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How Ayodhya residents felt about pran pratishtha

By Arunav Sinha and Gunjan Sharma
January 22, 2024 22:33 IST
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As a festive spirit prevailed in Ayodhya, there was an emotional outpouring among residents of the holy city as the consecration of the new idol of Ram Lalla was held on Monday and said they indeed feel they are living in a divya (divine) Ayodhya, navya (new) Ayodhya and bhavya (grand) Ayodhya.

IMAGE: An illuminated view of the Ram Temple after the pran pratishtha ceremony in Ayodhya on Monday. Photograph: Shrikant Singh/ANI Photo

Krishnanath Singh, a school teacher and a regular morning walker to the Ram temple, said the temple is three kilometres from his house.

"Now our Ayodhya has become a divya Ayodhya, navya Ayodhya and a bhavya Ayodhya," Singh told PTI, as his voice choked with emotions.


Controlling the sudden outpour of emotions, he said, "This is a historic day for each and every resident of not only Ayodhya or Uttar Pradesh but also for the entire country as our Ram Lalla has got the rightful place which he deserves. The day is very special for me, as personally I had seen the struggle of the karsevaks from a very close quarter."

"The kar sevaks from Andhra Pradesh and Nagpur used to reach from Ayodhya to Mirzapur through our village in Ambedkar Nagar district. Our job was to ensure that none of the karsevaks went hungry. As I recall the scenes of the 1990s and witness today's event, I feel relieved that the efforts put by my family have finally yielded positive results," said Singh, who was near the Lata Mangeshkar Chowk.

Expressing happiness over the consecration ceremony, Yashvendra Pratap Singh, a resident of Khajurhat area of Ayodhya told PTI, "There is immense happiness among the people, as they feel that their tapasya (penance) for Ram temple at Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya has given pleasant and wonderful results."

"In the morning, the Shiva temple in the area was cleaned and a number of events like recitation of Sundar Kand followed by prasaad distribution were lined up for the day," he said, and added that the entire area is soaked in devotion to Lord Ram.

Shailesh Singh, a resident of Balapakauli, said, "All of us are feeling very good and a sense of pride is evident. As a resident of Ayodhya, for a long time we wanted a grand and divine temple of Lord Ram to be built. We have also become a part of it now. As a resident of the temple town of Ayodhya, we are ready to welcome guests from far and wide to our city."

IMAGE: Devotees at the Ram Temple after the pran pratishtha ceremony in Ayodhya on Monday. Photograph: Shrikant Singh/ANI Photo

"This is a divya Ayodhya, a navya Ayodhya and a bhavya Ayodhya. Now, our city has been established in the global arena in a new form," he said.

Echoing similar sentiments, Lavkush Srivastava, a resident of Kaushalpuri Colony of Ayodhya, said, "Today, we are seeing an Ayodhya, which is divine, new and grand."

January 22 will be a historic date for every resident of Ayodhya, he said, and added that he would cherish this moment for the rest of his life.

Anshuman Singh, who is pursuing PhD from KS Saket PG College, Ayodhya, told PTI over the phone, "This is a moment of pride for me, for my family and for all of us. I feel proud that this temple has been made at the rightful place. I also feel equally proud that now, I am able to see a divine, new and grand Ayodhya."

Anil Singh, a resident of the temple town, said, "I feel this is certainly a priceless moment for me and I am going to treasure this day forever in my life. Secondly, I feel proud that I am residing in this spiritual city."

Satyam Dubey, an MA second-year student, said, "January 22 has become a day which will always remain memorable in the history of Ayodhya. I feel that the day will always make us feel proud."

A visibly excited Prajjwal Singh, who lives near Tulsi Udyan in Ayodhya, told PTI, "This is perhaps the happiest day in my life. It is a historic day in the life of each and every 'Ayodhyavaasi', 'Bharatvaasi' and even the 'Vishwavaasi'. Seeing the temple getting completed in front of my eyes makes me emotional and at times tears roll down."

Himanshu Varma, a resident of Nirmochan Chauraha, could not control his tears as the 'pran pratishtha' ritual was complete.

"As soon as the ritual was complete, I hugged my elder brother. This prompted my family members to say that there is Ram-Bharat 'milaap' (meeting) in the 'Kal Yug'," said Varma, who witnessed the celebrations unfold at the Ram ki Paidi.

Similar views were also expressed by Aashu Dixit and Sitaram Pandey, both residents of Naya Ghat area of Ayodhya, who feel that the temple town has become 'a divya Ayodhya, a navya Ayodhya and a bhavya Ayodhya'.

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Arunav Sinha and Gunjan Sharma
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