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Mangalore: Lawyers protest Malabari advocate's murder

April 10, 2009 14:56 IST

The gruesome murder of Rashid Malabari's lawyer has sent shockwaves among the lawyers' community in Mangalore.

Vikram Hegde, a leading lawyer in Mangalore, said they have the right to defend anyone they want and it should not been seen by the public as a direct support to the person who they defend.

An advocate only represents his client and it is very unfair that a member of public takes out his anger on an advocate.
Narasimha Hegde, another lawyer, is shocked.

"Attacks on professionals is just not correct. The people must understand that an accused has to be defended. Let the courts decide what is right and what is wrong. The public ought to remember that an accused will be acquitted if he goes unrepresented. Regarding Naushad, I never found a communal side to the man. He was, however, in the spotlight always since he was defending very sensitive cases. It is an attack on our profession and we will have to protest."

Justice Santhosh Hegde, former Supreme Court judge terms the attack dastard.

"A lawyer has the right to defend any one and it is a Constitutional mandate that an accused is represented. We the people of India have accepted the Constitution and on the other hand people do this. Attacking professionals only indicates a state of lawlessness," he said.

Security beefed up: Dr Ajai Kumar Singh, Karnataka state police chief, said on Friday that fresh instructions have been given to the jail authorities to beef up security for Rashid Malabari. The instructions were given in the wake of further threats to the life of Malabari.

Vicky Nanjappa