thing that she has full faith in me that I will always take care of the dignity of the family. This faith of her and values she gave me, never let me go in a wrong direction in my life. Next trait - Person with strong moral values. She always taught me to be independent in life as life can be tough for woman sometimes. She agreed to my decision of getting married in another caste. She always gave me freedom to make my own choice. Next trait - Open minded. When I was getting married, she taught me all that a married woman should do, she taught me to have love, compassion and care for everyone, to serve and respect the elderly people, to understand my responsibilities as new roles in my life. The result is that everyone in my in-laws always praise me for good values, good upbringing and good food. And the credit goes to my mom-100%. Next trait - perfect woman.
With this last trait, it is clear that she is certainly the best mom of this world. My mom is- my guide, my teacher, my friend, my critic, my support, my hope, my idol, my life, my world, my god, my everything.
What I am today is because of my mother. She is the basis of my sustenance. Whenever I get the compliment of a perfect woman, perfect home-maker, it goes to my mom 100%. Really, a mother has tremendous powers and she is the one who makes the world a beautiful place to be in. I am very proud of my mother. I love her so much. I pray to God to give me the same mother in my every birth. She is simply the best- a woman with beauty and brains, a woman of substance. I want to dedicate all the best compliments to my mom. Now a short poem for her:

My mom is certainly the best,
She made a wonderful world in the nest,
Life put her many times in the test,
She emerged eveyrtime with a cut above the rest,
She suffered the pain without protest,
She smiled to make everything loveliest,
She helped and supported in every quest,
She encouraged me to dream the biggest,
In my troubles, she is the weakest,
In my achievements, she is the happiest,
Without her, life is like a dessert,
With her, everyday is like a fest,
O God, please listen to my request,
Give my Mom health, happiness and zest,
O dear mummy, I love and cherish you the most,
You are the cutest, sweetest and certainly the best!!!

Love you mummy, love you so much!
Happy Mother's day!!

Poonam Arora,
Darmatadt, Germany
My MA is my hero :)

                    I think everyone thinks his or her mom is great
and i am not going to debate on it. My mom is my hero for the
unconditional love and sacrifice she has endured to see her children
become worthy citizens of the country.
                   I have had my fair share of arguments,
disagreements, and fights with my mother but that has not reduced my
love and appreciation of my mother.
                  With both her kids struggling to make it big it
this world, I think she sometimes hasn't got the due that she was
supposed to get. She is still living a life of sacrifice and a dream
yet to be fulfilled.
                   My most incredible mom can create absolute magic
by just being who she actually is. She is really great with people. I
can never forget that incredible time in her life when she built a
wonderful relationship with a friend of my brother. Maneesh, a
charming guy from Banaras happened to my brother's roommate. He was a
guy who only spoke pure Hindi, and very little English. My mom spoke
local languages and Kannada, but hardly spoke good understandable
English or very struggling Hindi. Its hardly possible to communicate,
but I was incredibly surprised when she was telling me how maneesh was
actually talking to her for about an hour each day, talking and
supporting her through her really tough times .Of course my brother
and me have a good supportive friend in him, but how she managed to
actually build such wonderful relationship with him just barley able
to understand his language and not having met him at all speaks volume
of her depth of love that I am lucky to call MY mother's love. She can
make an everlasting impression on people she has met. Of course, we
sometimes take her love for granted. But I guess she will always be
there for me, just like she has been there for everybody else. There
are so many times in our lives when we actually want to say so much
and all our words are so small in comparison to her wonderful love.
                 The fact that she has a permanent medical illness, a
skin disease caused by ignorant overdose of steroid prescription
hasn't made her religious sentiments down. Ordinary people would have
broken down. She still has that same faith and the belief, which is
incredible. Even though my Faith is strong too, I sometimes don't show
as much respect to my religion and religious practices as she would
love to .She still has the belief in her karma, the fact that even
after such prolong suffering she believes that the good will
eventually come back to her. The Spiritual atheist in me believes in
her, still amazed at the wonderful reservoir of strength in her.
               She is always great with people and we love having her
around. Strength of character is something I am proud to have got from
my mother. I think some things aren't worth compromising in life.
She's taught me the real truth of life. A good friend of mine once
told me who we are actually makes a difference, and I guess my mom
always told me the importance of being really ME. She makes me want to
be a better man.
              I am sure she would say she would not like to be
remembered for anything particular, though people will surely
disagree. Her father saw his mother's impression on her and nicknamed
her "The Mother". I guess she has been a selfless mother, a great
friend and truly "The Mother". My Mom, My Hero :)

"Wisdom and knowing how to communicate with people, and building good
relationships with people are far more important than blunt honesty."
... Thanks for all the wonderful people have made me understand the
meaning of this quote, the first one was my Mother :)



Loves me more than her husband
  My Mother
I see my mother as...
The one who put her life in risk to give me breath..
Her hands became red in wood cutting to get good dress for me...
She sold her Mankalsutra (gold) to pay fees for me...
Sho stood against her all relatives to fulfill my desire to marry the girl I wanted...

To say finally... She loves me more rather than her husband... I am grateful to GOD have mother like her...

A great mom
My mother has been an inspiration to me all my life . she has been fussing over me for the last 13 years in that loving but sometimes irritating typical motherly way. Even the parents of my friends tell their children to keep my mother as their role model. My mother is concerned about my character and education than anything else . she still sometimes treats me like a little child. She always says "your future is in your hands so be very careful". She is very worrisome and spends sleepless nights thinking about me. She is very worried about my safety and still watches over me when I go to a shop or to a friends's house . She is a great lady, a faithful friend , a good daughter,but most of all ,a GREAT MOTHER
An evergreen god
!!!!!I wish all mothers in this world HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!!

My mother is Evergreen God for me. She adds life in me everyday with love and affection. She likes me however I am and she cares for me all the time. Mom is the only person who swallows the troubles and pains still smile on the face.

Mom a great teacher whom we have to follow in life. I learned one thing that it's good thing to enjoy life however it is by improving day by day for the betterment of the loved ones.

It's my heartful thanks to her for making my life happier.

Dear Mom, thanks for all your support and I promise to you that I will do my best to make you happy all the time.

Naveen Kumar.M
I owe my name to her
My dearest mom -I love you.Though 300 words are very few to describe her still i want the world to know how special she is to me.She has been instrumental in whatever i have achieved in life so far.Even I owe my name Jaideep to her.
 For the first six years of my life, she was my only friend. As i sat at her feet she introduced me to the characters of folk tales, to the legends of the history, and to the Lord she loved and served. My favorite story was the one which told of the nine months of waiting and preparing for my arrival.
The day i got admitted in kindergatten class in the most prestigious school in the city to my graduating as a mechanical engineer she has always been their guiding me through the right path.She was not only an advisor but also a protector from this cruel world.Being born in a middle class family, me and my elder brother were treated to the finest of everything even if it meant sacrificing their essential needs.She did what really most people including myself lack i.e give us motivation .Still remember her showing us newspapers showing photgraphs of toppers and their parents standing proudly besides them and her saying "time ko laat maroge to vo tumhe laat mar jayega".She taught us to stand up in the society and be counted amongst the best.As me and my brother look into hindsight we cant even think of going anywhere we are at the moment without her.
Thinking of the days which i spent in hospital she used to keep awake all night so that i could sleep peacefully and wouldnt fall of the bed and the day she celebrated my birthday in hospital, making me distribute the cake among other patients which brought a smile on their faces too. 
The more i think about how important she has been to me and my life the more i start to feel nervous about  carrying her legacy forward and being as vital and important to my children' life as she has been to me.
Jaideep S Oberoi

Charming and kind lady

yes... ofcourse my mom is the best of all bcoz she is caring,affectinate,loving & she is lovable.
my god has given me such a lovable & kind maa.
her name is mrs.ragini khatri.
i know all her likes & dislikes too....
she is just fabulas of all...
i love her 2 much...
i dont have my father i lost him since 18yrs back . since that time upto this she had given me all the things & love that i needed.
she is the most charming & kind lady.

Mishel Khatri

An angel

Mother is a gift given to me by God. She nourished and cherished me as a most special gift she had received from God. Whenever I am lonely or when I am sad her few soothing words are just enough to bring laughter and hope in
my life. She is only person in the world who still considers me as a small child.  She has never let me loose hope in myself and her encouragement has brought new confidence and success in my life. I owe myself to her without
her I am just nothing and she always remains my first priority in my life. I will always like her to be with me in both happiness and sorrow because  I consider her to be  the anchor of my life for she has helped me fight all my
battles throughout my life just like a knight in shining armour specially when others had given up on me. I hope every problem child like me has a mother like her because I consider her to be a special person just like angel sent by God to protect and guide me throughout my life. I will never be able to repay her kindness love sacrifice and all that she has done for me but I will always be there for her especially when she needs me. I wish all the worlds happiness for her just has he always wishes for me and may God keep her hail and hearty for I need my sweet angel to be a guidiing
force in  my life.

Loveena Mascarenhas

Never say I can't do

My mother is not just my mother but she is my parent. What ever I have achieved till now is only due to my mom. I am coming from a remote village. If we see in terms of so called our education system she is just 3rd standard pass but in terms of knowledge and practical experience she has done not less than a Ph.D.

Right from her child-hood she is suffering a lot but always smiling there were days when we could not afford money to buy ghee and my younger brother was crying for it I still remember that day when she gave him oil and how she cried. She was always with her kids. She is my teacher, best friend and philosopher. I can ask her ANY KIND of question when I was kid and she would never let me down but answer my dumbest question. She is the strongest woman I have ever seen in my life. At the age of 53 she still wakes up at 4 in the morning to prepare lunch box for my brother who is studying and has to travel everyday about 90 km. At this age also she works for almost more than 16 hours a day and source of inspiration for all our family members. She is always enthusiastic and have very positive attitude towards life. What I have learnt from her is NEVER SAY I CANT DO AND NEVER QUIT AND NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE. When I got just 68% in 10th she said its for good because if you would have got higher you may become egoist and don't work hard in 12th. I knew it was consolation from her to me but that gave me really good motivation and prove my worth and when I stood 1st in school in 12th she was so happy!!!!! Since then I always kept her principles in mind and I am just getting success all the time. When ever I am down I just remember her word its for GOOD. Put your best foot forward, don't quit and nothing is impossible to achieve.

There is good saying in gujarati : " MAA E MAA BIJA BADHA VAGADA NA VA.." There is no substitute for mother rest all are friends for Good weather. She is friend for BAD Weather as well. MOM I LOVE YOU!!

Jayesh Thakkar

Words are not enough

"Naveen - getup, its 5 AM. Time to revise your subject for the exams." Right from time I can remember, starting may be as early as when I was in 4 or 5th standard, and going all the way till I finished my Engineering and MBA, my mother ensured that we got up early for studies and stayed awake. (She would wake us up, and sleep in our bed, so that we dont go back to sleep). She wasted countless nights and sleep, so that we could study and be prepared for the future life.  Even when she were sick or unwell, she would tend to the family, ensuring that all of us got hot, home cooked meals, and don't eat 'junk' outside food. We were very choosy about eating (not liking spinach, or Methi etc), but now, how bad I miss the food she cooked. Today, sitting in the US, leading a happy, comfortable life, I look back and realise greatfulness and humbleness of my mother.  Whatever I have achieved in life, what ever I am today, I owe it to her, and only to her. Hey Mom, you are the greatest. You are the pillar of our lives. Word are not enough to describe my gratitude. Thank you for everything !

Naveen Sarda

'My mom is the coolest'

'Ma tujh salaam'