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MLA worth Rs 40 lakh is the poorest in Karnataka

By Vicky Nanjappa
May 10, 2013 17:07 IST
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The average asset of the 92 re-elected members of Legislative Assembly in Karnataka is estimated at Rs 30.15 crore, according to the Association for Democratic Reforms and Karnataka Election Watch analysis.

In 2008, these MLAs were worth Rs 17 crore. The average asset of the 92 re-elected MLAs has grown by 72 per cent or Rs. 12.62 crore over the last five years (2008-2013).

The average asset of each Karnataka MLA is estimated at Rs 23.54 crore this year. In 2008, it was Rs. 10.02 crore and has seen an increase of nearly 135 per cent. 

Increase in average assets party-wise:

Forty three re-elected legislators of the Congress have shown an average asset increase of Rs 17.57 crore, their assets have increased from Rs 29.64 crore in 2008 to 47.21 crores in 2013. Similarly, the average asset of 30 Bharatiya Janata Party MLAs is estimated at Rs 6.47 crore. It has surged from Rs 7.37 crore in 2008 to Rs 13.84 crores in 2013. Twelve re-elected MLAs of the Janata Dal-Secular have shown their assets at Rs 13.35 crore, a rise from Rs 7.32 crore in 2008 to Rs 20.67 crore in 2013.

Two re-elected MLAs of the BSRC showed a rise of Rs 11.85 crore in assets (from Rs 10.40 crore in 2008 to Rs 22.25 crore in 2013), three re-elected Independent MLAs have shown an increase of Rs. 4.54 crore, while one h re-elected MLA each of the Karnataka Janatha Paksha and the Samajwadi Party have shown an increase in wealth of Rs 4.01 crore and Rs. 9.51 crore respectively.

Highest growth in assets from 2008-2013:

The assets of D K Shivakumar of the Congress from Kanakapura constituency have seen the maximum growth. He has declared a Rs 175.9 crore increase in assets. From Rs 75.5 crore in 2008 his wealth has risen to Rs 251 crore in 2013.

Assets of Priyakrishna of the Congress from Govindrajnagar have increased by Rs 143.36 crore, i.e. from Rs 767.6 crore in 2008 to Rs 910.9 crore in 2013 while that of Santosh Lad from the Kalaghatgi constituency has risen by Rs 124.8 Crore -- from Rs 61.5 crore in 2008 to Rs 186.4 crore in 2013.

Decline in assets:

Three re-elected MLAs have shown a decrease in their assets.

Congress’ Pratapgowda Patil from the Maski Constituency has claimed that there has been a 58 per cent decrease in his assets from Rs 94.18 lakh in 2008 to 39.75 lakh in 2013.

The assets of C T Ravi of the BJP from Chickmagalur Constituency also saw a 5.4 per cent decrease (from Rs 7.85 crore in 2008 to 3.59 crore in 2013), while the wealth of S Muniraju from Dasarahalli dipped by 32 per cent (from Rs 20.12 crore in 2008 to Rs 13.75 crore in 2013).   

Crorepati MLAs:

Ninety-three per cent or the 203 MLAs out of the 218 analysed are crorepatis. In 2008, 63 per cent MLAs were crorepatis.

Ninety-five per cent or 112 out of 118 MLAs analysed of the Congress are crorepatis followed by 93 per cent or 37 out of 40 MLAs of the BJP. Thirty- six out of 38 Janata Dal-Secular MLAs are crorepatis.  

Average assets:

The average asset per MLA in the Karnataka assembly elections is Rs 23.54 crore. In 2008, it was Rs 10.02 crore.

Among the re-elected MLAs for whom data is available, average assets of these 92 re-elected MLAs have grown by 72 per cent or Rs 12.62 crore.

Party-wise, the average asset of every MLA of the Congress is Rs 31.39 crore and of the BJP legislator is Rs 13.06 crore. The average asset of a JD-S MLA is Rs 12.13 crore, of an Independent is Rs 22.96 crore, of the KJP is Rs 5.51 crore and of the BSRC is Rs 11.68 crore. 

MLAs with highest assets:

Priya Krishna of the Congress from the Govindrajnagar constituency has declared assets worth R. 910.98 crore, the highest in the state, followed by N Nagaraju (MTB) from the Hosakota constituency whose assets are worth Rs 470.13 crore.

Third on the list is Congress’ Anil Lad from Bellary city with wealth worth Rs 288.98 crore.  

MLAs with lowest assets:

Three Karnataka MLAs have assets less than Rs 50 lakh.

Congress’ H P Rajesh from Jagalur constituency has assets worth Rs. 7.50 lakh, Pratapgowda Patil from the Maski constituency has declared wealth worth Rs 39.75 lakh.

The poorest MLA in the state is Doddamani Ramakrishna Shidlingappa, whose assets are valued at Rs 40.67 lakh.      


A total of 21 MLAs out of the 218 analysed have declared liabilities worth Rs 10 crore and above.

MLAs with highest liability: The top three MLAs with highest declared liabilities are (in decreasing order): Priya Krishna with Rs 777.79 crore.  D K Shivakumar with liabilities of Rs 105.23 crores and M Krishnappa of from the Vijaynagar constituency with liabilities of Rs 78.77 crore.

Undeclared Permanent Account Number details:

Ten out of 218 MLAs from Karnataka have not declared their PAN details. Five out of 118 MLAs of the Congress have not declared their PAN details.  Similarly, two out of the 38 JD-S legislators, one out of six KJP MLAS, one out of four BSRC MLAs and one SKP MLA have failed to do the same.

MLAs who have declared their income:

One hundred and ninety one MLAs out of the 218 analysed have declared that they have filed their income tax returns. N A Harris of the Congress from the Shantinagar constituency has declared the highest income in his last filed ITR of Rs 49.98 crore followed by N Nagaraju from the Hosakote constituency with an income of Rs 21.12 crore.  Pramod Madhawaraj from the Udupi constituency has declared his income at Rs 18.21 crore.

Criminal MLAs:

Seventy-four of the 218 MLAs analysed have declared criminal cases against them.  In 2008, 20 per cent MLAs had criminal records.

In the Congress, 37 out of 118 (31 per cent) MLAs have criminal cases against them. The BJP has 13 out of 40 (33 per cent) criminal MLAs and the JD-S has 12 out of 38 legislators (32 per cent) with tainted records.

Three out of six KJP MLAs are criminals, the BSRC has two such MLAs of the four.

The lone elected MLAs from SP, Karnataka Makkal Paksha and the Sarvodaya Karnataka Party all have criminal cases against them.   

MLAs with serious criminal cases:  

Out of the 74 MLAs with criminal cases, 39 MLAs have serious criminal cases against them like attempt to murder, kidnapping, dacoity, assault against women etc.

MLAs with cases related to murder: Five MLAs -- Vijayananad Kashappanavar (Congress) from Hungund constituency, BM Nagaraj (Congress) from the Siruguppa constituency, Sambhaji Lakshman Patil, an independent candidate from Belguam Dakshin, Dattatraya C Patil Revoor of the BJP from the Gulbarga Dakshin constituency and B Sriramulu of the BSRC from the Bellary constituency.

MLAs with cases under Prevention of Corruption Act: Eleven MLAs have declared that they have been charged under the Prevention of Corruption Act. Among them, four are from the BJP, three from the Congress and one each from the BSRC, KMP, KJP and an Independent.

Other background details (education, gender, age):

Education: Thirty-eight out of 218 (63 per cent) MLAs analysed are graduates and have higher qualifications.

Age: A total of 17 MLAs fall in the age bracket of 40 or less. A total of eight MLAs out of the total analysed are 70 years or above.

Women MLAs: Out of all 218 MLAs, five (two per cent) are women. The Congress and the BJP both have two women MLAs followed by the JD-S with one woman MLA. In 2008, three women MLAs were elected. 

Image: Karnataka assembly

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