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26/11: Israel honours 'saviour' Indian nanny

September 14, 2010 02:45 IST

Indian nanny Sandra Samuels, who risked her life to save a two-year-old Israeli toddler Moshe Holtzberg from the clutches of death during the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, was on Monday conferred with an honorary citizenship by Israeli government for her bravery.

At an emotional ceremony at the Interior Ministry in Jerusalem, a visibly moved Samuel, who arrived in Israel after the Mumbai attacks to take care of the two year old Moshe Holtzberg whose parents had died in the attack, said, "I hope I will honour the citizenship and love Israel. I would give my life, heart and soul for Israel."

"I've been given love by all of Israel and I hope I will learn to love the country as much as I love Gabi and Rivki," Samuel said using the nicknames for Moshe's parents, Gavriel and Rivka.

Samuel, 45, a widow and a mother of two sons, was working for Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivka, since their arrival here in 2003 and took care of Moshe since his birth.

On November 26, 2008, two terrorists entered the narrow lane where the Jewish centre -- Chabad House, also known as Nariman House, is situated in Colaba in south Mumbai, and the building turned in into a war-zone for the next three days.

Hearing the cries of baby Moshe, Sandra wrapped him in her arms and rescued him in a dramatic fashion along with handyman-cum-cook Qazi Zakir Hussain alias Jackie.

Israel's Interior Minister Ellie Yishai described the life saving experience a truly 'heart wrenching moment which still echoed in our hearts' offering Moshe a gift and candies.

"This is an important and moving moment and we should continue assisting Moishi and the family. Sandra the nanny has taken Moishi at the hardest of times. It was a true heart-wrenching moment which echoed in our hearts. We want all the best for Moishi after the horrible experience he had," Yishai said.

Moshe's grandfather, Rabbi Shimon Rosenberg described Sandra a "righteous woman among nations", thanking Yishai for granting honorary citizenship to her.

"Sandra Samuel stepped into the fire and abyss and did not think of herself," Rosenberg said, adding, "She saved Moishi from the fire and we as Jews must thank and respect her. It is also closure for Rivki and Gabi. I thank Minister Yishai for finding a special time to honour Sandra, a righteous woman among the nations."

Several people in Israel had approached the top political leadership requesting to confer honorary citizenship on Sandra to enable her to live in Israel as a mark of gratitude for her courage in saving a Jewish boy.

Image: Sandra Samuels

Photograph: Vaihayasi Daniel Pande


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