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Today Iraq ! Tomorrow the World !

March 27, 2003 16:41 IST
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Thu Mar 20 15:50:46 2003
Name:Santosh Mullapalli
Your Views:What is U.N doing? This is becoming something of a Joke, A Body formed to protect the people of the world is unmoved by America's Agreession. What I fail to understand is that America can develop Chemical & Biological Weapons and so are Long Range Missiles but Iraq or any other Country cannot develop anything beyond 300 Kms, Let the Security Council first Check U.S & U.k's Arsenal of weapons of Mass Destruction and then proceed further. It is surprising and very very sad to know that no country is able to lend Military Support to Irag during this time of Crisis. If France, Russia, China, India & Germany only Threaten U.S with a Support for Iraq Militarily, U.S will fall on it;s feet. Imagine so many Innocent lives are going to be destroyed and this will only create More Osamas leading many many more sept 11 for America & It's Allies. Time for People of this world to Awake & Arise elsewise History will never forgive us all. With Deepest Sympaties & Prayers to the Iraqi People.

Thu Mar 20 15:50:51 2003
Your Views:In fact both the parties need to be harnessed by the world community especially by the so called global custodian the United Nations. Saddam for its undemocratic and hegmonoius control on the people of Iraq and US for being self proclaimed global police, an hypocrite of the top level. both the coutries should be banned from global society but who would challenge Mighty US

Thu Mar 20 15:51:16 2003
Name:kamal shah
Your Views:Must Go. All Saddams worldover must go. All the terrorists are Saddams and they all must go to the grave yards.

Thu Mar 20 15:51:20 2003
Name:Capt. Poornapragna G A
Your Views:Whether Saddam should go or not has to be decided by Iraqis and not yankees. they have no business to interfere in Iraqi affairs. Afterall UN was doing a good job with their inspectors trying to unearth the truth. Is US afraid of facing the truth that there are no WMD in Iraq. To save their faces is Bush and his partner in crime Blair resoting to bombing of Iraq. No doubt saddam should be tried for waht he has done all these years to Kurds, Kuwait and internally to his detractors. But there is a method in dealing with him. If Balir can protect a criminal like Pinochet of Chile why not give time to Un to sort out Iraq. It is doublespeak and unilateralism of the highest order. We should support farnce and germany and rest of the europe in charting out the new world order and not to bow to the dictates of Us and its clones.

Thu Mar 20 15:51:25 2003
Name:biswajit misra
Your Views:no saddam ahouldn`t go.the bush administration is just trying to show the world that they are the boss.

Thu Mar 20 15:51:30 2003
Name:Edwin Karkera
Your Views:I Salute Saddam. He is the real Hero and Bush is the real threat to human civilisation. He is the one who should go.

Thu Mar 20 15:51:32 2003
Your Views:I do not like the actions of US at all. I thinks that's the only powerfull country and has used Iraq to show that. Shame on US.

Thu Mar 20 15:51:35 2003
Name:Shivkumar Singh
Your Views:Dear Rediff Oil for Bush is indeed thicker than blood. If Bush was serious about Islamic terrorism he will plan to occupy Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan who have far more credible claims to terrorism.

Thu Mar 20 15:51:46 2003
Name:Jayathirtha C.R
Your Views:I feel any war against any contry must get the UN approval with out which it is volitation of UN charter

Thu Mar 20 15:52:04 2003
Name:Siddharth R Mehta
Your Views:Apparently the msot powerful nation has made the UN redundant. Simply speaking it means I have the power I will dictate terms. This is dictatorship under the guise of democracy. If President Bush had respected the views of UN he would risen in the eyes of others in the world . By offering aid to those who support him it simply amounts to buying the poor nations in supporting them. Where are the values and ethics and morals of leaders? I am afraid this is not good for the world community especially the disrespect shown by US towards UN.

Thu Mar 20 15:52:27 2003
Your Views:No. Niether the Yanks nor George Bushes are the arbiters of Iraqi future. That is the exclusive prerogative of the iraqi masses. Ofcourse what Bush and Blair have done is that they have made assasinations a state policy. If all countries adopt a similar stand, then the fate of both Blair and Bush is not likely to be very different. God have mercy on this planet.

Thu Mar 20 15:52:29 2003
Your Views:Democracy shld be restored. who the hell is US to do it. they just want to rule the world & test their new equipments

Thu Mar 20 15:52:46 2003
Name:saji nair
Your Views:Really saddam is a true warrior.It is because he is the only man to reciprocate against the dictatorship of americans who have british slaves with them.What has america to do with iraq's social cause.America has proved that UN laws are only for countries which need US help in rebuilding themselves.This agitation against iraq will cost the US dearly as it happened with the twin towers.I think US are terrorist who preaches anti terrorism in open and ridicules other countries.Americans should think that having sophisticated missiles alone will not make them win the war,the real thing they will be missing is a birbal like saddam.By attacking iraq ,america wants to make iraq a colony for them so that they can control other rebel countries as well as swim inthe oilpool of iraq. I think the Mr.Koffi annan should sit with its partners and declare US and UK as temporary members of UN security council,because they ignores the norms of UN frequently. I suggest that saddam should be there till his death in iraq because he is the only person to take on US aand its slaves.US-pakistan with britain has slaves will make a interesting combination of world reckon terrorists.

Thu Mar 20 15:52:58 2003
Name:Prashanth Gujjeti
Your Views:May be the day has come when the United States has become too powerful to contain. Even the normal American reaction is apathy. How does one justify a war that clearly has no just cause? I dont think the Americans are going to stop with just Iraq. If the States wants to run the nations by men of its own choice - mark my words - its really mistaken. History is witness to the fact that all the superpowers have fallen when they thought they were invincible. Democracy in the international order is something the "Land of the Free"" got to respect more.

Thu Mar 20 15:53:00 2003
Your Views:Saddam must go but not like the way shown by US. The Irakies has to send him away and not Mr. bush. Bush cannot interfear in other countries internal issues.

Thu Mar 20 15:53:01 2003
Name:Russell Newby
Your Views:NO! NO! NO!

Thu Mar 20 15:53:02 2003
Your Views:Personal Interest. It's not a war for global welfare.It's 100% personal interest.Well, US,UK & AU will share their piece of oil cake once they demolish Saddam rule.The whole world knows about this.More than oil its Mr.Bush's personal interest to revenge Sadham as his father could'nt do it.It is not a war for people, it's absolutely personal ineterest.But the pity is, UK and AU join US as allies. But they do want their piece of oil cake. Just for oil and personal revenge, Bush is killing thousands/millions of innocent people. It's not only Iraq people, its also US and its allies war soldiers and people residing in neighouring countries. This proves that any kind of growing Super power should be killed in the initial stage, now US has grown too much. It's so funny about US. It's not just Mr.Bush, it's also few more nuts in US, if they have nothing to do, they would probably would take a good gun, enter school campus and kill innocent students.There is no justification and i really wonder why countries around the world maintain silence.Let's hope US does'nt attack China or India saying it attacked these countries out of global interest just bcos to reduce their growing population.

Thu Mar 20 15:53:03 2003
Your Views:u.s doing for his personnal think and the entire world should oppose u.s

Thu Mar 20 15:53:04 2003
Your Views:bush and saddam, calling each other madman, fighting the war for justice and seeing the other as the greatest threat to humanity! while one appears as enfant terrible the other is a trumped up ageing general, smarter and less stupid. i do not believe that saddam hussein should be removed as iraqi president anymore than pervez musharraf or the despotic heads of various arab countries. prez bush is not trying to remove saddam from the top of iraqi govt but from the top of billions of gallons of oil. the war would not only destabilize the middle east but put into quandry the many manhy arabs who actually believe in democracy across teh region and elsewhere. bush's action would label the liberals as anti-islamic and american stooges. sad indeed. but worse is that dubya again proves to you that we havent really come out of the ancient and medival times when might was right and nothing like sanctity for national sovereignty or even will of the people existed. as far as i can make out, iraqi pepole were living happily with little comaplaints against their president until he made the kuwaitit blunder.even today they would do merrily do the same, if a certain bush gave them a chance

Thu Mar 20 15:53:07 2003
Your Views:He should not leave the country. All other countries should put a nuclear bomb in New York City

Thu Mar 20 15:53:15 2003
Your Views:disband UN & allied agencies unless countries agree tht we also hv the same right to attack pakistan & disarm them as usa & its allies hv to disarm iraq. if a stranger enters a us citizens home & feels threatened he has a right to kill the intruder by any means & his action is justified by law. same way us & allies hv entrd iraq & bombing them & in same way the iraqis have a right to defend themselves with anything they posses incldng nuclear,chemical & biological. these weapons have always been called as deterrents & iraqis wl be in their full right to use them for their defence

Thu Mar 20 15:53:21 2003
Your Views:Why he should go away from his country...he did so many thing for Iraq and specially the people of Iraq wants him love him and say that they are free just bcoz of great Saddam hussien even the latest Election shows the result and slapped the USA and Bush with 99.97% voting result in favour of Iraq's Hero The Great Saddam. And second thing who the Hell America is to think about whole Earth...why they just mind their own bussiness...humm..They just want OIL for free as all UAE and Gulf country licking the USA and giving all their preicious oil for free and only the Saddam is dare to stand AGAINST HIM...As a conclusion I would like to say that Saddam is on right Path he should not go away from IRAQ but that stupid USA BUSh should hide himself in some BUSH...

Thu Mar 20 15:53:27 2003
Your Views:This is really happy news for the India.Conservative mentality person not only Saddam but also all the muslim head must go out.

Thu Mar 20 15:53:34 2003
Your Views:US is bound to pay a heavy price someday for its foreign policy. It is very obvious what the US is after. There are so many nations where there is starvation and death. US seems to look the other way to these thirld world countries. So the less said the better about US and is policies. Now its just a matter of time before it finds it being marauded by the likes of North Korea with a Nuke. It has to be remembered that evry dog has its DAY. so lets wait for the D Day.

Thu Mar 20 15:53:38 2003
Your Views:no

Thu Mar 20 15:53:40 2003
Name:Lalitha Ganguly
Your Views:US has behaved like "pottais" (a Tamil word) which means men without balls. They first get the United Nations Inspectors to get rid of the firepowers of Iraq and then when the going is seemingly safe for them they get into attack. They now resemble the typical Beach bully kicking sand into a weaker man's eyes. The United States of Eisenhower and Kennedy was not like that. It took a Clinton to make Bush respectable and it now takes a Bush to make Saddam Hussein respectable. The Bush administration is resembling the typical Stalinist era, with the free press being allowed to function freely only as long as they support the Bush policies. They conjure phrases such as the "coalition of the willing" except that they do not specify what they are willing about. Iranian Oil? How many of these coalition partners are not dependent on American doles? It is not as if the US policy makers are not aware of their weak case. It is just that they are following Machiaevellian logic for empire gains in a cycnical and brutal manner. Us has made 1) UN redundant; 2 and 3)More than Weapons of Mass Destruction, Oil is thicker than blood 3) Democracy cannot be imposed. 4)Saddam and Bush should go.

Thu Mar 20 15:53:41 2003
Name:Outsider !!
Your Views:It is not my view or your view, Esteemed Sirs, that is important whether Saddam Should Go............It is the views of Iraqis !!!!

Thu Mar 20 15:53:41 2003
Name:Nitin Bhardwaj
Your Views:No as a matter of fact all the people watching America play a washout games should have their presidents and prime ministers resigned

Thu Mar 20 15:53:42 2003
Name:Abhilasha Das Aikat
Your Views:The world today is under threat not from weapons of mass destruction but from the hegemony of the US.By undermining the authority of UN, US and its allies have shown scant regard for international opinion! President Bush, we in India not only believe but have concrete proof of Pakistan's involvement in terrorism against us.Going by your logic we have to attack them , right? And serve Gen Musarraf an ultimatum to leave Pakistan in 48 hours! But alas President Bush! Hypocricy is thy other name and Gen Musarraf is thy loyal servant!!!!

Thu Mar 20 15:53:45 2003
Your Views:This war is only to keep the world under control and to establish the iraqui govt. which supports the America for their oil capturing mission.

Thu Mar 20 15:53:47 2003
Your Views:yes

Thu Mar 20 15:53:53 2003 Thu Mar 20 15:54:00 2003
Name:K G Shankar
Your Views:Saddam must go at least in the interest of the nation

Thu Mar 20 15:54:05 2003
Your Views:saddam should not quit

Thu Mar 20 15:54:05 2003
Your Views:I,do not think Saddam Husein should leave Iraq just because America thinks that way.If at all he goes that can be only to his peoples uprising and not because bushs dadagiri.

Thu Mar 20 15:54:08 2003
Your Views:The way President Bush has defied UN council and went ahead with then war shows that countries at UN council is just puppet in front of US. They cannot do anything. Mr.Bush is No one to ask Saddam Hussain and his son's to leave their Mother land. It is the citizens of Iraq who should decide his fate. If any one person has to be branded terrorist. It has to be President George Bush of USA. The whole world should wake up now and stop US from its Evil idea of concuring the whole world. This man can just blame any one person and than bomb the whole country, killing thousands of civilion. Yesterday it was Afganisthan, today Iraq, tomorrow may be Koria or India. Each nation opposing war on Iraq should unite and stop US from bombing and killing innocent people of Iraq. The countires opposing war should help Iraq fighting against USA ( coalition ) force. Mr.Bush's only intention is to control oil field of Iraq. His claim about Iraq having nuclear weopen which can kill innocent people of USA is just a gimmick. Mr. Bush should be branded terrorist number one above Osama bin Laden.

Thu Mar 20 15:54:15 2003
Your Views:Saddam Should stay.

Thu Mar 20 15:54:17 2003
Name:himanshu sharma
Your Views:this is real bad that mr. bush has gone against will of most of the world population and imposed a war on iraq.he call n. korea axis of evil and it is well known that pakistan has given them that technology which is their main ally in so called war against terrorism.if bush hag guts enogh he should attack n. korea.

Thu Mar 20 15:54:20 2003
Name:Aman Oberoi
Your Views:The people of iraq have the authority to decide. Who is the US to intervene and that also without the approval of the US. The US says Iraq has possible nuclear weapons, doesnt the US have them, and should the world then unite and ask the US to disarm ? My concern is for the poor suffering of the Iraqi people, they have been suffering for the past 11 years. Something has to be done to stop the US from this aggression. Lets stand together for world peace.

Thu Mar 20 15:54:37 2003
Your Views:Saddam should be remain in office and should not go

Thu Mar 20 15:54:40 2003
Your Views:Why Saddam should go? There is no need for him to step down. My feeling is that Bush should be killed And America should lose in WAR and they should get lesson for their future.

Thu Mar 20 15:54:52 2003
Your Views:Bush is a problem...not Saddam! Saddam is only doing something to save himself..fight for his & his coutryz rights!!!

Thu Mar 20 15:55:01 2003
Your Views:Here the question is, what Mr. Bush is doing justice to US people and the whole world? My definite answer is NO. World politics cannot be powered and controlled by whims and wishes of a fanatic leaders. It seems Mr. Bush is trying to complete the job of his father, which he was not able complete 10 years back. Govt. in US have changed, there was 9/11 attack, so many things happened in last 10 years. Who gives the right to US President to take control over the Iraq and ask Mr. Hussain to leave the contry? If India tries to take similar action against Pakistan, will Mr. Bush keep mum about the whole thing and support India? If Iraq pulls neighbouring contries in the war, what would US and UN would do in that case? It's injustice towards humanity. UN and all other contries who are not in favour of war, should protest against and they can go to an extent of putting sanctions against US. Is there any brave leader in the world, who would go for this? Sadly, it's not going to happen and US is continuing with there actions against Iraq. Tomorrow, it could be Pakistan or China, may be any other contry which is going against US. Stop this violance at Global level and live peacefully.

Thu Mar 20 15:55:07 2003
Your Views:I dont think saddam shld doesnt make sense that if he goes. .US will no wau stop its nonsense stuff.. this war is just for money game.. the world has witness this many times..

Thu Mar 20 15:55:10 2003
Name:Sanjeev Rajput
Your Views:this is unjustified demand

Thu Mar 20 15:55:13 2003
Name:viren Trivedi
Your Views:No Saddam should not go. If Iraqi people want them why should other country has to decide for him. USA or UK has no right to decide and they should not interfier in other country. USA & UK have declared so many time that they will fight against terrorism but they are blessing to Pakistan in short they are looking their personal interest first and then every thing. This is totally selfishness for which they are well known.

Thu Mar 20 15:55:23 2003
Your Views:Sir Should Saddam go? It's better we human race get rid off George Walker Bush.he's becoming greatest threat to humanity than any body else.Those who are supporting These wanton killings are Spineless, hungry Vultures.

Thu Mar 20 15:55:40 2003
Name:MV Sathish
Your Views:Well. Who should be in power in Iraq should be decided by Iraq people and not by the US President. My feeling is that US has started this for its own selfish motives. Today its Iraq. God knows who is tommorow. So its time the World Nations have to come together and Stop US from such atrocities. Pray to GOD to make US face another Vietnam in Iraq.

Thu Mar 20 15:55:49 2003
Your Views:why? Mr Saddam has to go. why not Bush. tell me the difference between the Hitler of 20th centry and Mr bush. For me both are same chracters. All the world which is supporting the U.S or seeing the war from distance is as much as to be blammed as bush. how much you will give to appease this vampire? I am wondering about his next target may be N.korea or Iran and if things goes like this we are also endanger species in the years to come. As the things are going this centry will be called as the century of Anti-America. May God give this bush a little wisdom and knowlege to use the power for benefit of humans.

Thu Mar 20 15:55:52 2003
Name:mahesh vs
Your Views:no, bush must go

Thu Mar 20 15:56:02 2003
Name:Kishor Kothari
Your Views:Before this,this man was so furious for the entire world. Again after imposing so many compulsons and prohibitions,he is not accepted by this world.He is not casual for his public.The common man related to him and his nation is not happy.He has prepared the weapons of mass distruction.For whom?Other country has not even thought.His neighbours are afraid of him and can not slip.Only country like U.S. can bundle him out. No other can even think of.Blood is only for life.To produce energy oil is required and not the blood.If democracy does not establish its on way,then the force must be used as the final weapon.The world has taken so many years to topple this only man.Even he is not superior like U.S.If he is left unseen and not been wiped out,the whole world will have to face and experience for the full century. He must go. Anybody like him must be thrown out.With collective effort,all must run this earth nicely and piecefully.

Thu Mar 20 15:56:16 2003
Name:bhagwant kishore
Your Views:Whatever Bush is doing is wrong.

Thu Mar 20 15:56:16 2003
Name:Uncovered Truth
Your Views:What makes a war happen? Backstage of the American attack against Iraq in 1991 The expenses for the Gulf war 40 billion US dollars But who paid for this? Instinctively we say that the $ 40 billion, was paid by the USA Where did they find this money? The oil price before the war was approx. 15$ per barrel... Where did they find this money? Net profit from the increase in the price of oil: 60 billion $ Who owns the oil companies? Let's make some calculations... But this is not over yet... Finally, who paid the '91 war against Iraq? But this is not over yet... So, the USA, have made a total profit of... But this is not over yet... 2. Where did the $ 40 billion spent for the war go? Last thoughts Now it is easy to assume that the Gulf war in 1991, happened for financial reasons only, and not for some "humanitarian reason" or for the "right to freedom". Last thoughts The war in Afghanistan had as a main target the installation of a pawn government that would agree with the construction of a pipe line (American owned), of 2.500 km length that would run across its territory.

Thu Mar 20 15:56:30 2003
Name:P Ramakrishna
Your Views:No need. This is only the instict of USA & its allies to show their domination over the world. This will lead to a war between the two major religions.

Thu Mar 20 15:56:40 2003
Name:r. venkataraman
Your Views:It is time for Saddam to go. Though US is not absolutely correct in their action, someone has to bell this cat which is neither doing good for the Citizens of Iraq for the world in general. Such a Dictator should go rather than continuously doing harm for a good country with well educated citizens in every sphere of life. When he is not going on his own, we have no other alternative but to support Bush in his action. If not now, the Iraqis can never get a chance to live peacefully. After Sad Damn, his sons will come and follow the foot-steps of their father. The bitter pill has to be swallowed, which justifies the action of US.

Thu Mar 20 15:56:48 2003
Your Views:Stop harassing saddam hussein.let him & his people live in peace. united states stop bullying the rest of the world.

Thu Mar 20 15:56:54 2003
Your Views:Hi I dont understand why he should go from his post since all his country people supports him and more over how bush can decide who should be in which post.Who knows after some times he says vajpay should change from PM post and give to some body else?Is he the U S president or world president

Thu Mar 20 15:57:02 2003
Your Views:SHAME ! SHAME ! on US .

Thu Mar 20 15:57:06 2003
Your Views:Theres no doubt that its an unjust War. U.S.A has always had uliterior motive in all their actions and one can't expect any better behaviour from the likes of U.K. But, whats very disturbing and surprising (or is it not so surprising!!) is the silence of Mr. Putin. Is he really a World Leader as is portrayed to be? I have my doubts. As for our leaders, they are nothing but a bunch of Eunuchs, who are neither here nor there. GOD sees the truth....but waits. My dear Americans & Enghlishmen, wait till you hear from the ALMIGHTY, and when he hits you, none of your Patriots or other gizmos will stand a chance. Amen.

Thu Mar 20 15:57:16 2003
Your Views:U.N. has to decide this , not usa or u.k. so it is really going to be bad time for usa and u.k. in future by pro- islamic group.....

Thu Mar 20 15:57:27 2003
Name:babulal satasiya
Your Views:Its not war for just Weapons of Mass Destruction but for crude oil ,and complete the work that not completed by senior bush(killing of sadam)

Thu Mar 20 15:57:47 2003
Your Views:Here the question is not whether Saddam should go or not, but to me the question is who has given the right to the US to be the global protector. Mr. Bush has even defied the UN in this case. And I tell you, he may be able to smoke out Saddam out of Iraq but this war will give rise to many more Saddams and the Us will be in constant threat. Doesnt this war show the most fearful dog attack the other first thinking that if struck down I will be saved???

Thu Mar 20 15:57:51 2003
Your Views:Yes, Saddam should go ! Its high time the people of Iraq are suffering under his tyranny. He is cruel dictator who doesn't hesitate to use chemical weapons against his own citizens. At the same time, he poses a serious threat to Israel & Western countries. Let there be democracy in Iraq & people live in peace & prosperity.

Thu Mar 20 15:57:52 2003
Your Views:i think saddam has right to deffend him self. what ever done us is nothing but weapons destruction in the name of war. i think both sr.bush and jr.bush banned from the earth and as weel as from universe. attack on iraq was unjustice and not fair.

Thu Mar 20 15:58:07 2003
Name:Shikha Saikia
Your Views:Bush Administration has made the biggest mistake by attacking Iraq.He did not care to think about the plight of the innocent children. How on earth can one force his views on others? The concept of Democracy is lost if it has to be brought with the help of Guns. How will Bush feel if Saddam asks him to leave America & go in Exile? One does not

have to support Saddam but one has to take action sensibly. One feels the advisors of Bush has let down Bush & a big nation like the US. Not obeying the orders of UN is definitely going to tell on the world peace. US has shown the way to many an erring nation by Bush Administration not getting a mandate from UN & yet attacking Iraq.

Thu Mar 20 15:58:14 2003
Your Views:NO ! Saddam should not go. If he goes then a wrong precendent will be set by the US & UK where they would start toppling any leader who does not agree with their administration. He should fight back. This war is a war of morals now. Iraqis should fight back. keep it up.

Thu Mar 20 15:58:19 2003
Name:rohit tomar
Your Views:america has no right to dictate who should rule in a country especially when the ruler of that country is co-operating with the world community. it is really sad to see an unethical move from america which is going to undermine united nation organization. this sitution has reached due to the fact america is a sole superpower and no other country is in position to stop it. only a fitting reply by saddam to america can stop them from taking similar position towards other countries but this seems unlikely. Interesting thing is that US is a democratic country and it failed to appricate the fact that majority of countries are oppose to war.

Thu Mar 20 15:58:46 2003
Name:Rakesh Sharma
Your Views:I strongly disagree with the view that saddam should go in the condition persist now. USA is single handedly creating situation where he is defying the over all authority of UN.

Thu Mar 20 15:58:52 2003
Name:Joe Felseistein
Your Views:No. This is really an improper behaviour shown by USA. They have become so much high headed that virtually they are willing to repeat despotism in the name of peace. I see in near fututre, USA will have a very bad day. This is a good example of a country headed by a man without any head: USA and Bush.

Thu Mar 20 15:59:00 2003
Your Views:It is not Saddam to go. It is Mr.Bush and/or U.N.O that should go.

Thu Mar 20 15:59:00 2003
Your Views:"cowards should go,not saddam".who is he to dictate? ALLAH is there to give punishments for the wrongdoers.Blair is the chamcha of evil.Better check your own position and of your country.

Thu Mar 20 15:59:05 2003
Name:Yem De
Your Views:Saddam Hussien is no Saint...He invaded Kuwait a decade ago burnt most of its Oil well... At the same time Bush Does have any right to decide for the Iraqi people... If Bush believes that Saddam has links with terror groups then why doesnt he bring evidence in front of the International community... If Bush can replace Saddam Tommorrow he may not be happy with someone in Nepal or China or Pakistan or even India Will he use force to change them???? Saddam Should not go!!!

Thu Mar 20 15:59:13 2003
Your Views:america is after the petrol n is fighting saddam hussian who is not at all wrong.bush should step down in shame

Thu Mar 20 15:59:31 2003
Your Views:Ofcourse Saddam should go rather then tolerating attacks coz if US is not answered right now it would be thinking itself to be dictator of the world so better to reply back the attacks rather then tolerating the injustice. Clear views states that US just need the Oil Brand name and its really shameful that other countries are spectator to the clear injustice done to Iraq, i firmly belive that Saddam should reply inorder to protect the innocent civilians.

Thu Mar 20 15:59:44 2003
Name:H S
Your Views:it is extremely frustrating to know that One strong man thinks he has the right to rule the World. What his father could not achieve, he is trying to. What is the difference between Saddam and him then? Both spreading terror!? Who has given him the right to kill people of another country and decide who should rule IRAQ? By showing disregard to the Un, they have proved to be no different from their so called Enemy - Iraq. There soon needs to be a day when America realises that they do NOT OWN THE WORLD! A 48 hour deadline would be more appropriate to Bush rather than Saddam!

Thu Mar 20 15:59:52 2003
Your Views:hi, this is barbarian act by the president Bush.jr to take controll over iraqi oil fields at hte cost of human beings. I strongly feel that this american president should be hanged at first .then everyone should think of peaceful way to get rid of weapons of mass destruction. By the way do anybody have statistics of the weapons US posses ? this would be million times what iraq has....isn't it'?

Thu Mar 20 15:59:53 2003
Name:Dr. J.P.SINGH
Your Views:In my opinion saddam should not quit but fight bravely with bush and get sucess Iwish him for the best

Thu Mar 20 16:00:18 2003
Name:Prem Thomas
Your Views:Peace is not attainable by using force. The United States and its 'allies' are greedy for the oil wealth of Iraq. The so called 'allies' includes countries who are dependent on the united states for its aid. Some of them are so small that its very surprising to hear that they have been included in this list. When the vast majority of the countries in the world do not believe in war, it is very surprising to see united states forge ahead against the wishes of the united nations. The united states talks of genocide committed by Saddam, what is Bush doing now???? who has given him the authority to kill Iraqis??? In the middle east other than Israel, i dont see any other country supporting war against Iraq, then how is the united states talking about peace in the middle east, when only one nations views are taken into mind. I am not in favour of Saddams rule or his attitude to Iraqis, but war is not the solution. Everyone wants Iraq disarmed since it is felt to be a threat to the world population. What about the united states , shouldn't it be disarmed to save the world population??

Thu Mar 20 16:00:20 2003
Name:Tarun Sharma
Your Views:Though Saddam is notorious and did malign act in 1991 by attacking Kuwait and has similar other record. But in recent times he did nothing like that. It seems that Bush only want some reason or other to fight Iraq. It is not a case like Afghanistan where Taliban was ruled and their people didn't like that. Here people in Iraq have no bad feelings for Saddam. They are happy in his rule. Thus, there's is no point in establishing democracy forcefully there. This is like an act of dictatorship. This act does not agree with the principles and spirit of democracy. It is another form of imperialism.

Thu Mar 20 16:00:22 2003
Your Views:No body in earth can justify the attack on Iraq. Whether there is democoracy or not totally internal matter for Iraq . There is nothing for America to do there . Sotimes this war will overthrow Saddam but war is affected by millions of innocent Iraqi Citizens .May the mighty God make this the last war or agresiion by US and scatter them and send them to proverty and unsecurity which they thinks they have .Sometimes in future US may say India is a treat for world and attack us .So we have bid the nib.The US aim is Oil and an Iraqi admistration that will support US . Now US is threat to whole mankind .There is no need of a Big B in this world .

Thu Mar 20 16:00:23 2003
Your Views:No,Saddam mustn't go.UN must be given the cjance to deal him.Every action must have a nod from security counsil

Thu Mar 20 16:00:25 2003
Name:Ajit Shrivastav
Your Views:Why should Saddam leave the country ???? Infact I should say that George Bush should leave US. George Bush says that he wants to bring stability in Iraq. Who the hell is Bush to do that. Iraqians seem to be very happy with Saddam. It is just an act of bringing ruling powers in Iraq.

Thu Mar 20 16:00:33 2003
Your Views:If US has right to attack Iraq to remove Saddam for oil in the name of terrorists, India deserves the right to attack Pakistan and remove Musharraf by force to get the gas pipe line from Iran, in the name of terrorists.

Thu Mar 20 16:00:44 2003
Your Views:Nope....Never. It's a war for their home land.

Thu Mar 20 16:00:58 2003
Name:Rahul Kataria
Your Views:I feel Bush should go & not Saddam

Thu Mar 20 16:00:59 2003
Name:satyendra sinha
Your Views:No way, Bush is only trying to fulfil his fathers agenda -US control over the Gulf oil.His intentions are wrong and he has no mandate of the world for this act, like he had for Afghanistan war. The world is cryig and protesting against his coward act of attacking Iraq for selfish means. Contrary to this, Saddam has the support of the world and hopefully, the God must support him.

Thu Mar 20 16:01:09 2003
Your Views:Saddam Should notgo.Democracy Can't and Shouldn't established by force.saddam is a good leader.

Thu Mar 20 16:01:10 2003
Name:Santosh Taranath
Your Views:No, Saddam should not go at all. The tyrants and cheats as Bush should go (he was not even the actual winner of their presidential elections). This war against Iraq is totally wrong(adharm). As Iraq dosen't have any biological or chemical weapons, USs' intentions are clearly visible that they are greedy for more oil. Iraq had always been an ardent ally of India(even on the Kashmir issue at UN). So India should support Iraq's defence against US. In the present context we have even more justifiable reasons to attack Pakistan and stop Terrorism(US and PAK bred) once and for all.

Thu Mar 20 16:01:11 2003
Your Views:My view is that Saddam shall teach a lesson to Bush. America shall be humiliated and shamed amid the world countries. His(Bush) autocratic way of waging war is not justifiable. There should be common rule for all countries. If he says what he is doing is right then what Al-Quida is doing is also right. They want to clear off americans because they are their enemies. By this way if it goes anybody can do anything.

Thu Mar 20 16:01:18 2003
Your Views:Saddam should never surrender. He has no choice but to either DO or DIE. Anything else will be VIRTUAL DEATH for not only him but for his whole NATION.

Thu Mar 20 16:01:19 2003
Name:N chary
Your Views:Saddam Hussain need not go. What US is doing without the consent of UNO, is totally wrong. The position of UNO is nullified. This is wrong. After all the technological and social advancements, we are attacking the human race,which is proving "might is right". This can not be justified.

Thu Mar 20 16:01:50 2003
Name:Dayanand Shanbhag
Your Views:I am against a country ruled by a dictator. I am for overthrowing the rule of dictators all arround the world and establishing democracy. Hence I feel that Saddam should go. US definitely has its interest in overthrowing Saddam. It can establish a military base in that country and monitor all the terrorist(read anti American) activities occuring in the whole of gulf. Besides a lot of contracts for building Iraq would go to American companies. This would pull out America from the recession. Recollect that post gulf war in 1992, US went on to become the sole economic superpower by the thrust given by the kuwaiti contracts. It is also good for the surviving Irqui people because of the development and freedom that they would enjoy after the war ends. But the effects of war could be disastrous. Saddam would try to destroy the oil wells of Iraq if he sees that defeat is imminent. This may have a bad economic impact on the world.

Thu Mar 20 16:01:58 2003
Your Views:Dear Mr. Bush, Please leave this world as soon as possible. You are a threat to mankind.

Thu Mar 20 16:02:12 2003
Your Views:Saddam(s) have been a great support to terrosists at all time. Saddam shoud go. They are of big challenge in making peaceful world. Communists have killed lakhs of people in past history. Why it becomes huge crime when US does it for reason. So many indians have been killed in borders. why should we tear about these culprits rather than finish them up from their roots.

Thu Mar 20 16:02:14 2003
Your Views:No not at all particularly now and with the hand of USA and its tatoo coalition, It would have been wise if there would have been any backup from UN but there was no scope for this in UN.I don't think its only me but the whole world is concerned from the dictates of usa(bush) and no one is sure whats going to happen next or whom will be targeted next.I think this is the time when another UN can come in existence or the present UN would remove one of its members from it for his law breaking attitude and the New UN would take all the means and measure to hold this mad dog and if necessary would even use the force to control Bush and disarm him, as he is really the biggest threat to the entire world and in such a case i don't belive its important for saddam to go but anyone who has mind can say its imminent for Mr. Bush to go and do baby sit.

Thu Mar 20 16:02:15 2003
Your Views:Yeh Saddam should go.This war is not against the two countries but against the humanity,how can saddam follow the Bush instruction to leave his country,i think Bush is not the king of the whole world.This is world of democracy no country can freighten to any other country, why Bush doesn't follow the way of peace and disarmaments. This is ridiculous,UN are the big liar, they are just sitting idle as they are handicapped, it means we are slaves, we have to bow down before the english empire?No this is not acceptable at all,In other way , next time Bush threathen to Mr Bajpaee to leave india so what India will do then?

Thu Mar 20 16:02:23 2003
Your Views:Yes, he should go and the war is justified.

Thu Mar 20 16:02:37 2003
Your Views:No!!why should he? just because one "out of control" idiot wants to destroy world peace? i think that bush should go! india should take stance similar to france.

Thu Mar 20 16:02:51 2003
Your Views:No Never, yes for US OIL is thicker than BLOOD, No he has to be the Hero of this century.

Thu Mar 20 16:02:53 2003
Name:Nilay Rajnikant Wankawala
Your Views:NO. Why one should go at the whims and fencies of a person who doesn't stay in his country at all. Today is the day of iraq tomorrow that person may take upon any other nation to obey his orders...every country has a right to build up arms and ammunitions to protect from enemies and while if sadam has done so he is absolutely within his rights...only some countries sees it as a threat although the reality is ....its not so...the rich rules the poor and so the mightiest on day usa will have to face the tune of all these decisions taken by his leader and that would be felt so strong that the the nation which deosn;t have any culture of its own ( usa) will be nowhere in the sadam hussein should never go .....presdient bush should go on the contrary because he is the person who not because of power of himeself but because of the upper hand that his country enjoys in the world has started behaving as if he is the god of the world which is very dangerous as he is an ordinary man like me and you but thinks very high of himself...he is a cop who has done everything wrong till date and then too has not been able to achieve what he targeted in the past for eg. o b l

Thu Mar 20 16:03:07 2003
Your Views:No. Even if Iraq has Mass distruction weapons others have no business is asking them to destroy. It is high time the neighbours of Iraq and others teach a lesson to USA. The best way to tackle the aggression is economic and social boycott of aggressors. That which cannot be won by strength can be won by intelligence.

Thu Mar 20 16:03:36 2003
Name:S.A. Joseph
Your Views:By waging war against Iraq, if USA is able to prove to the world that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction which were not declared to the UN inspection team, then USA is justified in going to war and will prove to the world that UN did not do their duty. If the USA fails in this task, it has made the world body redundant and will expose itself to the world that USA had other considerations and interests.

Thu Mar 20 16:04:00 2003
Name:Joseph George
Your Views:Yes, he should go. Iraq should be cleaned. After Iraq, Mugabe should be removed from Zimbabwe, Kim Jong should be removed from North Korea and last but not the least, Musharaff from Pakistan. But please dont hurt these countries' citizens. Away with all these saddists. Please clean the world.

Thu Mar 20 16:04:13 2003
Your Views:No.Not at all. It is very bad to a person to tell to leave his own country itself is not tolerable. It is very bad.

Thu Mar 20 16:04:47 2003
Name:George W. Bush
Your Views:In the larger interests of his nation and the people Saddam Hussein should step down

Thu Mar 20 16:04:53 2003
Your Views:Its not et all good to go ahead w/o UN's nod (Then Y is the UN there, UN is not required any more, when it cannot stop US and its allies).And no way any one can win on the others through war. This is only act of showing power of America,and allies wanna to show there obidience to there leader.Everybody knows that America wants Oil wells under its capture, this is the prime motive every otherthing is a act of terrorising Iraq. More over any where war happend, direct or indirect the impact in only on the civilans who are innocents.

Thu Mar 20 16:04:59 2003
Your Views:Saddam is not terrorising the world the way bush is doing, so in my opinion he is doing a better job than bush.The bush & amercia despite wearing a mask of being the saviours of humanity are doing more harm than good to humanity. If saddam is a threat then what is U.S? If US can amass all sorts of weapons, why can't others do so? If US can preach peace & restrain to India despite the latter facing a real ongoing problem of terrorism, why it is going to war,merely because it percieves a threat from Iraq? If the use thinks it is the only one authorised to do world justice then why is it pampering countries like pakistan who are proven harbourers originators of terrorists/terrorism? Although US can attack Iraq from outside its terroritory with the help of its so-called allies, poor Iraq is in no position to do the same with U.S. Still it is Iraq which is threat?

Thu Mar 20 16:05:02 2003
Name:Subhash Sharma
Your Views:NO Saddam has to go only if the people of iraq wants him to go and not the U.S. Now it seems that U.N is only into existence to get raped from U.S. I really feel sorry that no country was able to protect that RIGHTS of U.N.

Thu Mar 20 16:05:02 2003
Your Views:there are so many dictators in the world. some counties encourage terrorist directly and most of them indirectly.It will be a waterloo for USA as at Vietman/Cuba. There are other important world issues and USA can devote much time on this

Thu Mar 20 16:05:07 2003
Your Views:Just two men are creating headache to billions around the world.It's pathetic to see the plight of Iraqis but it is more painful and ironical to see millions of americans just nodding their head to a decision that may lead the entire world to darkness.Are we really civilized ot too civilized to watch this mockery of two men who are in power... One by chance and the other by force.

Thu Mar 20 16:05:09 2003
Name:Bhupendra Jagani
Your Views:Iraq is sovereign country and only her people has right to decide. Bush is entering BUSH and it will be very difficult and costly to come out of BUSH. U.S. and supporters are totally wrong on terrorism. They did not understood terrorism after 09/11. Do they hear India cry since decades? Why there are differnet sticks for terrorism (read Pakistan). International community knew about nexus of U.S.A. and Pakistand who is epicentre of terrorism. U.S.has never won any war and will never. See Vietnam, Cuba, N.Korea and Afghanistan. This is the war for oil because Saudi Arabia is going to dictate their own terms once the oil supply traty ends ends in 2005 Why can't they explore and use their oil reserves? May peace prevail with God's blessings to all.

Thu Mar 20 16:05:19 2003
Your Views:What the hell this reckless, dubious Dubya thinks of himself- It is simple Gunda Gardi and nothing else. Bush and his lapdogs should be tried for War crimes. They literary inflicted war not only on poor Iraqis but on the whole world perhaps. They should be single handedly described as RESPONSIBLE for the catastrophe-death, hunger, starvation, miseries.GOD will certainly punish them -their destiny will be to die a dog's death.Unfortunately the UN has become a toothless organisation. These murderers[ read Bush & Blair ] from US & UK do not even care for reverred Pope, UN or anything else. I consider Bush & Blair as greatest enemies to the humanity than anyone else on this earth at present.My symapthies for the fellow citizens of Iraq. May God give them the strength to overcome the trauma of war again.Indian leaders must protest strongly against this attack and not try to become a small lapdog of US at this point.Saddam may go if his people so desire. He may be thrown out but this war is not against Saddam but for oil & Dollar count.And the poor Iraqis have to pay for Bush's pleasure and whims. What an evil he is !!

Thu Mar 20 16:05:29 2003
Name:KS Kiran Kumar
Your Views:It is just not the question whether Iraq is right or wrong by keeping weapons of mass destruction. Importantly, I do not understand what danger USA is envisaging, sitting thousands of Kilometers away from Iraq. For that matter, even USA is in possession of weapons of mass destruction. This is nothing but the bullying tactics of USA to take over the oil reserves in Iraq. Who the hell is USA to decide who will lead other countries. Bush Junior will be known to future generations as a war monging devil. As on today, if there is any rogue state, it is USA and not Pakistan :) Global political scenario now feels the absence of another super power to put brakes to USA's tantrums. I wish, all peace loving countries, shed their reservations and come out in public to criticise the ghastly acts of USA against small countries. May god bless all the people in Iraq and curse Bush Junior. W/Regards

Thu Mar 20 16:05:38 2003
Name:B. Boy
Your Views:Today Iraq ! Tomorrow the World !

Thu Mar 20 16:05:48 2003
Your Views:Saddam is only as guilty as anyone else in the world of dangerous weapons, which includes the US. This is obviously going to be yet another of Mr Bush's blunders. Saddam's blood and his chemicals and uranium being an excuse, Mr Bush seems to be more interested in the oil. If there is any truth in Bush's allegations, leave it to the UN to bring Saddam to the court.

Thu Mar 20 16:06:17 2003
Your Views:whether saddam should go????this has to be decided by the iraqi people or then the united nations. who the hell is the u.s to decide this.1/2 the u.s population wudnt even know where iraq is situated.failure on part of the u.s govt to show results against terrorism post 9/11 has made them draw attention to iraq. u.s attack on iraq has no justification....u.s is the most selfish country and will think only abt themselves. i think the whole world needs to take notice of the u.s action coz u never know.....u'r country wud be next on line for some reason or the other on the u.s target list.

Thu Mar 20 16:06:26 2003
Name:K. S. Meenakshisundaram
Your Views:I do not want to elaborate on whether Saddam is a dictator or not. Whether Saddam should go or not should be decided by Iraqis themsleves and not by a stubborn "son of a b#@&h" sitting in a country called USA in a totally different continent 2 oceans apart. Not so long ago, Iraqis themselves voted in favor of Saddam remaining as President of Iraq. The "referendum" may have been rigged, but all said and done it is still a verdict. So none of us have the right to decide whether Saddam should leave Iraq or not. Iraqis shall decide.

Thu Mar 20 16:06:31 2003
Your Views:No. Last time he was at fault by invading Kuwait, this time it is USA which is invading other country. War is no solution to any problem as people die un-natural death whichever country they might represent..

Thu Mar 20 16:06:42 2003
Name:Sunil Kumar
Your Views:The UN weapon inspectors have been unable to find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. And the fact that there is no explicit mandate by the United nations gives no right to the United states to launch an attack on Iraq. It has only made the UN look like a spineless organisation. The war isn't about neutralising Iraq's chemical and biological weapons but reeks of the United states greed to control oil-rich Iraq with a puppet government in place. Might be worthwhile asking this question. Who is spending for this war? With oil prices shooting sky high, it would be the common man across the world who would end up coughing the required money. And in the bargain America gets richer. If they are really concerned about protecting the world community, let us see them taking on China. They too have illegally occupied Tibet and have evil designs in Taiwan. I am sure hypocratic America would have a weak answer to this question. :)

Thu Mar 20 16:06:58 2003
Name:KS Kiran Kumar
Your Views:It is just not the question whether Iraq is right or wrong by keeping weapons of mass destruction. Importantly, I do not understand what danger USA is envisaging, sitting thousands of Kilometers away from Iraq. For that matter, even USA is in possession of weapons of mass destruction. This is nothing but the bullying tactics of USA to take over the oil reserves in Iraq. Who the hell is USA to decide who will lead other countries. Bush Junior will be known to future generations as a war monging devil. As on today, if there is any rogue state, it is USA and not Pakistan :) Global political scenario now feels the absence of another super power to put brakes to USA's tantrums. I wish, all peace loving countries, shed their reservations and come out in public to criticise the ghastly acts of USA against small countries. May god bless all the people in Iraq and curse Bush Junior. W/Regards

Thu Mar 20 16:06:58 2003
Name:KS Kiran Kumar
Your Views:It is just not the question whether Iraq is right or wrong by keeping weapons of mass destruction. Importantly, I do not understand what danger USA is envisaging, sitting thousands of Kilometers away from Iraq. For that matter, even USA is in possession of weapons of mass destruction. This is nothing but the bullying tactics of USA to take over the oil reserves in Iraq. Who the hell is USA to decide who will lead other countries. Bush Junior will be known to future generations as a war monging devil. As on today, if there is any rogue state, it is USA and not Pakistan :) Global political scenario now feels the absence of another super power to put brakes to USA's tantrums. I wish, all peace loving countries, shed their reservations and come out in public to criticise the ghastly acts of USA against small countries. May god bless all the people in Iraq and curse Bush Junior. W/Regards

Thu Mar 20 16:07:00 2003
Name:J.Kavin Malar
Your Views:Who is Bush to decide the leader of another Nation? If somebody threatens our PM or President to exile from our country..Imagine..Whether we like our leader or not, another country should not interfere in internal affairs. This is a worst example. Saddam is still having his people's support.Majority of the people elected him as the President. So at any cost, Bush should not ask him to get rid of Iraq. First US has to eradicate all its weapons. After that also it has no right to ask other countries to destroy nuclear weapons. It is no wonder that a capitalist country to behave like this. But Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has backed USA, forgetting Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Until the people of Iraq support Saddam he will be and should be in power.

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