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Chandrayaan 2: Cong says 'good time' to remember Nehru; BJP hits back

Last updated on: July 22, 2019 23:21 IST

The Congress' attempt on Monday to claim credit for the successful launch of India's lunar mission Chandrayaan-2 by highlighting the role of its two prime ministers, including Jawaharlal Nehru, triggered a row with the Bharatiya Janata Party accusing the opposition party of politicising the event through its "demeaning" remarks. 

IMAGE: GSLV Mk-III-M1 lifts off with Chandrayaan-2 from Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh, on Monday. Photograph: ANI Photo

In its tweet, the Congress also mentioned former prime minister Manmohan Singh for sanctioning the Chandrayan2 project in 2008, evoking a sharp reaction from the ruling party spokesperson Sambit Patra, who said that there is a tendency to fall back on the past when there is "no future leadership" in view.

Congratulating the ISRO for the successful launch, the Congress tweeted,"this is a good time to remember the visionary move of India's first PM Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to fund space research through INCOSPAR in 1962 which later became ISRO. And also Dr Manmohan Singh for sanctioning the Chandrayan-2 project in 2008."


However, the BJP hit back accusing the Congress of drawing the issue into political arena.

"This is really demeaning.. It's a proud moment for every Indian. Shouldn't have been drawn into the political arena," Patra said in a tweet.

"By the way when there is no future leadership in view there's a tendency to fall back on the past to stay relevant...sadly this is what has happened to the Congress," he added.

Earlier hailing the launch, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Twitter, "special moments that will be etched in the annals of our glorious history. The launch of Chandrayaan-2 illustrates the prowess of our scientists and the determination of 130 crore Indians to scale new frontiers of science. Every Indian is immensely proud today."

"Indian at heart, Indian in spirit! What would make every Indian overjoyed is the fact that Chandrayaan-2 is a fully indigenous mission. It will have an Orbiter for remote sensing the Moon and also a Lander-Rover module for analysis of lunar surface," Modi said in a series of tweets.

The geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle lifted-off from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota at 2.43 pm and successfully placed the 3,850-kg Chandrayaan-2 into the earth orbit about 16 minutes later.

The Rs 978 crore mission, that will mark a giant leap in India's space research and make it only the fourth country to have landed a rover on Moon, was rescheduled to Monday after scientists corrected the technical glitch in the three-stage rocket.

The Congress was trolled on Twitter for their comments highlighting Nehru's role in providing funds for space research.

Twitterati poked fun at the Congress and accused it of jumping to take credit for "almost everything". They also slammed the Congress and posted memes of Nehru.

After the Congress tweet which evoked a tsunami of reactions, 'Nehru' became one of the top trending words used by netizens.

"This is a good time to remember the condition of ISRO vs condition of Gandhi family..." read a tweet.

Some of the memes, included a picture of parts of a rocket being carried on a bicycle and a bullock cart carrying parts of 'Aryabhatt' satellite in another.

"While ISRO scientists used to carry satellite on Bullock cart, Indira had her grandchildren to have grand birthday party on airplane," said another tweet.

"Nehru was the first person to land on Moon," mocked another tweet.

"Seriously?? Who's operating @INCIndia Twitter account? No fact checking before crediting one's hardwork and sincerity to someone else," said a tweet.

"You guys don't waste any time, do you...," said another tweet dubbing it a "shameless" act.

"Whenever there is something Indian... Get a life! Just give the credit to ISRO for Chandrayaan-2 .......that's all there is..," said yet another tweet.

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